The set method of origin of machine tool of FANUC system numerical control

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Use the numerical control machine tool of absolutely coder, servo batteries perhaps has disconnected without report coder cable can cause machine tool origin to lose, if origin is missing,need reset origin. (Note: ? Wring instrument of my cheek cowardly to be a surname  to be contrary to  instrument is blocked therefore comfort envy is contrary to  instrument is pilfer astounded to be contrary to prize of emperor of slash  of Jin of post left-eyed flounder pounds  of high and steep of border of Lang of Yu of  Guan Di Su  of ú brilliant  is chosen example is with 0i-MB system below? , of other series is interface or phonetic distinction only, actually the method is same. One, fall in MDI mode, write systematic parameter switch to set for 1PARAMETER WRITE=1 2, fall in handwheel mode, the axis of will missing origin moves to need set to be the position of origin. 3, close report to restart. 4, press [SYSTEM] key, press again [PARAM] parameter soft key, input [1815] , press again [NO.

SRH] searchs soft key, move cursor 1815 X#4 namely over there APZ, APZ by original 0 instead 1. Axis of Y, Z is operated identically. 5, write parameter switch to set for 0. 6, close report to restart. Finish. CNC Milling CNC Machining