The automobile body check of high accuracy is provided -- 3 coordinate are measured machine

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Automobile body detects is the substantial that detects about component in auto industry, this detect immediate impact is worn truckload exterior and quality. 3 coordinate are measured aircraft is general have high accuracy, high rate, very good very flexible, strong data processing and the capacity that get used to spot environment, abound especially, the software function that expands ceaselessly, at present more and more application detects at car automobile body in. In the process that the characteristic car automobile body that automobile body detects rigs in treatment and craft, as a result of all sorts of advocate objective element can be put in various errors, besides the influence of the subjective element such as the skill of handlers itself and experience, because detect,still have a few the effect that methodological itself place causes. Have two kinds of more typical cases: All sorts of component of ① automobile body and its composition are Ban gold mostly, the tigidity of workpiece is general poorer, and all sorts of apparently aperture mix automobile body to be in relative to the effect that dimension suffers earthly gravitation be out of shape condition, if use traditional measurement,means and clamping apparatus method often are opposite this kind to be out of shape naturally cannot be measured and evaluate, although measure with the evaluation, also can appear bigger error. Assembly parts of ② car automobile body is much type of work processes an assembled system, avoid very hard to be in odd a deviation of the existence when detecting. In view of afore-mentioned reasons, the requirement that detects to automobile body basically has: Fixed position is reasonable; Of aperture detect contain two content: Bore diameter size, the position of aperture; Outline inspection: Because outline of this kinds of spare parts shows freedom generally curved surface, irregular wait for a feature, need takes a variety of kind according to particular case; In order to underline the outline of means examination workpiece, circumstance and examination opening are similar; Wait for measure a spare parts to need clamp. Traditional check is provided examine in the light of a parameter only commonly, it is manual operation more, work efficiency is not tall. Additional, traditional check is provided reach detect with the inadequacy with clamping apparatus a lot of existence, do not have the capacity that the condition runs on monitoring product line, wait for large weldment in automobile body so detect reach in measuring application, traditional check is provided already lost dominant status gradually, the 3 coordinate that those who replace is high accuracy are measured machine. 3 coordinate are measured machine detect in automobile body apply 3 coordinate mediumly to measure machine it is the opposite shift that carries probe system and work, will explore what workpiece surface nods three-dimensional coordinate to survey a system. Divide outside measuring part of plane principal part, the system still includes to carry, the auxiliary link such as outfit clip, must cooperate those who issue ability to fulfil a requirement to measure the task in what measure software. 3 coordinate are measured aircraft is general have high accuracy, high rate, very good very flexible, strong data processing and the capacity that get used to spot environment, abound especially, the software function that expands ceaselessly, all these makes CMM produced bigger and bigger effect in control of automobile body quality. It is especially in today's car production workshop, 3 coordinate are measured machine already used go up in product line, is not to use measure in what be far from the spot inside. In workshop of stamping workpiece production, use 3 coordinate to measure machine detected scale already spent an in part, a few large intricate work accept check scale taller. Weldment is not every kinds need to undertake examining, but be in must in those controlled automobile body assembly, use 3 coordinate to measure machine the proportion that has checking is achieved even 2/3. The 3 coordinate that in be being used at producing a course, detect measure a system to already made a component of process in fact. Nextpage3 coordinate measures the sort of machine and characteristic at present, detect for automobile industry automobile body on the world offer major to detect the fix one's mind on of property of the famousest plant of plan is big benefit DEA company, driving car automobile body to consider to mix " white automobile body " dimension detects the respect made outstanding contribution. Apply a characteristic in the light of what car automobile body detects, DEA was developed get used to a car to detect all sorts of designs of every link, together with in order to be aimed at Ban gold feature and the software function of set, the development that can be automobile body, trial-produce, component / cent assembly / assembly detects, online detect and quality control provides safeguard. Commonly used 3 coordinate are measured engine is main horizontal arm measures bridge-type of machine, activity to measure machine and fixed dragon door model measure machine. Among them horizontal arm is measured machine divide double standard arm and single standard arm again two kinds, basically use at be opposite automobile body and large Ban gold measure, in also can be being measured small. Mobile bridge-type measures machine precision taller, basically use at intricate to appearance thin wall work, special apply to in production the spot is opposite medium or small stamping workpiece and weldment undertake