The aggrandizement way of ring gear of wind report gear case

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The core that ring gear is wind report gear case is important component, use cementite to quench more at present undertake inside tine aggrandizement, however the cementite of ring gear quenchs distortion affects product quality and manufacturing schedule badly. Although had technology,the circle finalizes the design inside actor choosing, tool quench etc avoid metabolic measure, obtained certain result, but to inside the heat treatment distortion of the large ring gear of above of tine diameter 1500mm still very serious, finalize the design of tool make and the roll flute cost of later period is very high still, at the same time serious also effect produces cycle. Some manufactories are used inside tine induction quenchs, or inside tine nitrogen changes the method of tooth flank aggrandizement such as processing, although can solve problem of heat treatment distortion basically, but the part that also is put in a few corresponding inadequacy at the same time. If the induction quenchs need is special quench machine tool, one-time devoted cost is higher, and the stability of craft is differred, factitious influencing factor is bigger, accomplish copy tooth form to quench waiting for a respect still is not very mature truly. Same, ionic nitrogen changes processing to also need special device, large nitrogen changes the dependability of furnace equipment to also be put in particular problem, and nitrogen changes ooze layer more shallow also, nitrogen turns the control of temperature, the spare parts hits arc to wait a moment, these make the stability of craft gets assuring hard. So, although did a large number of works a few this years, but, to having the wind cable industry of Gao Feng danger, especially ring gear of important to the core of wind report gear case part, still get general self-identity hard. The high speed that builds as report of our country wind develops, the investment enthusiasm of manufacturing industry of wind phone equipment is all-time and rising, especially the million made of baked clay class of high capacity is large and wind- driven generation set, more those who acquired the market is enthusiastic chase after hold in both hands. What come as is fan ring gear does bigger more, and method of aggrandizement of adoptable heat treatment however more and more deficient. Benevolence person see benevolence, wisdom person see wisdom. The near future learns, the means that some companies offer to use laser to quench undertakes tooth flank aggrandizement. Recently, my company quenchs in laser the respect also did the test of a few craft and performance side, the small modulus gear in certain and main product and axis kind also be able to apply very well on the spare parts, solved groovy heat treatment the technical difficult problem with insoluble place. Laser quenchs also is the measure of provides potential extremely aggrandizement of spare parts surface that in recent years rapid development rises, it is the energy-saving environmental protection that at present the country supports energetically industry. Look from only test case, the craft stability that laser quenchs relatively cementite is poor, but quench than the induction be close friends, especially the aggrandizement problem that can better land solves tine root circle, and the spare parts quenchs the deformation after also greatly excel induction quenchs, laser quenchs fight concussion ability to be close to with what the induction quenchs, the disperse sex of data also relatively what the induction quenchs is small. Although laser quenchs sclerotic layer deepness is more shallow also, but the ooze layer that changes than nitrogen wants a few deeper. Of course, laser quenchs also need special device, craft and the develop otherer also groovy heat treatment difficulty that operate personnel are greater. Craft compasses plasticity is mature without other and groovy heat treatment also. Age particular risk exists likewise on the circle in the big modulus that has high risk fan, must pass many test, get necessary test data. Do not answer to be used boldly otherwise. Nevertheless, according to experimenting at present the circumstance looks, laser quenchs still a when can yet be regarded as solves fan tine to encircle aggrandizement effective method. Be in what the country develops clean energy policy energetically to give aid to below, the wind cable industry nowadays be able to swift and violent development, market competition is more intense also. Rise from all directions of a large number of heroes of it may be said, ten thousand horses galloping ahead-going full steam ahead. Eight saints go across the sea, each shows special prowess. Progress is sought in collaboration, beg in competition live. Do not beg best, but beg applicable. Only science and technology innovates, take the route of scientific progress, just be the important way that develops a tight encirclement. CNC Milling CNC Machining