Mill vehicle is complex processing technique processes medium application in thin wall casing

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Make technical progress as aviation, the maneuverability of engine of new generation aircraft, sensitivity, dependability rises considerably, the United States has thrown hold in esteem of use F119 of engine of the 4th acting aircraft than reaching the volume level of 10, have the characteristic such as supersonic body of fast cruise, concealed, tall maneuverability, good nimble sex and dependability. High-powered aircraft engine used part of miscellaneous structure of whole, Bao Bifu and difficult treatment material in great quantities, of structure of complex whole thin wall use, reduced the weight of motor component, be helpful for raising engine hold in esteem to compare, but also increased to machine difficulty at the same time. Face of exterior of casing of complex structure thin wall reachs aviation engine install a need surface of treatment of milling of 5 axes linkage, lumen and treatment of CNC Turning of the need side around installation, the fixed position opening that attends by the side of around installation, join aperture needs to get, the treatment of enlarge, boring, bore with a reamer, the existence in the process of have enough to meet need in treatment of thin wall casing and different process is out of shape phenomenon, because this causes sequel to machine working procedure to hold clip, search difficult, affected the treatment quality of casing and efficiency badly. Since machine tool of the first numerical control of world was born in the United States 1952, the sort of numerical control machine tool increasing, function is stronger and stronger, muti_function, compound machining center received wide application in aviation manufacturing industry, solved aviation to machine the difficult problem that material spare parts machines complex structure, hard. De Maji compound machining center has car of 5 coordinate mill auger, the function such as boring, mill, car, configured 40 knives knife library, have change a knife automatically to machine a function, outside configuring thunder Ni Shaogong, measure head and online survey a system, can realize casing multitask foreword is compound treatment, avoid thin wall casing to machine a process 2 times to install the clip, error that searchs to be being brought, raise treatment automation rate. Some closer year, the domain is machined in aviation engine casing, compound to mill car processing technique undertook abroad large-scale application, improved manufacturing efficiency greatly, decreased to machine technological process, shortened treatment is periodic, saved introduce land of other equipment plant, reduced the odds that different equipment awaits and hits a car, still raised a spare parts to machine quality at the same time, assure the consistency of mill, car, bore, the cost of cutting tool also is reduced subsequently. Domestic Shang Moguo produces car of 5 coordinate mill equipment of compound machining center, compound without mill car also processing technique is in casing of domestic aviation engine mature case of application, function of equipment of compound machining center did not get the high end of certain entrance be developed adequately, import car of 5 coordinate mill individually compound machining center is regarded as 5 coordinate machining center or numerical control establish a car to use. The article with Demaji compound machining center mixes car of 5 coordinate mill casing of thin wall of whole annulus form is carrier, introduced mill car compound processing technique processes medium application in casing of aviation engine Bao Bi, basically include: De Maji vehicle of 5 coordinate mill is introduction of compound machining center, whole analysis of craft of casing of annulus form thin wall, mill vehicle is complex vehicle of the program of the craft course of processing technique, mill is complex the work out that processes numerical control order and process of test and verify of fictitious emulation treatment. Casing of thin wall of whole annulus form machines craft to analyse the casing outside structure of 1 spare parts is the component of housing of compressor of aircraft engine high pressure, the integral thin wall that belongs to a model is annular casing. Its inside the surface is swing tower, by the car treatment is finished; Outside face has differ all the protruding stage islands of cloth, by mill treatment is finished; This casing around and radial surface are distributinging to install edge and radial aperture, the structure of this casing accords with mill car completely the requirement of compound processing technique. The main measure of the spare parts is, φ of the biggest external diameter 468.

1mm, φ of the smallest internal diameter 433.

4mm, height 69.

75mm, the least wall is large (1+0.

2) Mm, end panel flatness 0.

03mm, the place with end panel and radial the least hole spends φ 0.

03mm, see a picture 1. Basis of 2 hardwares data designs the requirement of blueprint, the brand of material is 1Cr11Ni2W2MoV, this material belongs to the stainless steel of austenite, the design asks hardness is HB311~352, its intensity can give according to craft heat treatment adjust, but hear resistance and fight corrode fatigue excel other stainless steel. The casing outside analysis of 3 treatment difficulty is the smallest the wall is large only 1mm, photograph of end panel aperture stops to be being reached at end panel buccal position is spent it is φ only 0.

