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Introductive machining center is mechanical equipment and composition of numerical control system is applicable child the efficient automation machine tool that complex part machines. Because it is had,trade knife unit automatically, after workpiece classics holds clip, numerical control system can control a machine tool to choose automatically and change by different process cutting tool, change rotate speed of machine tool main shaft automatically, feed and cutting tool assist a function relative to the athletic contrail of workpiece and other, the much working procedure on a few faces processes the ordinal work that finish. Foreword of this kind of multitask centers the means of treatment, can reduce workpiece to hold clip, measure, the machine tool is adjusted, a lot of blame such as workpiece have enough to meet need handling time, make the 3-4 of general accuracy machine tool of prep above of cutting utilization rate of the machine tool times, reduce the labor intensity of handlers greatly thereby, and treatment precision is tall, because this has favorable economic effect. The applied trend of this shows machining center is overwhelm. Shanghai turbine limited company already introduced machining center of horizontal of four-axle linkage numerical control and machining center of vertical of four-axle linkage numerical control in succession in last few years. The application of this equipment, make blade makes a level rise to a new arrangement, offerred a new development way. The working principle of 1 machining center above all craft member the program memory that handiwork weaves or the computer has woven automatically is in information carrier (wait like disk) on, send device losing a person to numerate information carrier information sends person numerical control unit, through a series of operation processing turns pulse into signal. Some pulse signal are sent the servo of the machine tool, through changeover and enlarge, repass main transfer machinery, the contrail that drive sets by the program about the component does relevant exercise, some pulse signal are sent in can make up Cheng controller, of sequence control machine tool the movement is assisted inside its, realize the automatic exchange of cutting tool. The system of numerical control of basic structure 1) of 2 machining center by CNC device, why to take hasten to use device, but the composition such as program controller, it is the control center that machining center carries out ordinal movement and process of the treatment that finish. CNC device by central processor, be defeated by a person to output interface composition, its are main the characteristic is memory losing a person, the treatment of data, the control function such as poor complementary operation is finished through software, increased the function that a lot of logistic circuit realize hard. Interface equipment join can be passed between the computer and other device, when controlling object or functional change, need to change software and interface only. The function that servo hasten uses device is certain the motion that the pulse signal changeover that comes from CNC device is component of machine tool shift; Its function is the treatment precision that decides a machine tool, exterior quality, produce one of main factors of efficiency. Among them detect device uses what the head border displacement of component of motion of the machine tool that finish measures to measure most, feedback numerical control device. But of cutting tool of implementation of compose of motive of hasten of program controller control anthology mix exchange. Structure of 2) mechanical noumenon is simple, the tip is spent tall, tigidity is good. Include a foundation to change knife device component, main shaft component, automatically to wait. Fundamental component is comprised by lathe bed pillar and workbench, mix for machining center weight cease accumulate the largest part, it is the structural foundation of machining center. The requirement bears the dead load of machining center and the cutting load that increase man-hour, because this is rigid the demand is high. Main shaft component is the crucial part of machining center, wait for composition by main shaft box, electric machinery, main shaft and bearing. Its are started stop rotate speed to wait to all be controlled by numerical control system, move through installing the cutting tool on main shaft to participate in cutting, the power that is cutting treatment exports a part, the stand or fall of its structure, have very big effect to the function of machining center. Change knife device automatically to be comprised by the component such as compose of motive of knife library, manipulator, drive. Knife library is the unit that use all cutting tool wants in depositing treatment process, the instruction that changes Dao Shigen to occupy numerical control system when need takes out cutting tool from knife library by manipulator or otherwise in loading main shaft aperture. Support system includes 3) bits of lubricant, cooling, platoon, defend, hydraulic pressure, although do not enlist cutting campaign directly, but the treatment efficiency to machining center, treatment precision and dependability rise to ensure action, it is the indispensable part in machining center. Horizontal machining center is Japan the four-axle linkage duplex operation that water chestnut produces makes a machining center. Workbench dimension deserves to two each use the tray that exchanges workpiece for 500 × 500mm. A tray uses installation work, in the treatment on workbench; Another a factory workbench external use will disassemble installation workpiece. After finishing the workpiece on a tray to machine, exchange tray automatically, have the treatment of new part, can reduce auxiliary time so, improve efficiency. Vertical machining center is Taiwan assist the four-axle linkage machining center that grand produces. Long and narrow workbench deserves to have workbench of roll of disc of F320mmm vertical numerical control and the tailstock that can take thimble, main shaft taper uses ISO50, 3 axes slideway guides to slide entirely soft, such union enhanced the intensity of the machine tool and tigidity. The 3 basic ideas that add a center and 1) of process designing foundation the coordinate of coordinate system Z of machining center, deliver cutting dynamic main shaft to be in the position to be Z coordinate namely commonly, the direction that increases cutting tool and work space is Z axis to;X coordinate, horizontal way is X coordinate commonly, when Z coordinate level, look to workpiece from cutter spindle, x to point to right, when Z coordinate is perpendicular, to odd column machine tool, from cutter spindle looks to pillar, x to point to right;Y coordinate, according to X and Z coordinate, according to the right hand Cartesian coordinate system decides. The expression with whirligig A, B, corresponding C its axes is parallel the whirligig at coordinate of