The research that deep muscle helps in technology of board makings figuration makes progress

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1 introductive   covers a figuration process in the car in, the spare parts is departmental cent figuration condition is different, because this is departmental the figuration power that cent figuration place needs is different, should use normally pull deep muscle to undertake controlling. Those who pull deep muscle parameter is reasonable taking a cost is control metallic flow, prevent to appear wrinkle and cracked is important method. The design that draws deep muscle is the crucial technology that punch mould designs. Pull deep muscle to improve the effective method of figuration sex as a kind, its action mechanism is: Overshoot when board makings when pulling deep muscle, can be near A dot, C dot, E dot happen bend be out of shape, if pursue 1, happen to bend instead around B dot, D dot, F dot be out of shape, relapse bend and curve those who be out of shape place arises to be out of shape instead fight force to be those who pull deep muscle to be out of shape namely obstruction. In the meantime, be in when board makings AB, CD, EF paragraph on when sliding, because chafe,be met and produce attrition obstruction. Pull deep muscle be out of shape namely obstruction and attrition obstruction the sum help deep muscle resistance. Also the scholar thinks, pull deep muscle obstruction to still should include board makings to pass sequel is brought about as a result of aggrandizement of meet an emergency to be out of shape after pulling deep muscle fight force to increase what what increase to be out of shape obstruction. In pulling late pattern the setting pulls deep muscle to want to use namely pull deep muscle obstruction to control semifinished product the figuration force of departmental cent, have control thereby local be out of shape condition, make a spare parts departmental of cent be out of shape the condition tends evenly, ensure the successful figuration of the spare parts finally. As the development of modern production technology, of figuration of board makings punch finite yuan imitate already made mould design and made crucial technology. Be in finite yuan accurate imitate is true in imitate it is very difficult to pull deep muscle, because pull deep muscle measure,basically be lesser, form is complex. Want to consider board makings and the contact that pull deep muscle accurately, criterion must will pull deep muscle curved surface to differentiate very small reseau, but this meeting increases computation to measure greatly, reduced computational efficiency, the modification to mould geometry appearance is extremely adverse also at the same time. Because this kind of practice is seldom,be used. Normally the practice is to use equivalent to pull deep muscle model, namely will true pull deep muscle equivalent to adhere to for in mould surface and can bear of certain sanction draw deep muscle line. This pulls deep muscle to need susceptive to pull deep muscle to restrain obstruction with respect to what need computational unit length, the performance that helps model of deep muscle obstruction so affects computational precision directly. For this, come nearly 40 years a lot of scholars use a test respectively research, theoretical analysis and finite yuan of method is deep to pulling the action mechanism of muscle, help deep muscle resistance, pulled deep muscle to make research to the influence of figuration quality. The 2 theory that play model of obstruction of deep muscle equivalent consider to be in process of board makings figuration, helping deep muscle resistance is flow of control plate makings one of important steps. For this, many scholars hope to use plasticity figuration theory to build reasonable data model, calculate directly thereby help deep muscle resistance. 1978, because bend,the attrition force that when Weidemann carries board material round part of protruding sunken muscle, must overcome is mixed / bend instead be out of shape of generation be out of shape obstruction, built pull model of deep muscle obstruction famously. The T in type, the ω of   of   of initiative ply   of board makings, the μ of   of length     that pulls deep muscle, S of σ of   of   of   of coefficient of friction, succumb ψ of   of intensity     , board makings Rg of   of   of   of angle of bend, Rb, the shoulder that pulls deep muscle, facilitate use. But be not worth under this model existence: ① oversight the sclerotic character of material, anisotropy character and board profound change; The smallest force approaching a limit that ② prevents to press frontier group to be raised and board makings angle of bend are to wait for decide; Because ③ assumes equivalent radius of bend and the radius that pull deep muscle are equal, this will be brought about when the deepness that control muscle is more shallow exorbitant to curving estimation of meet an emergency. 1982, the N of Chrysler company.


The model of maths of planar meet an emergency that Wang built hemicycle to help deep muscle resistance. He assumes already was out of shape the appearance of board makings is formed by plane and curved surface, curved surface radius and pull deep muscle radius to agree, of part of every curved surface be out of shape cent 3 processes: Round horn is in bend, of the horn that circle a circle slide and bend instead, round horn is in bend, of the horn that circle a circle slide and bend instead. Be out of shape around normal direction keeps changeless suppose, material is contented be out of shape stress, have nothing to do with rate of meet an emergency the anisotropy that reachs Hill succumbs criterion, oversight includes laborious case effect. Board makings and the μ of osculatory coefficient of friction that press deep muscle face are constant. Pull this kind application of model of deep muscle obstruction to press deepness to be more than the case that presses deep muscle radius at pulling deep muscle, computational value and experimental value be identical are better, simpler to pressing deepness circumstance error is bigger. 1983, b.


