High-powered servo driver

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Mu Ge is rolled out use at notting have to brush pilot of word of electric machinery total number driver of servo of new-style high-powered DS2100. DS2100 uses powerful microprocessor system, can improve the closed-loop control performance of electric current, speed and position significantly. The main good point of DS2100 servo driver and character: The number dominates return circuit; Multiple control mode - curve of null of the direct torque, direct speed, speed-distance curve that contains orbit generator, direct fixed position, reply, position and without orbit the position of generator interpolation; High-powered 400 Hz frequency is wide; Power supply voltage covers range admirable (65 To 510 VAC) , the whole world is general; Limits of drive electric current broad (peak value of 11 To 180 Amps) ; Orbit happening plant is set inside; The decoder feedback system of 16-bit resolution; Accord with the CANOpen interface of DSP402; Use modular design, facilitate undertake configuration for all sorts of interface; Form as identical as installation and DS2000, facilitate upgrade. CNC Milling CNC Machining