Chengdu tool institute " CV450 gear measures a center " through appraisal of achievement of science and technology

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Chengdu tool institute is own of research and development " CV450 gear measures a center " scientific research project passed the appraisal of achievement of science and technology that saves Science and Technics Agency to organize expert group to undertake by Sichuan on April 20, 2007. Expert group listened to introduction of project in finished state and technical research to summarize a report, examine and verify blueprint of the machinery of new product, electric design and test detect the technical file such as the report, gave height the opinion to project achievement. Expert group thinks: This project uses an electron to extend a principle, technology of collect CNC, machine, smooth, cable at an organic whole, what development went deviation of tooth profile of measurable columnar gear, corkscrewed yarn deviation, pitch error is muti_function gear measures a center, provide stock to measure cutting tool of of all kinds gear, gear kind the hardware function of workpiece, measure a process all automation, the operation is simple, applied first on appearance of domestic gear quantity can rotate 2 dimension are compound type (scanning and spark) the system that measure a head, have certain innovation sex and novel sex, have own intellectual property, rank domestic banner level; The gear error project that this instrument surveys accords with international standard definition, measure precision and repeatability are achieved or approach level of foreign congener product; The stability of the instrument, dependability and security all reach higher level, sexual price is compared tall, have very good promotion application value. Appraisal committee agrees this project consistently to pass appraisal, suggest project group perfects gear of cutting tool of worm, gear, other as soon as possible kind workpiece those who measure a function is patulous, clutch product market is developed, realize industrialization, in order to satisfy user need. CNC Milling CNC Machining