online measure. Fixed dragon door measure the arm of level of precision prep above of machine machine, basically wait for slightness with Yu Ruhang sky, car measure. Horizontal arm type is measured machine is OK configuration artifice measures a CW43L, this kind measured a head to increase two circumgyrate coordinate, can use lengthen rod, the longest can amount to 800mm, the structure of this kind of form can make measure an each place be measuringed that enter work easily, the in-house area that includes automobile body framework or all sorts of Ban gold bottom bottom even inside, most the double arm that a long time controls a system to be able to operate 10 coordinate, can undertake detecting to workpiece from two side at the same time, applicable workpiece if: Automobile body, side wall. The basis measures the need of the task, bear the weight of the warehouse that measure a head can be set on platform, can examining the head is measured through changing in a complex workpiece process, finish the job. Double standard arm measures machine (if arm of Bravo double standard measures machine) the characteristic is: Horizontal arm is compound high rigid structure of material of pottery and porcelain; Renishaw PH10 or DEA CW43L artifice are measured can install measuring an axis classy. All measurement axis but motor-driven; The motion of axial is mixed by control system measure software to undertake administrative; The mobile component of X and Y axis moves on air bearing, z axis configures what comprise by mechanical slideway and air bearing to mix athletic system; All each axes by dc machine drive, y and Z axis are used take drive, x axis uses gear rack transmission; Device of apply the brake of safety of pneumatic pilot machinery realizes the automatic locking of central sliding stock; Head of reading of optical grating feet compiles a system; Can use its the accessory of wide range and option configuration machine answer special applied demand; The horizontal arm structure that opens open facilitates of workpiece assemble and unassemble operation; Along with it is easier to move a cover to make be close to surely more measure extent, provide complete in-house protection together with outer garment, dustproof cover; Below type of hand movable mould, handlers realizes systematic control through joy stick unit; A group of fan prevent to measuring interior of machine noumenon oneself to produce temperature stratification; Undertake be compensatinged automatically to machine geometry error through software; Bravo NT can be installed already go up at the ground at also can be being installed under the earth's surface, deserve to temperature sensor makes control what the system can detect and compensate what temperature gradient causes dynamicly to survey a system to be out of shape. Mobile bridge-type is measured machine if Brown&The Global of Sharpe group is measured machine. Its characteristic includes: Unique TRICISIONTM formula (accurate triangle bridge) crossbeam design, offer good rigid quality to compare, tigidity of more traditional design raises light alloy bridge 25 % , centre of gravity of X guide course reduced 50 % to assure smooth, accurate motion thereby; Span of the bearing on mobile bridge is wider, reduced the error that causes as a result of bridge rotation, assured thereby overall dimensional precision is taller, reduced repeatability error, rose to be mixed quickly decelerate function, make measure efficiency taller; Those who win patent, the integral swallow end that machines through nicety slideway, raised the precision of the machine and repeatability. Feet of blame contact grating avoided friction, the one aspect of the matter when assembling is fixed, another end can change along with temperature and adjust, grating heats up coefficient of expansion to obtain PTB attestation. Global Image is sheet of a kind of collect what the dot is explored and imitate scanning technology is an organic whole is high-powered detect equipment, can make up contact and blame contact scanning to measure at the same time. Be based on new generation tall stability to control a system, undertake with temperature and precision compensation system union and optimize, add advanced algorithm, realized open loop of imitate of high speed, high accuracy and closed circuit scanning. Obtain the fast exploration pattern that has patent to be pointed to mediumly, click and scanning technology, can measure scanning the head regards as touch hairdo to measure a head to use, and won't loss rate and precision. Nextpage detects with flexible practice of clamping apparatus of clamping apparatus tradition is measuring a part every time previously, ask according to measuring above all, make all sorts of fixed position and clamp plan, be about to make a few fixture then, next according to established plan, the working mesa of machine is measured to go up in 3 coordinate, build these fixed position and clamp plant rise, build on this foundation measuring coordinate is rear measurable. This kind of traditional practice existence delivery is periodic flexibility of long, lack, change charge tall, store fee is big wait for defect. What production of car of modern large-scale, much breed asks is flexible clamping apparatus system can be used at any measurement machine (cantilever or perpendicular arm) ; And it does not need with detect equipment has special electric the coupling with software. System of this kind of clamping apparatus is safeguarded convenient, use simple. Commonly used flexible clamping apparatus system has two kinds, the first kind is programmable cylinder promotion, the 2nd kind is mechanical module goes all out close model. In the first kind in have again full automatic the component that uses with the hand, and