If why is HMI in-house variable used in PLC

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The interior that sees in a project HMI is defined is variable, can convey PLC, both undertake data is exchanged. The format is] of DB[in-house variable.

] of DBw[in-house variable. How do this come true excuse me, need does what setting to answer: 1, communication -- variable -- mouse right key -- add variable. 2, communication? Build below variable call the police variable (attention: Call the police variable cannot be BOOL type, can be Word only or the variable of Int type) , for example: One is built to call the police here variable, the address is MW20. 3, enter call the police management? Disperse quantity calls the police input corresponding text, spark variable choice " call the police variable " , trigger fill a corresponding order. For example: Text sparks variable sparks a date is effective breakdown of PLC address electric machinery calls the police variable 1M21.

Machine of 1 leather belt skids call the police variable 8M20.

0 temperature call the police call the police variable 9M20.

1 pressure calls the police call the police variable 0M21.

0 what here should notice is Xi Menzi about the word (the definition of Word) type for example MW20 is by MB20 and MB21 two gulp are become, MB20 is located in tall byte (8, 15) , and MB21 is located in low byte (0, 7) , be in so trigger the corresponding relationship that attention and actual PLC address want on the definition. CNC Milling CNC Machining