Rough machining of contemporary rolled steel uses milling cutting tool

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Almost 20 years since, high speed cutting (HSC) the synonym that is considered as high speed to produce treatment all the time. Today, the attention of people centered HPC increasingly (tall productivity cutting or high-powered cutting) on this one new expression. What is HPC milling? Normally, HPC milling can be satisfied to raise metallic purify to lead the milling treatment of the requirement by described as, this is the crucial technology value of a quantity that decides potential of performance of process of a treatment, compare with traditional processing technique photograph, should rise 200% to 500% . More the explanation of broad sense is, this one noun still means HPC to undertake optimizing to catenary of whole treatment craft, the target is to will produce cost to reduce 10% to 30% . What distinction is there between HPC and HSC? The purpose of rough machining basically is to make metallic purify rate achieves the biggest: Because no matter increase axial or radial feed,machine 3D curved surface in fact, can get severely of HSC technology restrict, want to raise treatment rate, have have the aid of only at raising cutting rate. However, still can other is mixed actually on the technology restrict. Increase axial and amount of radial penetration of a cutting tool at the same time, and raise feed rate (the cutting rate that raise Vf rate and can not raise HSC certainly) , should can help somewhat to improving treatment efficiency. On one hand, a result of these milling craft is, the efficiency that machines with traditional milling differs very few. On the other hand, the rate of every tine feed that raises feed speed to be able to bring about cutting tool below fixed cutting rate rises, accordingly, increased the mechanical load on milling cutter. Be mixed by the geometrical appearance of the cutting blade of make choice of without giving thought to cutting tool material how, the metropolis in machining a process produces quite high cutting power, this can raise the requirement of environments of pair of machine tool work again conversely. Be based on this one setting, the main question that raise is, whether should rough machining of tall cutting rate use figure of different blade ministry geometry with cutting tool. The cutting force of the generation in high-powered cutting and wear away we had the appearance a lot of experiments, machine the influence of force of the cutting in the process in order to decide the cutting blade of not isomorphic shape is right. Graph 1 show after using the cutting tool milling that contains outline 10 seconds, the cutting force curve below rigid condition and the cutting tool that have flowing cutting blade undertake the corresponding curve when cutting. If the arithmetic of two kinds of cutting tool is average cutting force is associated the word of set, pass an experiment to be able to decide, the cutting force of the cutting tool that has outline appearance was reduced 23.

5% . Output power with main shaft with respect to utmost favourable geographical position for this problem, designing the HPC thick milling cutter that has blade of outline appearance cutting is a wonderful choice it seems that. Mix besides cutting of high speed metal optimize the requirement that uses main shaft to output power beyond, in the economy that machines in milling, the service life of cutting tool also is a decisive factor. Graph 2 showed these two kinds of cutting tool have wear away representatively phenomenon. After using cutty time, the meeting on the blade of hard alloy cutting that has outline appearance produces the local phenomenon that cut bits, highlight place to cut bits to measure more in outline especially. The big penetration of a cutting tool in high feed rate and HPC milling is measured, the power of lateral seat supports that highlights the cutting blade on place plus outline appearance is reduced, exceeded current the rigid limit of character of the most advanced atomic carbide metal, can produce huge machinery load. Choose flowing cutting blade or blade of choice figuration cutting? When use hard alloy carries milling cutter, the figuration cutting tool of above discussion is in the advantage of metallic cutting respect, cannot use in HPC cutting craft absolutely on the technology. Hard alloy carries milling cutter service life too short, can make the use cost of cutting tool raises greatly, the economy that can machine a method to this kind thereby generates serious doubt. Accept treatment power is great this be related is solid, the cutting tool that carries blame figuration hard metal milling cutter is designed with the geometrical figure that is matched by photograph of treatment material limits, this is a train of thought that suits HPC treatment it seems that. The rough machining of the rolled steel that intensity obtains 68HRC is had when treatment more when the rolled steel that high strenth is worth, corresponding cutting cannot have had big mechanical negative charge on blade. In addition, when cutting tool and workpiece are occlusive, as a result of the influence of feed wallop, what there can be generation to cut bits on cutting blade is dangerous. Considering these phenomena of the generation in using the blame figuration hard alloy that has geometrical figure to carry milling cutter, make choice of a = of the biggest γ of negative cutting horn - 10 ° . Use traditional tolerancepublic errand part, be patient of is more than the big wedge horn of 90 ° , this meeting balances the cutting blade of cutting tool greatly. In addition, groove helix angle is designed very greatly, can amount to γ = 55 ° , so that be in " decorticate cutting " below the concept, when processing brittle horniness data, correctional cutting accepts resultant force. Although have higher cutting rate, and fall in this kind of circumstance, taller HSC machines speed of every tine feed, but measure through increasing penetration of a cutting tool effectively, criterion cutting rate of the metal can increase 10 times. The HPC concept in steely whole treatment is in cutting horn / cutting chamfer helix promotes role in 3 kinds of different combination, use this one technics, but include all rolled steel size range of pipe bent, the high-powered process capability that its have (speed of = metal cutting) can transform those who be a client is direct be benefited (= reduced manufacturing cost) . CNC Milling CNC Machining