Line cut needs watchful place when taper treatment

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Line cut, full name electric spark line cut, it is the electric spark that rises in the development on the foundation of electric spark perforation, form cutting machine a method. The application that it makes electric spark is machined not only got developing, and certain respect already replaced electric spark perforation, form cutting. The working place of machine of numerical control cut and working environment are opposite for more abominable, metallic dust is bigger. Because this must undertake be cleaned in the round and maintaining to the machine, the lubricant, maintenance that should be in charge of equipment by person specially assigned for a task and maintain the job! Cut of line cut taper always is the most troublesome, should cut, below a few respects that the attention needs when cut of line cut taper saying for us. 1, the choice of mouth of fluctuation gush water: Its are the biggest when the gush water mouth that should use average level concessional cut taper is 15 ℃ , the gush water mouth that changes to be used for big taper please when exceeding this taper (the requirements of gush water mouth is larger, because of this admissibility bigger banking angle spends) . Attention: Ask when cut do not regard judge as the standard with the angle value inside the program, because become when cut is in to corner (especially 90 ℃ corner) the angle value that actually the angle of border cut will be more than a program likely, because this suggests to be given priority to with running actually for nothing, observe a line to whether connect with gush water mouth or diamond eye model touch. 2, the distance with mobile taper is algorithmic: Use trigonometric function is calculable the UV axis shift when giving taper cut is measured, formulary: (Z axis height + the mobile quantity of =U of angle of cut of Da+Db) × Tan or V axis, example: Tan18=62 × of × of =50m(50+6+6) of height of axis of Da=6Db=6Z of ° of cut taper =18 0.


14 so the U when cut or V axis will move 20.

14mm(offers referenced) only. 3, machine proposal of unusual treatment conditioning: Taper of the finished product after taper is machined and set value have head, precision of the finished product after treatment is undesirable: Does small: fall greatly on 1) ? Axis of Ha of Ying of  of  of ⑸ of provide for Qian (go up nose) too other people of work of press close to. Proposal processing: Increase OFFAFF. Among 2) small: ? ㄒ coffins V of  Hui Ha decreases, FR increases. Among 3) big: ? ㄒ coffins V of  Hui Ha increases, FR decreases. Small big: on 4) ? Ying of  of  of ⑸ of provide for Qian joins generation of stria of?) of Sha of  of ぜ of  of  of straightforward advice of  of salary  meal: SV increases, FR decreases. Inside line of 6) line cut sunken processing technique: Cut model aperture or strong period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am aid a line to cause finished product outline to be damaged. CNC Milling CNC Machining