Project machine reachs use note with the choice of hydraulic pressure oil

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Correct, choose to reach oil of use hydraulic pressure reasonably, run reliability to improving hydraulic pressure facility, prolong the service life of component and system, make sure facilities is safe, prevent accident happening to have important sense. 1, choice project machine uses hydraulic pressure oily basis: (1) fluid casting die. The hydraulic pressure oil that different element uses to place has the configuration demand of a lowest, when choosing hydraulic pressure oil accordingly, the capable person that should notice sort of fluid casting die reachs his to use the as oily as hydraulic pressure consistence such as qualitative, weather strip and coating paint. Assure the lubricant requirement of each kinematic pair, make component reachs design life, satisfy performance characteristics requirement. The viscosity that hydraulic pump is pair of hydraulic pressure oil and stick one of component with lukewarm the most sensitive function, accordingly, the important basis that the requirement that often uses the pump in the system oil to hydraulic pressure regards a choice as hydraulic pressure oil (the systematic except) that has servo a powerful person. (2) system operating mode. If be opposite,the requirement of pressure of actuator speed, system and orgnaization movement accuracy is jumped over tall, the demand that uses the wear-resisting of hydraulic pressure oil and carrying capacity to wait to place is higher also. According to the system time of likely working temperature, successive movement is mixed the wholesome circumstance of working environment, the beard when picking oil notices oily viscosity, high temperature capability and thermal stability, the formation that waits in order to reduce greasy filth and deposit. (Size of 3) gasoline tank. Gasoline tank jumps over pairs small to fight oxidation invariability oilily, extremely press anti-wear properties, air to release the requirement such as gender and filterability taller. (4) environment temperature. Go up in underground, water in the light of project machine, indoor, outdoor, cold region, or it is to be in the freezing area with temperature big change, and around have without high temperature heat source or the environmental temperature characteristic such as bright fire, reasonable choose hydraulic pressure oil. If around without bright fire, working temperature is under 60 ℃ , bear the weight of lighter when, if equipment must be below very low temperature,can choose oily; of common hydraulic pressure when starting, must choose low coagulate hydraulic pressure is oily. The place on put together is narrated, if the quality of hydraulic pressure oil is eligible, when rate of systematic actuator motion is very high, the velocity of flow of oily fluid is high also, hydraulic pressure loss increases subsequently, and leak decreases relatively, the oily; with inferior viscosity of reason appropriate choice conversely, when oily velocity of flow is low, leakage rate increases relatively, will produce an effect to speed of working orgnaization motion, this what is appropriate to the occasion chooses the oil with taller viscosity. Normally, when actuating pressure is high, appropriate chooses the hydraulic pressure oil with tall viscosity, because solve the leak problem when high pressure stickier than overcoming its block more should preferential; is become when actuating pressure is inferior, appropriate chooses the oil of low viscosity. When environmental temperature is high, should use the oily; with taller viscosity conversely, should use the oil with inferior viscosity. (Of oil of 5) hydraulic pressure affirmatory finally. Hydraulic pressure oil is preliminary after make choice of, still need an attention to check its supply of goods, viscosity, quality, use characteristic, suitable scope, and the consistence to system and component material, see each index whether can satisfy use requirement completely. (6) economy. Want to consider the price of hydraulic pressure oil, service life integratedly, and the circumstance such as the maintenance of hydraulic pressure system, safe cycle of run, the brand with good economic benefits of with a view to. 2, when the economy analysis that selects hydraulic pressure oil chooses hydraulic pressure oil, cannot notice oil price only, and ignored breed, quality, safeguard wait for a circumstance with second birth. Be like, in high temperature heat source and the high temperature near bright fire, high pressure and system of accurate hydraulic pressure, should choose fluid of phosphoric acid ester to fight burn hydraulic pressure oil, cannot because of valence expensive and those who use valence cheap is hydrous fight light fluid to replace, such meetings make hydraulic pump wears away prematurely, reduce systematic precision; to be like again, in system of high-pressured hydraulic pressure, should choose fight grind hydraulic pressure oil, if choose cheap mechanical oil or oil of the antirust, hydraulic pressure that fight oxygen, criterion hydraulic pump life can shorten. The breed L-HH that is VG46 with ISO viscosity grade and L-HM oil are exemple, use at pump of identical YB-D25 lamina respectively (pressure is 12.

5MPa, temperature 65 ℃ , rotate speed 1500r/min) , after successive moving 250h, measure so that use the pump of L-HH oil, its wear extent is 63 times of the pump wear extent that uses L-HM oil. Accordingly, be in in in high-pressured system, ought not to use L-HH or L-HL oil, and should choose L-HM to fight grind hydraulic pressure oil. Cold to be in region and freezing area the high-pressured system of machine of project of the exercise outdoor, as a result of air temperature temperature of low, environment changes big, the microtherm hydraulic pressure that should choose tall viscosity index is oily. In order to make cold start-up of systematic low temperature easy, liquidity is good, still can make the system agrees with oil in wintry summer, do not send change frequent. CNC Milling CNC Machining