Polymer processes the development that uses fuse-element gear pump and application

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Pump of polymer fuse-element gear squeezes a treatment as improvement stability, raise the measure of crop, a kind of advanced technique that reduces specific power consumption, applied domain expands ceaselessly. Meanwhile, place of courtyard of domestic scientific research gave a variety of gear pump that get used to specific utility to be tasted newly according to different treatment application development. Nowadays, pump of polymer fuse-element gear applies already extensively at chemical fibber, filmy, profile, canal cable of material, plank, wire, compound crowded piece, make the product line such as bead, the stock that can machine covered material of major high polymer, be like: The PE, PC, PP, PVC, HIPS, PS, PET, PUR, polymer that contain fluorine, get together Chu , polyester, thermoplastic elastomer, balata and hot adhesive. Pump of polymer fuse-element gear is had as a kind the pump of cubage of static pressure type that displacement carries character, it is close according to cubage feeding principle operates. Through what form by the aperture between the tine of gear and tine many become the antrum room that close almost, will carry medium (polymer fuse-element) carry by side of high pressure of low-pressure side direction. The movement that ages through these makes low-pressure side and high-pressured side are in the topmost and mutual departure of tine has sealed effect thereby. The whirl that passes a pair of gear clench the teeth, make the alveolar freedom that takes makings end loose, cubage increases and be full of stock. Be in a makings end, the clench the teeth that alveolar cubage passes tine new decrescent, push a stock thereby. The pump of function fuse-element gear of fuse-element gear pump serves as the auxiliary unit of extruder, basically have the following advantage can. (1) implementation stability is squeezed piece, rise squeeze a product measure precision, reduce percent defective. In squeezing a process, of rotate speed of the wave motion of the canister of inhomogenous, machine that stock feed in raw material measures and nose temperature, screw pulsatile waiting for a phenomenon avoid hard. Squeeze in nicety in giving product line, pump of use fuse-element gear can eliminate the error of feed in raw material of system of feed in raw material, increase systematic stability further. (2) raise yield, reduce specific power consumption, implementation low temperature is squeezed piece, prolong the life of the machine. Because pump of polymer fuse-element gear was installed on extruder, transfer the voltage build-up function of extruder to gear pump to finish, extruder can be below condition of low pressure, low temperature the job, leakage discharge decreases greatly, yield rises. (3) have linear to squeeze a character, facilitate on, downstream facilities coordinates the work. Because flow of gear pump leakage is less, the transportation of pump ability and rotate speed concern basically into linear, after gear revolution speed is changed, its discharge knows exactly, can go up certainly from this, downstream facilities and the working rate with gear synchronous pump, use the information data such as the pressure that gear pump entrance, exit collects, temperature, implementation is whole cram a process whole course online monitor control with feedback. (4) reduce manufacturing cost, enhance company competition ability. Because squeeze,percent defective can be reduced after giving a system to use gear pump, reduce specific power consumption, because of the manufacturing cost of this OK and managing enterprise. It is for example in balata production, gear pump is in mix refine and the applied experience that cram a course to make clear, use gear pump to be able to make extruder screw life increases nearly 1 times. The investment pay back period that on balata treatment facilities place of installation gear pump requires is 1 year commonly, large system invests pay back period normally shorter. Reducing cost while, product quality also gets rising, enhanced the competition ability of the enterprise thereby. The utility of pump of gear of different type fuse-element and characteristic are used at plastic squeeze the fuse-element gear pump that go out pump of plastic fuse-element gear basically is used at machining viscosity relatively inferior thermoplastic polymer fuse-element, in receive wide application domestic and internationally, what can be used at major plastic product is crowded piece in shaping. Be in especially biaxial stretching film, without spin the nicety such as multilayer and cable of cloth, coating, wire, compound film, chemical fibber to squeeze give V-neck territory, pump of plastic fuse-element gear received wide application. Current, be opposite domestic and internationally the research that the respect such as characteristic of the principle of pump of plastic fuse-element gear, function, structure and applied technology all has fixed rate. Rubber-plastic and mechanical institute passes university of Beijing chemical industry to