Reason of 8 big trouble and precautionary measures analyse transducer

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Transducer by advocate the composition of a few parts such as IPM drive and loop, power source loop, protection loop, cooling fan. Its structure is changed for unit more or modular form. Because use a method incorrect or setting environment is unreasonable, will cause transducer misoperation easily to reach malfunction, perhaps cannot satisfy expectant moving result. For the nip in the bud, undertake be analyticed seriously be weighinged particularly wanting to breakdown reason beforehand. 1.

Advocate common breakdown analyses return advocate loop is main comprise by the component such as resistor of bridge of inversion of three-phase or single-phase commutate bridge, flowing capacitor, filter wave capacitor, IPM, current limliting, contactor. Among them a lot of common breakdown are by electroanalysis capacitance is caused. Electroanalysis the life of capacitance is main by add in its the volts d.c. of two end and decision of internal temperature place, when loop is designed already make choice of the model of capacitor, the temperature of ministry of place less than to electroanalysising the life of capacitor has decision effect. Electroanalysis the service life that capacitor can affect transducer directly, average temperature every rise 10 ℃ , life halve. Because this wants to consider proper environmental temperature when installation on one hand, can adopt measure to reduce pulsatile electric current on the other hand. Use the communication that improves power factor or dc reactor to be able to reduce pulsatile electric current, lengthen thereby electroanalysis the life of capacitor. When capacitor is safeguarded, the static capacitance that measures easily in order to compare normally will judge report to dismiss the deterioration case of capacitor, when electrostatic capacity 80% under rating, insulation impedance is when 5M Ω is the following, lv of take an examination changes electroanalysis capacitor. 2.

Advocate loop model breakdown analyses breakdown phenomenon: Transducer is being quickened, decelerate or voltaic tripping operation has appeared when moving normally. As a result of,should distinguishing above all is laden reason, the reason that still is transducer causes. If be the breakdown of transducer, can inquire the electric current when tripping operation through historical record, the rated electric current that exceeded transducer or the set that the electron heats up relay are worth, and three-phase voltage and electric current are a balance, should consider to whether have overload or mutation, wait like electric machinery locked-rotor. In load inertial bigger when, can lengthen appropriately quicken time, this process does not have attaint to transducer itself. Be like the electric current when tripping operation, inside the rated electric current in transducer or the set limits that heat up relay in the electron, can be being judged is IPM module or relevant section malfunction. Can measure transducer through measuring above all advocate U of loop output terminal, V, W, part the positive and negative between terminal of the P with dc side, N to resistor, will judge IPM module to whether damage. If module did not damage, it is drive circuit gave trouble. If module of the IPM when decelerate passes,flow or transducer is right tripping operation of ground short circuit, it is the module of the on half bridge of inverter or breakdown of its drive circuit commonly; And module of the IPM when quickening flows too, it is breakdown of part of the module of below half bridge or its drive circuit, produce the account of these breakdown, because exterior dirt enters transducer interior or environmental moisture to cause,be more. Nextpage   3.

Those who control loop breakdown to analyse control loop to affect transducer life is power source part, it is flowing capacitor and IPM the amortize capacitor in circuit board, its principle and before narrate identical, but the pulsatile electricity that carries in the capacitor here, it is basic not the calm value that load of acceptor acceptor loop affects, reason its life basically is decided by temperature and weld time. Because capacitor solders,be on circuit board, compare difficulty through measuring electrostatic capacity to judge deterioration situation, common ground capacitor environment temperature and use time, come computative whether to approach its service life. Power source circuit board to control circuit of drive of loop, IPM and exterior operation show board and fan provide power source, these power source are the volts d.c. that outputs from main circuit commonly, part again through switch power source rectification and get. Accordingly, short circuit of some region power supply, besides the rectification circuit damage of this road, affect the power source of other part possibly still, because be operated by accident,be like and make control power source and communal ground connection short receive, cause power supply attaint of part of power source of the switch on circuit board, the short circuit of fan power source brings about other power source to cut off the power etc. Carry observation power supply commonly circuit board discovers more easily. Logic controls the core that circuit board is transducer, it centered the circuit of large scale integration such as CPU, MPU, RAM, EEPROM, have very high reliability, the probability of itself occurrence breakdown is very small, but because switch on the mobile phone,be met sometimes and make full control terminal closes at the same time, cause trouble of transducer occurrence EEPROM, it is OK that this wants new to EEPROM restoration only. IPM circuit board include drive and amortize circuit, and overvoltage, be short of equal protection circuit. From the PWM signal that logistic control plate comes to, input voltage drive signal IPM module through smooth coupling, detecting consequently while the model is fast, still should measure the smooth Ou on IPM module. 4.