Levy applies empty principle, consider the anisotropy of material and rate of meet an emergency, return to those who give to help deep muscle resistance to forecast a model according to the experimental data of Nine (2) α of     DBRF= 0+ (1+ α of α 2 μ ) X (2) the X=F in   type (, b, n, r, m, r)     R, b, the round horn radius that pulls deep muscle and width   M, r, n, , meet an emergency of the coefficient of sensitivity of rate of meet an emergency of board makings, plasticity is compared, rate of sclerotic index, meet an emergency and form of model of Levy of   of equivalent meet an emergency are simpler also, but this model comes out according to the experimental data regression of Nine, devoid versatility. 1988, stoughton was based on principle of conversation of energy to put forward to be like formula (3) what show pull model of maths of deep muscle obstruction. DBRF=[(F1e μ ψ + μ Fe+F2+F3) E μ ψ + ψ of μ Fe+F4+F5]e μ + the μ in F6(3)   type, ψ of   of   of   of coefficient of friction, board makings angle of bend Fi of       , corresponding at the graph 1 medium bend 6 times of A ~ F / bend instead: The sclerotic character that ① considered data, anisotropy character and the board makings change in the ply when flexibility is out of shape; ② gave out to pull deep muscle obstruction and the computational formula of the smallest force approaching a limit that prevents the circle that approach a limit to be raised; ③ angle of bend and equivalent radius are countable. Insufficient place depends on his the form is very complex, must bend at each o'clock certainly and turn over angle of bend, actual loss is more difficult. 1992, kluge put forward those who be similar to Weidemann model to pull model of deep muscle obstruction. Compare with Weidemann model photograph, in Kluge model mix besides the sclerotic character that considered data gave out outside the computational formulation of angle of bend, the inadequacy of Weidemann model still did not get settlement. Swedish Mattiasson put forward a kind of equivalent that considers the clearance that approach a limit to pull model of deep muscle obstruction.

The obstruction of deep to pulling muscle undertook the method that Dutch Meinders combines with experiment and copy truth consider. Polish Rojek put forward a kind of simplifying equivalent to pull model of deep muscle obstruction, because bend,the effect of meet an emergency when it takes no account of material shedding classics to pull deep muscle is mixed / curve the sclerotic effect that cause instead. The Li Shangjian that work college manages in domestic China was built 1991 with N.


The data model of Wang pulls model of deep muscle obstruction like the photograph, had computational result and experimental value comparative. The person such as the Bao Youxia of Shanghai traffic university is based on Weidemann model, considered coefficient of sex of material sclerosis, thick Xiang Yi to be opposite the effect that plays deep muscle obstruction, built a kind of improvement equivalent to pull model of deep muscle obstruction, this model can real report pulls deep muscle to press deepness the action to obstruction, gave out the computation of angle of bend is formulary. 3 those who help deep muscle resistance is finite yuan the analysis is mixed as computer technology nonlinear finite yuan of academic development, about what pull deep muscle finite yuan computational method becomes research heat gradually. 1986, the B of Michigan technology university.

Maker, s.


The person such as Samanta is in of big displacement, old roll play plasticity finite on the foundation of yuan of theory, adopt law of attrition of housing unit, coulomb, those who have state of the meet an emergency when writing computation to pull deep muscle obstruction and board makings course to pull deep muscle is finite yuan of program. Carleer use those who be based on algorithm of Lagrange of mixture Ou La is finite the circle pulls yuan of program half-and-half deep muscle had consideration, the ply of board makings edge in article (0.

7mm) direction differentiates for unit of meet an emergency of plane of 4 4 node, emulation result and experimental value be identical are very good. As nonlinear finite of yuan of software commercialize, a lot of scholars begin direct have the aid of to have software to consider to pull deep muscle. J.

Cao and M.


Boyce application ABAQUS is finite yuan software considered to pull deep muscle to press deepness to be opposite the effect that plays deep muscle obstruction. When they had spread board material to pull deep muscle be out of shape condition simplifies for condition of planar meet an emergency, take no account of the influence of laborious case effect and rate of meet an emergency, finite the experimental data of the geometrical parameter of yuan of model and Nine is same. The experimental result photograph of computational result and Nine is compared, the biggest error is 18.

2% , the smallest error is 0, t.

Meinders built a kind to be based on those who punish tie law to pull model of deep muscle equivalent, this model considers to pull deep muscle obstruction and squeezing ramming to pull what deep muscle place needs to press biceps not only, still board makings thick the stiffness matrix that restrains a condition to take the place of to pull deep muscle model into equivalent with a kind to meet an emergency. Apply at cup form when emulating, emulation result pulls the computation of deep muscle obstruction to approach real value more as a result than considering only. Y.


Keum will pull deep muscle obstruction is passed with board makings when pulling deep muscle decrease small amount to regard as pull deep muscle the attrib border condition of around node, built the numeric computation model that helps deep muscle resistance. Y.


The ration such as Heo analysed the effect that size of deep muscle shape plays to move to welding line when spelling solder board to draw dark take shape. H.

Naceur be based on one footwork, in be out of shape greatly to pulling pulled deep muscle obstruction to undertake optimizing, developed optimize algorithm. It is better to optimize algorithmic calculative result and be identical of OPTRIS computation result with this. M.