the 2nd kind still also has different configuration. Full automatic flexible the FIVE that the system that hold clip produces with DEA is full automatic flexible the system that hold clip is exemple, part of its main body is a group of cylinder, fill inside compress air, if open gas valve, bottom forms air cushion namely, columnar physical ability moves lightly on platform, and height is alterable, promotion is 500mm a kind greatly most highly; Top matchs with standardization prop up, in order to bears the weight of workpiece. Below non operating state, these cylinder are orderly what ground park coordinate measures machine platform is hind. When this system is moving, the software with perfect FIVE of have the aid of and automata function move cylinder one by one to go up to platform a certain set emplacement beforehand; After the set point that stops on platform by coordinate of affirmatory X, Y, Z when cylinder, the manipulator that measures the side other the head begins up, move along Z axis namely, promote formulary height the piston inside cylinder; Through executing the order that weaves beforehand, coordinate of X, Y, Z measures the measurement of machine in coordinate the space was built. Want to be aimed at the program with different work corresponding staff only, FIVE system is propped up with respect to what can satisfy all sorts of workpiece, the requirement that hold clip, showed huge flexibility, namely flexible. The hand is moved flexible automatic system of FIVE of the system that hold clip also has apparent inadequacy, it is user investment slants big, 2 although unit process of cargo bandling is,be full automatic, but work efficiency is not tall. Roll out a hand to move in recent years flexible the system that hold clip, be similar to FIVE system, according to be being measured the different situation of workpiece weaves first corresponding program, measure the successive measuring a head of machine to be entered assign a feature, operation personnel moves to measure a head to fall artificially, again the hand moves those who promote alignment to measure a head to go up to appoint the position, install upper mould piece to change the collet that prop up next, this kind of system is more expensive than work efficiency of full automatic clamping apparatus system, economy it may not be a bad idea. The support system such as next makings expects the system includes car of rail of conveyer belt, ground and dynamical part to wait up and down on. Measuring the around of machine to install fluctuation makings system, consult the position with assembly line, fluctuation makings can undertake in either side. Such, machine down time, namely empty run time is decreased to least, improved work efficiency. Wait for when measure Bao Bi surveying worker worker when be being detected, next Bao Bi be installed to be in on material labor of place bear the weight of on platform, and after measuring a loop to finish, this are moved automatically to go out measure extent, the 2nd platform that holding new work by immigrant. The basis measures the need of the task, bear the weight of the warehouse that measure a head still can be set on platform, can examining already the head is measured through changing in a complex workpiece process, finish the job. General measure software and special measuring software to measure software basically is coordinate measures the software of the smallest configuration with necessary machine. It is in charge of finishing whole the management that surveys a system, the measure that includes corrective, coordinate is bougie to build element of efferent manage, as basic as changeover, input geometry and form tolerancepublic errand evaluation and element form basic function. (form tolerancepublic errand includes: Linearity, flatness, circularity, cylinder is spent, line outline is spent, face outline is spent, parallelism, verticality, gradient, position is spent, coaxial (heart) spend, symmetry, circle is completely jumpy, jumpy) special measuring software is the component that has specific use in the light of some kind measure, be like: Gear, whorl, free curve and free curved surface. Still have module of a few accessary software commonly, be like: Statistical analysis, error detects, compensation, CAD. Advanced metric and detect software can be offerred for metric need perfect solution, it is efficient and correct finish detect crucial factor of the function. If PC-DMIS measures software to operate an interface concise, can coach the person that use undertakes setting of spare parts process designing, parameter and workpiece detect; In the meantime, the graphical function that one of body change, can will detect data makes visible graphical report; Still can transplant traditional measurement software, offer bind plan to wait for software like MM4, TUTOR. In addition still include all sorts of Ban gold measure an order with the complete set of plastic glass and pipe fitting, and search automatically measure element, real time the three-dimensional compensation that measure a head, automatic compensation is out of shape the exterior position of workpiece and direction; To Ban gold and be out of shape the aperture of great work searchs for a function, control namely measure opportunity is right area seeks a few kinds of effective geometry form near the center that discuss opening, had the feature that intelligence changes. This software still has powerful CAD graph function, allow an user to use three-dimensional CAD data, off line is online perhaps generate workpiece to detect program, at the same time the graph that finish changes workpiece model and the imitate of exploration method, generate computer digital-to-analogue to complete converse project. CNC Milling CNC Machining