System of cooling system refrigeration basically includes carbon fin and cooling fan. Among them cooling fan life is briefer, draw near when service life, fan generation shakes, noise increases to stop finally turn, tripping operation of overheat of transducer occurrence IPM. The life of cooling fan suffers sink bearing, it is 10000 ~ 35000h about. When transducer runs continuously, need 2 ~ 3 years to change fan or bearing. To prolong the life of fan, the fan of a few products runs in transducer only from time to time is not travel of fortune of power source open. Nextpage5.

External if electromagnetism induction interference exists interference source all round transducer, they will pass radiation or power supply cord invades the interior of transducer, cause control loop misoperation, create the job abnormal or stop machine, serious when damage even transducer. The specific means that reduces noise interference has: All round transducer on the control line circle of all relay, contactor, add install those who prevent to pound voltage to absorb unit, the surge that be like RC is absorbed implement, its wiring cannot exceed 20cm; Shorten as far as possible the layout distance that dominates return circuit, make its and advocate return is separate; Layout of transducer control loop wrings distance closing a red-letter day to should be in 15mm above, with advocate the span that loop maintains 10cm above; When transducer distance electromotor is very far (exceed 100m) , can increase lead on one hand at this moment sectional area, make sure circuit pressing falls in 2% less than, should add outfit transducer to output reactor at the same time, with the charging current that will compensate the distributinging capacitance because of generation of Sunday run lead. Transducer earthing terminal should have ground contact by the regulation, reliable ground connection must be nodded in special ground connection, cannot mix with ground connection of electric welding, motivation with; Transducer inputs end to install radio noise filter, reduce an input tall second harmonic, can reduce thereby affect to the noise of electronic equipment from power supply cord; In the output of transducer at the same time Duan Yean installs radio noise filter, in order to reduce the circuit noise that its output end. 6.

Installation environment transducer belongs to electronic parts device, there is the demand that installs use environment in detail in its manual. Below special situation, if cannot satisfy these requirements really, must use as far as possible restrain measure accordingly: Vibration is the main reason that causes damage to electronic parts, pound bigger circumstance to vibration, should use balata to wait avoid brace up measure; Damp, caustic gas and dust will cause electronic parts rustily, contact undesirable, insulation is reduced and form short circuit, as be on guard measure, answer control plate to undertake anticorrosive and dustproof processing, use enclosed structure; Temperature is the main factor that affects electronic parts life and reliability, especially semiconductor device, the ambient conditions of the requirement installs air conditioning or should avoid sunlight according to device point-blank. Divide afore-mentioned when outside, the air filter that checks transducer regularly and cooling fan also are very necessary. To special tall cold situation, cannot work normally to because temperature is too low,prevent microprocessor, should take the necessary step such as setting air heater. Nextpage7.

Power source is unusual power source is unusual divide roughly the following 3 kinds, be short of photograph, low voltage, power cut namely, also appear sometimes their mixture form. The main reason of these unusual appearances, because wind, snow, be struck by lightning is caused,be transmission network likely, because right short circuit appears inside same power supply system,also reach alternate with short circuit sometimes. And be struck by lightning has very big difference because of district and season. Outside fluctuating except voltage, have some of electrified wire netting or the unit that generate electricity by oneself, also can appear frequency is fluctuant, and these phenomena repeat inside short time sometimes appear, to assure equipment move normally, also raise corresponding requirement to transducer power supply source. If around have the facility such as the motor that starts directly and electromagnetism furnace, the voltage drop that when be being thrown to prevent these facility, causes is small, its power source should depart with the power source of transducer, reduce mutual effect. To the equipment that the requirement still can continue to move after instantaneous power cut, outside dividing the transducer that selects likely price, still answer premeditate electric machinery falls ladenly speed ratio exemple. When using instantaneous power cut to amend way with exterior control loop when transducer, break after controlling a response, measure through measuring fast electric machinery fast in prevent to be being quickened pass electricity. To the facility that the requirement must run continuously, answer transducer to add the unit of ceaseless electricity power supply that holds automatic switch. Resemble containing diode input and the transducer that use single-phase control power source, although be short of photograph condition, but also can continue to work, but electric current of individual parts of an apparatus is too big in rectifier, the pulse electric current that reachs capacitor is too big, if move for a long time to cause the life to transducer and dependability undesirable effect, should as soon as possible checks processing. 8.

The concussion voltage that be struck by lightning, inductive thunder be struck by lightning or inductive be struck by lightning form, also can cause the damage of transducer sometimes. In addition, when power source system side contains vacuum breaker when, short circuit leaves close a meeting the concussion voltage with taller generation. Cause overvoltage damage to because pound voltage,prevent, normally the need input in transducer carries pressurization quick resistor to wait absorb parts of an apparatus. Vacuum breaker should increase RC surge to absorb implement. If side has transformer vacuum breaker, answer to go up in control sequential, assure to disconnect transducer first before vacuum breaker movement. CNC Milling CNC Machining