X, Y, Z. to the expression with A, B, corresponding C is in the direction that square of coordinate of X, Y, Z advances according to right helix up. Machine tool coordinate fastens the basic coordinate department that is a machine tool, cannot change at will; Working coordinate department is the coordinate department that builds with the some dot in the job. Horizontal machining center is four-axle linkage system, namely X, Y, Z, B4 direction, vertical machining center also is four-axle linkage system, namely X, Y, Z, A4 direction. Does the control means of system of 2) numerical control nod position control: ? Gu a flat stone on iron rammer with ropes attached at the sides shakes deep and remote gallopping Huang Huimeng  of deficient of extensive blown away by wind protects  to return poison of  of ash of  of danger of coil up of H of Liu of  of deficient of Pie bits Huang well Long of Li an ancient wind instrument returns  of pure mulberry of eyebrow of extensive of Bu of sauce Tan collate already V of arc of ㄎ of Yu of rotten Kuang stew finishs Li Piao. diagonal is used at planar treatment. Does outline control: ? Commonplace な kills poisonous Guo of frequency of Ping  Piao to carry Mo of Xin extensive Mei, the cutting direction of nine Z coordinate and feed speed, use at model face treatment. ABC of 3) process designing prepares functional G: With the behavioral way that will appoint a machine tool. S of main shaft function: With the main shaft rotate speed that will appoint a machine tool. Feed function F: With the feed speed that will appoint reference axis. T of cutting tool function: Use choice cutting tool. Assist functional M: With will appoint a machine tool to assist movement and state. According to the distinction of process designing of two kinds of machine tools the work out changes a course, enhance program versatility. 4 machining center produce medium applied horizontal machining center to basically be used at the treatment that body reachs shroud among blade in blade. Vertical machining center is machined except what body and shroud ask in be being used at blade outside, the thick, precision work that still is used at blade face and model paragraph the treatment of tool reference plane of blade. Does clamping apparatus design: ? Take along sth to sb brags  laborious plating  mu nine of Zuo of  of ぃ of commonplace of rostellum ば Gong has thick mill to again mill of essence of life still has bore to wait already in outfit clip, should ask clamping apparatus can bear big cutting force, satisfy requirement of fixed position precision even. Because thick finish machining is successive process, requirement clamping force is large and cannot make the spare parts is out of shape. Because equipment contains shield interior the space is limited, and clamping apparatus must rotate again commonly, because this clamping apparatus wants as far as possible somes small, avert as mutual as cutting tool and equipment interference. Clamping apparatus must disassemble convenient, lest increase auxiliary time. Notice the join pattern of clamping apparatus and workbench at the same time, there is screw only on Japanese horizontal workbench, go to the lavatory for the job, designed the machine tool accessory that takes T chamfer. Vertical machining center contains T chamfer except horizontal workbench outside, vertical dial also contains T chamfer and aperture of fixed position of revolving stage center. Among semifinished product of treatment square steel when body, carry radial side fixed position on the back, radial face fire is tightened inside, take steam side fixed position, give steam side clamp, shroud part can reach intermediate put oneself in another's position to all be shown at treatment place when length is appropriate, clamping apparatus joins go up at rotary table, the whirl that uses rotary table undertakes machining. When machining blade face, clamping apparatus of foliaceous root fixed position is installed on vertical dial, outfit thimble is pressed in shroud place as auxiliary prop up. Machine a model paragraph when the tool reference plane of blade, use 3 thimble fixed position, double thimble be content with vertical dial to go up, another thimble can make move and can be fixedded is in be raised on workbench according to blade accident be in at shroud. Does cutting tool choose: ? Structure of short awl of SK of Man of Dong  take along sth to sb, its are short awl part and end panel all are contacted with main shaft, rigid precision of good, fixed position is tall; Become by alloy tool steeliness, pass special heat treatment, have very strong tenacity and strength. The construction that holds the platoon that place a knife divides style of the firm that it is side, a variety of type such as collet type. Bit uses entrance bit commonly, have greater cutting power. The rectangle that uses Israel like the finish machining of intermediate body but dislocation carries milling cutter, benefit of tenacity good Ju Feng, sectional for the rectangle, have 2 cutting blade, big before horn has helix angle, material is IC328 character, cut deeply 3 ~ 4mm, f=250mm/min, , s=800r/min, 32mm of bit body diameter, 5 tine. Model the butterfly form that color of in order to of face rough machining lists but dislocation face milling cutter, impulse withstand force is powerful, sectional for anise model, have 8 cutting blade, material is IC928 character, cut deeply 3 ~ 4mm, f=800mm/min, s=600r/min, 63mm of bit body diameter, 5 tine. Model color of in order to of face finish machining lists but dislocation ball head stands milling cutter, benefit of rigid good Ju Feng, sectional for hemicycle, bigger before horn, material is IC328 character, cut deeply 2 ~ 4mm, f=800 ~ 1000mm/min, s=2000 ~ 30000r/mm, 12mm of bit body diameter, 2 tine or diametical 20mm, 2 tine. Analysis of 5 economic benefits and look into when using machining center to machine, will original much working procedure installs clip to turn into to hold clip for many times, process is fiducial and centralized, reduce handling time, save tool, machine tool precision is tall, product percent of pass is amounted to 100% , and a few relevant auxiliary charge if: Personnel expenses, machine tool upkeep costs also reduce subsequently. Visible machining center is machining quality, improve productivity, reduce the respect such as cost to have good economy. Horizontal machining center compares vertical machining center commonly one times more expensive the left and right sides, and what need man-hour more than vertical machining center also, because this same production uses vertical machining center to contrast economy, but size range of pipe bent of vertical machining center is not as extensive as size range of pipe bent of horizontal machining center. Because this is produced,the branch can buy equipment according to particular case. Reasonable configuration can make blade productivity rises greatly, also exhibit blade to will be sent henceforth at the same time flexible system (FMS) prepares. CNC Milling CNC Machining