Machine of mill of carve of mould of high speed numerical control

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Shenzhen the machine of mill of carve of mould of numerical control of DX4060A high speed of research and development of limited company of numerical control machine tool uses Forster unifinication devises an idea, modelling is beautiful, compact and practical, cover an area of an area small, lead plane uses structure of milling machine of dragon mast type, assured tigidity of machine tool whole and compact structure effectively, the design of appearance whole sealing made sure the safety of handlers improved working environment again already. The casing posture that DX4060A broke through other type engraving tool solders steel structure, use resin arenaceous cast lathe bed, cast blemish little, have excellent stability and function suction shock, intensity of machine tool structure and rigid photograph rise significantly to having at engraving tool of ordinary numerical control. Fall in system of high speed numerical control and control of communication servo electric machinery, treatment of smooth and puissant cutting can come true below the acceleration state in the feed speed that is as high as 5m/s and 1g, improve cut efficiency greatly. When nicety is carved, can with 0.

The sculpture row spacing of 2 μ M undertakes machining, optimal surface surface roughness can be achieved 0.

8 ~ 1.

25 μ M. In the meantime, according to different treatment the requirement can choose milling treatment, accurate sculpture or combination of means of two kinds of treatment to undertake machining. A of this machine tool main character can realize puissant milling and high speed sculpture namely between switch. On rigid structure, electric machinery of two kinds of cutting is common a clamp, can change conveniently. The switch between frequency conversion system is passed on electric control relative to what answer, the control that can realize milling main shaft and main shaft of report of high speed sculpture is changed, obtain puissant milling and option of carven of high speed nicety; In the meantime, in the machine tool absolutely null installs photoelectricity of one tall sensitivity locally to Dao Yi, achievable puissant milling and high speed nicety carve the unity that coordinate fastens, can unite means of two kinds of treatment harmoniously thereby rise. This machine tool applies to all sorts of metal moulds, alloy steel mould, imprint the sculpture of the handicraft such as model of electrode of bank note mould, black lead, nice spare parts, slide fastener, watchcase, carburettor, shoe, seal, badge; Can make the sculpture treatment such as planar, stereo, anaglyph; Apply to extensively aviation, mechanical, electron, light industrial wait for an industry. CNC Milling CNC Machining