study to the system of fuse-element gear pump for years, complete the series development of pump of plastic fuse-element gear and development successfully already, already can design now make product of pump of plastic fuse-element gear be like 28/28 (the center is apart from / facewidth) , 56/56, 70/70, 90/90, difference of pressure of the biggest passageway can amount to 30MPa, can satisfy the requirement of all sorts of crop, already was in actual in get applied, obtain favorable result. Graph the 1 PCP28/28 that develops development for proper motion of university of Beijing chemical industry is plastic fuse-element gear pump. Pump of gear of plastic fuse-element of graph 1 PCP28/28. Pump of plastic fuse-element gear basically is used by the sliding bearing configuration with polymer self-lubricating fuse-element, this is the structural characteristic with the markeddest pump of plastic fuse-element gear, also be a kind of the mainest configuration in fuse-element gear pump. A complete gear pump plant includes part of electric machinery, reducer, shaft coupling, control and pump housing. Pump housing part by advocate axis of lid of side of pump housing, around, gear, sliding bearing and sealed bearing are formed. The interior of pump housing has lukewarm accuse chuck, use at controlling the temperature of gear pump interior accurately. Two side are flange of imports and exports respectively, entrance diameter is bigger than exit, this is attached most importance to especially to the inspiratory condition of tall viscosity, low-pressure force should, can increase the stability of pump efficiency and movement. Gear is the crucial part of gear pump. Gear has straight tine, inclined tine and person handwriting a tooth-like part of anything by teeth directional cent 3 kinds. Helical gear and straight gear photograph are compared, the registration of gear clench the teeth increases, successive, smooth extruding can undertake to stock when clench the teeth, reduce the wave motion of pressure, when rotating as a result of its at the same time from clean action, what can hold tine root is clean, avoid the deposit of stock to decompose, but the meeting when the job produces axial power, affect the service life of bearing, also meet of the fuse-element inside clearance of aggravate tine side cut, because of this bevel cannot too big. Balanced bearing load produces when straight gear works, and treatment fare is low. Its are main defect is pressure fluctuant range is bigger. Double-helical gear can realize relatively smooth extruding already, can balance axial force again at the same time, hold the advantage of helical gear and straight gear concurrently, but double-helical gear makes in tine root place stock stops easily, and finished cost is higher. Use mostly in pump of polymer fuse-element gear " D " model sliding bearing, because sliding bearing structure is simple,this is, install noise of convenient, job low, anti-impact properties is good, and high polymer itself is very good lubricant, can form use lubricating film goodly, can bear the quite high load on gear axis. What Nextpage uses at balata to squeeze the pump of gear of fuse-element of balata of fuse-element gear pump that go out to basically be used at balata is crowded piece in shaping. As similar as pump of plastic fuse-element gear, because the job of pump of balata fuse-element gear is characteristic hard, obstruction of the sort to distinct size, nose and adaptability of operation craft condition are strong, applied range is very accordingly wide, squeeze in nicety especially piece shape and filter glue craft and pressure delay hello clear advantage is had in makings, already became international balata and thermoplastic one of elastomer treatment domain new heat, cause the wide attention of the personage inside course of study. Relevant research makes clear: Applicable of extruder of balata gear pump at balata filter, warm-up, model is changed and shape, undertake squeezing going out offerring expecting to calendar, feed with heat makings extruder, cold hello makings extruder and cold hello makings exhaust extruder is suitable, those who have tire glue embryo is compound squeeze piece, carry, canal of products of drawing belt, tablet, glue, glue, of cable of inner tube, wire crowded piece shape and the fill of mould of the bag glue of rubber roll and high capacity. At present gear pump applies time not to grow in rubber industry, say according to Froester company, its GS extruder gear pump and convention, QSM (pin) after extruder and exhaust extruder are combined, the rubber products that makes this company is produced achieves international on precision and quality top level. To satisfy home the demand to pump of balata fuse-element gear, institute of production project of university of Beijing chemical industry and Beijing aviation and tripartite of limited company of rubber of Hangzhou rising sun cooperate, already began to develop XCP150/100, XCP120/90 the extruder of pump of balata fuse-element gear of two model group. Graph the 2 exterior effects that are pump of gear of XCP150/100 balata fuse-element pursue. Its are main the characteristic is: 1.