Samuel is based on smooth sectional hypothesis, analysed board makings to pass when pulling deep muscle bend / turn over bent to be out of shape characteristic and condition of stress meet an emergency, built drag deep muscle numerical value copy justice model, and this model in embedded MARC software, emulation result and experimental value be identical are better. The person such as Ludovic is based on play plasticity theory and 1oveKirchhoff hypothesis, built those who pull deep muscle is finite yuan of analysis model. Home had a lot of scholars to have the research of this respect. Xing Zhongwen applies flexibility to be out of shape greatly etc finite yuan of theory, development goes to play the numeric simulation software of deep muscle in the light of hemicycle. The person such as Yang Yuying is based on the figuration simulation software that already developed oneself, analysed the geometrical figure that plays deep muscle to be opposite the force that approach a limit and the effect that play obstruction of the tie that delay muscle. Li Shuo this, the action mechanism that the method that the person such as Jin Miao adopts numeric imitate and experimental photograph couple studied to pull deep muscle and geometrical parameter are deep to pulling the influence of muscle obstruction. Xie You use Ls-Dyna software, used be based on along with move aggrandizement material model and hypothesis of planar meet an emergency, calculated the obstruction that when board makings pulls deep muscle through hemicycle, gets and board makings is thick to meet an emergency, computational result approximates experimental cost more as a result than using the calculation of model of isotropy aggrandizement material. The action that the 4 experimental researches that help deep muscle pass all sorts of imitate tests or real test considers to pull deep muscle is the key Lloyd of research all the time, m.


Paiter pulls deep muscle to undertake study in what draw circle of the half-and-half on deep experiment appearance, reach pull deep muscle obstruction to press deepness, coefficient of friction along with muscle, draw the conclusion that delay the change of speed and changes. At the beginning of 80 time, the H of general motors company.


Nine designed technically to play instrument of imitate of deep muscle obstruction, appearance of this one experiment has made the main instrument that plays research of deep muscle mechanism at present. This experiment appearance can depart give two component that help deep muscle resistance: Bend / curve force and attrition force instead. He points out curve deformation force to be occupied about whole the 65% ~ that help deep muscle resistance 85% , the research work that deep muscle respect helps after this research is is caught supplied very valuable experiment method and data. 1991, the N of Chrysler company.


Wang and V.


Sha is on instrument of MTS figuration function, muscle of needle half-and-half circle, rectangular muscle, pull deep cage, rectangular muscle and the assorted muscle that pull deep cage these 4 kinds pull deep muscle, with punch load the curve is consult, when studying different and lubricant, different clamping force pull volume of the power that delay block to reach its to play the effect that delays deepness to stamping workpiece limit, pointing out the geometrical figure that plays deep muscle is the main factor that affects obstruction size. The JohnA of Waterloo university.

The person such as Schey applies what Nine designs to pulled instrument of deep muscle imitate to study surface roughness of surface of lubricant condition, muscle is right the influence of the coefficient of friction of common armor plate and film armor plate. The person such as the Xing Zhongwen of domestic Harbin Institute of Technology and Yang Yuying also is in what considered to help deep muscle resistance on the foundation of a large number of experiments to form mechanism and its influencing factor, point out helping deep muscle resistance is pass by board makings when pulling deep muscle bend / bend instead deformation force and attrition force and because of be out of shape sclerosis causes in be out of shape fight force 3 parts are comprised jointly, the form that the influencing factor that plays deep muscle obstruction includes to pull deep muscle, play character of deep muscle parameter, material, lubricant requirement, be out of shape the speed, force that approach a limit, pull deep muscle parameter and appearance to be opposite among them the effect that plays deep muscle obstruction is the biggest. The 5 development way that play deep muscle research pass the development of half many century, the research that helps deep muscle has entered industry practical, improving figuration sex, raised product quality respect to produce the effect with reach its main. Almost all automobile body are enclothed in pull in delaying figuration, need to pull deep muscle to adjust pull delay obstruction, those who pull deep muscle is reasonable decorating is the magnetism key technology that automobile body covers a figuration. Current, the development trend of this domain is: L) continue to perfect pull model of deep muscle obstruction, raise computational precision, make equivalent pulls deep muscle model to be mirrorred well and truly as far as possible true the characteristic that pulls deep muscle. 2) development function is stronger pull deep muscle to optimize algorithm, so that undertake according to characteristic of spare parts appearance, figuration effectively modification, implementation optimizes design program automation. 3) the requirement as the environment, automobile body is enclothed wait for armor plate of more and more use high strenth and aluminium alloy light quantify material, compare with common spring look, the figuration sex of these material is poorer. The figuration sex that should improve these difficult figuration data needs the research of many sided, include among them new-style the design that draws deep muscle. A kind when American Auto/SteelPartnership puts forward those who be aimed at high strenth armor plate is new-style pull deep muscle. They think this kind pulls deep muscle to be helpful for what corner is in alleviating press stress, reduce current of horny ministry cracked. CNC Milling CNC Machining