The PLC in numerical control machine tool

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One, pilot of numerical control machine tool is classified 1, the positional control that reference axis moves (successive quantity) finish by servo drive system. 2, the sequence control that machines a process (switch is measured) by can make up Cheng controller (PLC) is finished. 2, PLC configures means mediumly in numerical control machine tool 1, PLC is in machine tool a side 2, PLC and its interface are in electric control ark 3, PLC is in electric control ark, and interface of input / output is in machine tool a side 3, the signal processing PLC of PLC of numerical control machine tool is in numerical control system and machine tool between, basically have the effect of information processing and bridge, they the concern between can express to be: CNC (side of numerical control system) <->PLC <->MT (machine tool side) . 1. Function of M, S, T 2. Data interface signal is handled 3. Stop control urgently 4. Reference axis is controlled 5. Main shaft is controlled 6. Tool carrier is controlled 7. Cooling control 8. Slideway is lubricant 4, the form of PLC of numerical control machine tool 1, inside outfit PLC: Nextpage is subject to CNC device, the signal between PLC and NC conveys to be able to come true in CNC device interior. 2, independence PLC: Say again " general-purpose " PLC. Independence PLC is independent at CNC device, have complete hardware and software function, can finish a regulation to control the apparatus of the task independently. 5, the input that PLC switch measures / output interface and application 1, dc switch quantity inputs interface: The main function of RV is signal receiver wave of signal report segregation, filter is prevented disturb and n is changed (be about to + changeover of signal of switch of side of 24V machine tool is) of TIL n signal. 2, dc switch quantity outputs interface: The auxiliary relay coil that dc switch quantity outputs signal to be used in box of strong report of drive machine tool and indicator light, control a powerful person of exterior contactor, electromagnetism to wait further by auxiliary relay contact then. 3, in output of switch quantity input, the problem that should note: Of detecting element of signal of A) switch quantity and CNC interface circuit deserve to receive. Coil of B) auxiliary relay must shunt-wound protection diode. Signal of C) weak report and signal of strong report drive are taking a line the line should part as far as possible in groove. In the perceptual load such as communication contactor coil two end want RC of nearby paralell connection to destroy arc implement. CNC Milling CNC Machining