Aircrew has good working character, the rotate speed that assures to squeeze a quantity and gear pump concerns into linear, can realize accurate to crop control, raise the dimension precision of the product. Use the information data such as the pressure that gear pump entrance, exit collects, temperature, make go up, downstream facilities and gear pump synchronism work, implementation is whole cram a process whole course online surveillance and feedback control. 2.

Use distinctive lukewarm charge means, can realize accurate temperature closed-loop control, the temperature of sizing material strict control is in the temperature limits of set, prevent sizing material anxious burn, can realize microtherm to squeeze piece. 3.

Use special configuration, can prevent sizing material leak effectively, come true from cleanness. 4.

Carry chamfer of carry on one's shoulder of the discharge on the lid with what gear contacts through be in, eliminate " tired oil " the phenomenal bad influence to gear pump, improve the life of gear pump, increase the stability that sizing material carries. 5.

Gear pump uses a pair to change a clench the teeth of helical gear photograph, gear and axis are an organic whole, gear axis uses tall wear-resisting data, tooth flank classics is high frequency quench, exterior hardness achieves HRC58-62, accuracy class is 6HK. 6.

Of gear pump hello makings mouth and give makings mouth to use unique design, make stock feeds gear pump fluent, not easy generation stops amiable acupuncture point, the radial load that gear axis place gets is reduced, improved bearing life. The extruder group of gear pump – of the unifinication tradition of extruder and gear pump needs alone drive as a result of extruder and gear (electric machinery, reducer) , alone control, make of whole set cover an area of an area bigger, cost is higher. Extruder is in after deploying gear pump, what the power that place of system of set of pump of extruder – gear consumes or need torque want to compare a tradition is cold feed makings extruder low much. Accordingly, the extruder that matchs power of stock level drive still ought to have larger torque surplus to be able to be offerred use. The screw of extruder of unifinication gear pump used these torque surplus just about, realize the unifinication of gear pump and extruder. Such OK the independent actuating device with needless take out. Its are specific the structure is: Of the screw of double whorl extruder in the standard hello expect paragraph of hind mount 4 whorl screw paragraph. The geometrical structure of screw of 4 whorl extruder is turned to turn the geometry of actual gear pump into the structure equably. Gear pump itself contains 4 planets gear, planetary gear can circle the bearing of oneself to rotate. These planetary gear and hollow gear (machine canister) clench the teeth. Stock carries whorl to be sent gear pump through 4. Below particular pressure function, between a tooth-like part of anything that stock is controlled into planetary gear partly, the wall outside be being pressed partly is hollow between the tine of gear. Every gyral planet gear is bearing the weight of the torque that stock affluent makes its are delivered through screw is sent high-pressured pitch. In the meantime, cooperate with the machine canister that takes a tooth-like part of anything, having the effect of detached and low-pressure side and high-pressured side. This kind of structure makes advocate stock flows in every entry point to be divided into two affluent, divide into 8 affluent in all namely, had certain mixture effect to stock. In the meantime, the collective extruding of much gear was reduced greatly push the wave motion that give, increased to squeeze the temperature sex that go out. Graph the 3 structural diagram that are extruder of pump of an organic whole gear. Rubber-plastic and mechanical institute is opposite university of Beijing chemical industry the research that extruder of pump of an organic whole gear had development, designed extruder of pump of 115 an organic whole gear. This equipment can fall to reduce facility cost greatly in the premise that does not affect original equipment advantage, still hold an operation concurrently at the same time simple, reach stock by force from clean function the good point with even high rate. Use this technology, can be on existing extruder foundation undertake transforming, install the relevant component of planetary gear pump, upgrade equipment to be able to realize high-pressured stability to squeeze extruder of pump of an organic whole that go out gear. CNC Milling CNC Machining