03mm, the casing of thin wall of whole annulus form that belongs to a model, the φ that the treatment difficulty of this spare parts depends on how making sure blueprint asks 0.

03mm position is spent, if the generation after spare parts treatment is out of shape, spare parts end panel and stop the mouth is jumpy more than 0.

015mm, the position spends the fixed position aperture that machining through installing clip 2 times to search to assure hard. Vehicle of mill of casing of whole annulus form is complex analysis of craft of the casing outside 1 overall program discovers treatment craft scheme, because this casing wall is large thinner, belong to casing of typical whole annulus form, those who produce certain level is meet be out of shape after the car is machined, normally casing after the car is machined, arrange around to install edge and the treatment that radial installs an aperture again, such meetings cause a spare parts 2 times to install clip to search difficult, 2 times outfit clip searchs the position that the error can affect nicety to locate Kong Jia is versed in is spent, assure very hard to machine quality. Mill vehicle is complex treatment concept of the technology is " hold clip, efficient treatment, all surfaces and aperture machine the spare parts that finish " , finish a spare parts to go up on a machine tool namely inside exterior car treatment and treatment of outside face mill and spare parts apparently aperture treatment, can assure the requirement that spare parts high accuracy assembles. Accordingly, in the light of this whole characteristic of structure of casing of Bao Bihuan form and technology ask, vehicle of mill of the casing outside was being made is complex machine plan, make end panel aperture and end panel fiducial reach stop buccal surface passes clip of a working procedure, outfit to search to completing treatment, avoid 2 times to install clip to look for the error that arising, shorten craft course, improve treatment efficiency, assure to machine quality. Car of mill of course of compound treatment craft machines 2 mill car the work out principle of craft: Play the part that finish in outfit clip as far as possible many direction are versed in treatment. According to afore-mentioned mill car compound craft weaves method and principle, it is the craft course of this spare parts surely: 0 wollens chart, one side of 5 cars ultrasonic, other one side of 10 cars ultrasonic, 15 ultrasonic examination, back end of 20 thick cars, front of 25 thick cars, horn of the 30 front that get boring to aperture, stage of protruding of 35 thick mill, 40 go burr, 45 stability are handled, . Will look from craft course, the rough machining of this spare parts is the treatment on the car stands in numerical control, make the fixed position chamfer that there are 4 ungual chucks on the stage considering mill lathe work, cannot come true in mill car machining center undertakes rough machining, stem from consideration of machine tool precision, rough machining also cannot undertake on mill car equipment. Begin from 30 working procedure, all of machine treatment foreword of the others in mill car machining center undertakes, in all thick mill of spare parts of implementation of 7 have enough to meet need, semifinishing machining, finish machining. Executive process facilities of treatment of the casing outside the choice of compound treatment facilities chose 1 mill vehicle Demaji vehicle of 5 coordinate mill is complex machining center (show 2 times like the graph) , this machine tool uses the head of electric main shaft of 45 ° horn, drive of linear electric machinery, precision of executive component of servo drive system tall, dependability is good, answer speed fast, have enough static state, dynamic stiffness, make sure the system has good dynamic quality and thermal stability. This equipment should have high accuracy, efficient, high reliability, have aether net interface at the same time, but with net of couplet of computer etc equipment, realize the transmission of all sorts of CNC Machining program, craft parameter and information of machine tool state, can get used to the treatment of the difficult treatment material such as high temperature alloy, titanium alloy, the mill that finish, car can leave in outfit clip, auger, enlarge, bore with a reamer, boring, wait for a variety of treatment, the semifinishing machining of the exact location opening that can be used on aviation spare parts and outside face and finish machining. Function of treatment of this equipment mill is powerful, deploy SHOPMILL mill to machine functional software, workbench can achieve dynamic balancing and point of analytic balance