Machining center aids 5 axes efficiency of Lotus F1 motorcade promotes force

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To improve productivity and treatment performance considerably, investment of near future of Lotus F1 motorcade purchased 6 all of function of automation of program of compositive treatment having GF new-style machining center of 5 axes milling. Machining center of these 6 new-style milling of MIKRON HPM 450U, already was located in England in Lotus F1 motorcade Ensitong's headquarters installs put into production, also became England at the same time motorcade of one class equation is comprehensive the core of modern production facilities. After running half an year, the official of presiding battalion transport of Lotus F1 motorcade (COO) Mr Thomas Mayer is very satisfactory the operation circumstance of the machine tool: "At the outset we were made make milling ability expands the strategy of 5 axes is decision-making, such decision-making the system that forces us to choose, should install the treatment that integral work completes in blocking a process in quite, make our manufacturing efficiency increases greatly thereby, raised machine tool utilization rate effectively, came true to be mixed higher stabler component precision, reduced unit cost greatly at the same time. " before investing MIKRON HPM 450U, lotus F1 motorcade basically relies on 3 axes milling machine to machine the complex part of tall nicety. Although also achieved right result, but the consideration that stems from opposite yield, they decide to make a plan additionally. A the biggest drawback is in 3 axes milling machine namely on the machine tool debug setting time to grow too. "Our him expectation can be more efficient. " Mayer explanation says, "In using milling of old 3 axes machine tool to machine a process, the setting that needs to waste too much time to have a machine tool and the program of each auxiliary unit and design. The most important is, appear often in producing a course interrupt a phenomenon, this kind of circumstance has negative effect to productivity not only, and when workpiece undertakes necessary hand moves processing, influential also to the precision of workpiece. We know, 5 axes machine tool will be the best solution that satisfies us to produce a demand, to the small lot production of tall nicety, complex part, if we can be in in the process that hold card,the workpiece that finish is machined, crop will have comparative to rise greatly. " because motorcade of this Lotus F1 decides,with 6 new 5 axes machine tool replaces original 3 axes machine tool. The choice of machine tool of machining center of milling of MIKRON HPM 450U " because we hope to use new 5 axes machine tool to undertake standardizing,produce, because this machine tool must be identical. " Mayer says, achieve these goals that standardize production, need identical machine tool not only, and also need cutting tool of identical form a complete set and clamp device to wait, "We hope the machine tool has the biggest flexibility and the compatibility of 100% . In a machine tool the circumstance of occurrence state falls, we must rapid, go up to additionally one without the switch that seam the ground. This kind of unified process designing that purchases means to also can let us and operation personnel are familiar with all new machine tools in same time. " after the decision that once reached a machine tool,changes, lotus F1 motorcade begins to begin to seek optimal type, it is this formulate a main requirement detailed list. These requirements include machine tool over all dimension (cover an area of an area) , characteristic of process capability, function (emphasize automation particularly compositive) , of usability and machine tool cost and need defend a time. The quality of the client service department that machines plan in British GF and speed are a crucial factor that makes a decision to Lotus F1 motorcade. "HPM 450U machine tool from satisfied our biggest hope at the beginning. " Thomas Mayer summary says, "Accordingly, can complete workpiece treatment through installing calorie of process, we already improved our work efficiency and quality considerably. " all requirements that MIKRON HPM 450UGF machines the MIKRON HPM 450U of plan to satisfy Lotus completely. High-powered, structure is compact with the 5 axes milling machine that has tall sex price to compare extremely, type of configuration straight drive rotates bend inclined workbench, pass 3+2 fixed position and treatment of 5 axes linkage, the milling of executive standard and auger cut treatment craft. High-powered main shaft (30kw, 20000r/min) with automation compositive (take 7 work tray trade unit and 120 knives the device that change a knife) ensured better superior treatment performance. A series of efficient SMART intelligence machine module, can ensure in 24h moving process highest productivity and flexibility, and the dependability of milling process, these all become the dominant position of MIKRON HPM 450U. As a result of the versatility of this machine tool, the material range that its can machine is very wide, be like the treatment of aluminous, steel, stainless steel, and the horniness data that processes hard. CNC Milling CNC Machining