V worn action

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V frame basically use put an axis, sleeve, the circular workpiece such as disc, so that seek central line and clue of lay off center. General V wearing is a pair two, two plane and V chamfer is grind in be installed go out. Accurate V worn size the parallelism between mutual surface, verticality error is in 0.

In 01 millimeter, the central line of V chamfer is indispensible as parallel as underside inside V worn symmetrical plane, homocentric degree, the error of parallelism also is in 0.

In 01 millimeter, half horn error is in V chamfer inside 1 limits of ± 30~ ± . Accurate V frame also can make square box use, the V that contains clip to hold bend to wear frame, can cylindrical the clip with firm workpiece is held in V model frame on, retroflexion each positions are underlined. CNC Milling CNC Machining