action, assist turning function, have online detect function, can realize car, mill treatment is online emulate, this machine tool is main technical parameter is as follows: Axial journey: ≥ 1250mm; Y axis journey: ≥ 1000 Mm; Z axis journey: ≥ 1000 Mm; Workbench dimension: ≥ φ 1250mm; Diameter of the biggest turning: ≥ φ 1400mm; Workbench bearings: ≥ 2000 Kg. C axis (workbench) circumgyrate limits: 360 ° of ≥ ± , fixed position precision: 7 ″ of ≤ , repeat fixed position precision: 4 ″ of ≤ . Workbench milling is highest rotate speed: ≥ 20r/min, turning is highest rotate speed: ≥ 500r/min, torque of the biggest circumgyrate (S1) : M of ≥ 5400N · , turning most high-power (S1) : ≥ 35kW. Compound processing technique should realize the car of mill of clamping apparatus design of craft of Nextpage2 mill car to install clip to complete the treatment of major dimension, tool clamping apparatus initiates crucial action, have to hold clip for many times otherwise, certainly will reduces treatment efficiency. Mill vehicle is complex processing technique characteristic is inside the surface uses turning treatment commonly, outside face includes turning and boring mill treatment, end panel or radial Kong Cai are used auger, treatment of boring, bore with a reamer. Because of this mill car compound treatment needs to design a kind of fixture, inside and outside can locate and the structure of clamp, can disassemble quickly at the same time. Outside compound treatment clamping apparatus introduced casing mill car structure of pressing plate of inside and outside (show 3 times like the graph) , face of the exterior inside the means implementation that passes pressing plate installs clip, Che Xi compound unifinication treatment. 3 mill vehicle is complex the choice De Maji that machines cutting tool compound machining center configured car of 5 coordinate mill 40 knives ATC knife library, norms of main shaft taper hole is HSK-A100, change knife function automatically to develop machining center adequately, outside machine of structure of Yi Sika module was used to place cutting tool in casing treatment (like the graph 4 are shown) , auspicious of combinative heart horse vehicle of 5 coordinate mill is complex of head of machining center main shaft rotate function, change the azimuth attitude of lathe tool, realized a cutting tool to machine surface of inside and outside different position, saved cutting tool amount, reduced cutting tool cost. 4 mill vehicle is complex the characteristic of process designing of numerical control of compound machining center divides the car of mill of work out basis of the program to machine two kinds of mode for mill treatment and car, mill machines mode to be DM_MILL, the car machines mode to be DM_TURN. Weaving mill of 5 axes linkage when machine program, need activations point of a knife of 5 axes treatment dogs function, g64 of function of the look up before CNC Machining method and treatment axis synchronism coordinate functional FGROUP. In car of work out numerical control when machine program, need uses Demaji the balance function of 5 coordinate machining center, deserve to weigh the position in what machine tool screen indicates, configure identical weight by the weight that the system hints deserve to weigh piece, make sure turning system is balanced. In process of program of car of work out mill, through car of mill of Xi Menzi system compound treatment postposition handles development, apply Xi Menzi 840D advanced language instruction and machine tool are peculiar function, for example, TRAORI (1) , CYCLE800, CYCLE81-CYCLE86, polar coordinates, realized machine tool car, mill, auger, the treatment that a variety of means such as boring, tap center at an organic whole. Introduce mill car compound processing technique, realized car, mill, auger, boring multitask foreword is amalgamative treatment. In Che Xi in compound treatment process, below the condition that needs to make sure integral tigidity is enough, purify surplus is inhomogenous place, make surplus of mill, car consistent; According to spare parts structure and tigidity, choice mill treatment makes sure the wall is large or car treatment makes sure the wall is large; Datum plane leaves surplus, after all dimension treatment is finished, measure condition of datum plane technology, build datum plane again; After treatment of all cars, mill is finished, undertake getting boring hole, tap. Be aimed at this spare parts, the line that arranges numerical control craft is: Thick mill exterior (stay 0.

3mm surplus) , surface of thick car inside and outside (stay 0.

3mm surplus) , surface of fine vehicle inside and outside (datum plane stays 0.

