Spot welding brief introduction

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Spot welding is weldment be soldered to rise on the individual site that manages interface in contact. Spot welding asks the metal wants to have better plasticity. If the graph is shown 1 times, for the simplest case that uses spot welding. Graph when 1 the simplest spot welding solders, clear weldment surface clean first, again be built to receive by the board makings of solder had assembled, press in two columnar between cupreous electrode, bring to bear on P force impaction, if pursue,2 are shown. Should pass enough when big electric current, be in board the resistor with osculatory place many generation is hot, the center the metal of the hottest area heats very quickly supreme plasticity or fused condition, form the liquid state bath of form of a lens. Continue to maintain pressure P, disconnect electric current, after the metal is cooling, formed place of a solder. If the graph is shown 3 times, it is the sketch map of machine of a spot welding. Graph solder process pursued at 2 o'clock welder spot welding nodded a span with have certain as a result of solder at 3 o'clock, the sheet metal that is used at doing not have sealing to ask only so builds those who receive structural member of reinforcing steel bar of structure and gauze, across to wait to solder. If columnar electrode changes disc shape electrode, electrode presses weldment closely and turn, weldment is in disc shape electrode send into continuously, cooperate pulse type electrify again. Can form a solder that overlaps continuously to nod, form welding line, this is seam welding. It basically uses at sealed requirement or contact intensity ask taller thin plate is built to accept structural member solder, wait like gasoline tank, cistern. CNC Milling CNC Machining