1mm surplus) , exterior of mill of essence of life, fine vehicle datum plane, whorl of Kong Jixi of the radial that get boring, aperture of the end panel that get boring. 5 mill vehicle is complex the process is online measure Demaji compound machining center configured car of 5 coordinate mill Leinishao measures head and infrared autodyne, have online measure a function. Vehicle of outer casing mill is complex in machining a process, applied online measure a function, use Leinishao measured a head to finish a spare parts to search automatically, automatic setting machines coordinate department, came true online measure, compound unifinication machines mill car (if pursue,5 are shown) . Outside casing is online measure search automatically the program is as follows: NextpageCYCLE800TRAFOOFDM_MILLT999M6... ;______ sheet dot measures Z axis at 0 o'clock the position, dot of sheet of the ________TUL=1 _TLL=-1_PRNUM=1 _NMSP=1 _VMS=0_TSA=20 _FA=15 _KNUM=1_MVAR=100 _MA=3_SETVAL=0CYCLE978G54;____ in G54 of set coordinate frame measures Z axis at 0 o'clock the position, dot of sheet of the _________G0 X0 Y0Z-2;____ in G54 of set coordinate frame measures axis of X, Y at 0 o'clock the position, dot of sheet of the __________TUL=1 _TLL=-1_PRNUM=1 _NMSP=1 _VMS=0_TSA=20 _FA=15 _KNUM=1_MVAR=101 _MA=3_SETVAL=433 _STA1=0_INCA=90 _CPA=0 _CPO=0_KNUM=1CYCLE979G54;____ in G54 of set coordinate frame measures axis of X, Y at 0 o'clock the position, vehicle of mill of the _________M28G0 Z500M026 in G54 of set coordinate frame is complex the emulation of the program and VERICUT of test and verify are a kind of function powerful treatment emulates software, can undertake an analysis to numerical control program through emulating, can discover to whether in be being machined, had existed to cut, the phenomenon such as remain, prevent phenomenon of interference, collision to happen, the validity of program of CNC Machining of test and verify, rationality. Undertaking especially new a process of development is medium, it can be emulated through treatment come procedure of test and verify is correct, can save high test specimen cost already so, can save needless handling time again, right new a development play the effect with very main move. For car of mill of test and verify the accuracy of to program, use VERICUT7.

0 software compose built DMU125FD mill car 5 coordinate machining center emulates an environment, vehicle of mill of the casing outside was being finished is complex the test and verify of fictitious emulation treatment of machine program, assured the validity of the program, structure of emulation machine tool is shown 6 times like the graph. The result analyses the problem that groovy method course exists: (1) car, mill, get, boring working procedure is too dispersive, the latency time that produces the have enough to meet need between preparative time and working procedure is long, take up much stage machines equipment, the influence machines efficiency and pay plan; (2) certain measure is worth adjacent and theoretical limiting value actually, if be not controlled, the likelihood brings about partial dimension out of tolerance; (3) numerical control program and treatment parameter remain to optimize and be refined; (4) cutting tool has been used up big. The test that passes the spot the treatment with actual part, according to the application of concept of seed profit project, use the multinomial index such as position of cycle of working procedure amount, treatment, quality and finished cost to analyse the benefit that new technics brings, data analysis contrast sees a table 1. Pass the contrast of test data to analyse, test and verify mill vehicle is complex processing technique is helpful for raising aviation engine casing to machine efficiency, save tool clamping apparatus, reduce finished cost, avoid thin wall casing to be out of shape brought 2 outfit mix looks for correct errors to differ, make sure thin wall casing machines quality. Conclusion passes mill car compound processing technique processes medium application in casing of aviation thin wall, realise mill vehicle is complex further the importance of function of machining center equipment, mastered online measure search automatically, mill car is compound and automatic car of the treatment that change a knife, mill is compound and fictitious the processing technique such as emulation treatment, formed vehicle of mill of casing of thin wall of whole annulus form course of craft of compound treatment model. Introduce mill car compound processing technique undertakes craft is improved, develop the function of the machine tool adequately, shortened craft course, use online measure, Che Xi is compound, fictitious emulate wait for processing technique, assured to machine the dependability of the process, can improve treatment considerably efficiency, reduce finished cost, assure to machine quality. CNC Milling CNC Machining