PDM domain appears those who go out is great " breakthrough "

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Product data manages (Product Data Management, PDM) the main component that is enterprise informatization, it is compositive the multinomial advanced technique in contemporary design process and administrative philosophic theory, carry out new strategic measure to offer for the enterprise prop up strongly. In last few years, driving, application studies momentum of PDM market growth extensive, connotation abounds progressively development increasingly, present a the following big breakthroughs. What compete as global market is increasingly intense, computer technology develops ceaselessly, the enterprise uses advanced informatization method to enhance ability of product research and development and market competition ability ceaselessly in industrial production, "Informatization " the technical feature that has become remarkable times. Product data manages (Product Data Management, PDM) the main component that is enterprise informatization, it is compositive the multinomial advanced technique in contemporary design process and administrative philosophic theory, carry out new strategic measure to offer for the enterprise prop up strongly. In last few years, driving, application studies momentum of PDM market growth extensive, connotation abounds progressively development increasingly, present a the following big breakthroughs. 1, offerring products plan of environment of 3D compositive design is a complex systematic project, need applies design plot, analysis integratedly to emulate, craft is designed and make wait for knowledge and tool. Give priority to 2D CAD to cannot have satisfied requirement of contemporary products plan with plot function. 3D CAD created a new space for products plan, offerred rich feature / curved surface modelling, assemble emulate, much style is kinetic the tool such as the analysis, support " top-down " and " bottom-up " wait for design method, make design more intelligence is changed, visible. Offerred for the architect more the fictitious environment that accords with actual design process. Concern findings report analysis according to abroad, design of applied 3D CAD can make business productivity rises 46% . A lot of manufacturing industry enterprises are in our country to use 2D CAD successfully to swing drawing board hind, already system of phase in 3D CAD will achieve appearance of geometry of product innovation design, expression complex and crucial component. For example turbine lamina, cylinder, automobile body is enclothed wait to have structure of complex dimensional curved surface, use 2D CAD system to cannot describe its structure feature accurately, must use 3D CAD system. Accordingly, manufacturer of domestic and international PDM in succession from offer environment of 2D compositive design to transform to offer 3D compositive design environment, realize PDM and 3D CAD without seam compositive. If build the model of unified product information of based 3D, the application that makes product message each phase in product lifecycle, different is exchanged conveniently between the system and evolution; Mechanism of rock-bottom data news report is established between PDM system and 3D CAD system, support the real time communication of PDM and 3D CAD system, safeguard the consistency of the product data model that is based on 3D; Restrain the long-range operation of model and geometrical model through be opposite, implementation undertakes is based on 3D model in PDM modular design and fast product go model design; Manage the complete lifecycle of 3D model, maintain in the lifecycle operation of 3D model assemble between the model, the consistency of referenced relation; Offer the PDM function plug-in unit that is based on 3D, support has products plan in 3D CAD software directly, make design process and information to be under PDM management, PDM process of data management of the system, design manages and emulation be in harmony of the design modelling of 3D CAD system, analysis is an organic whole. 2, support collateral project collateral project in order to shorten product development cycle, reduce cost, raise quality to be a target, rise advanced administrative idea and advanced automation technology union, use compositive change, collateral the thought design product that turns chime absorb reachs his relevant process, the influencing factor of all in the lifecycle of inchoate mature product that the product develops link. What PDM regards support as collateral project is important make can technology, basically implement collateral project from the help enterprise with the following very good respect. <script Src="/ad/1125/in.

What Js"></script> comes true to use a system to each unit above all is compositive, active management uses the information that the system produces, provide the platform that the information between applied system is delivered and exchanges. The graph shows the compositive frame picture that is PDM 1 times, it uses current package technology, with company application compositive platform is prop up, the part of general and compositive tool that supplies open form (if the job sorts 2 engine, development,platform, knowledge manages implement etc) , products plan, analysis, make, the information Gu island of the respect such as technology program and quality management is compositive together, form the iformation flow of perforative company overall situation. The information that CAD/CAPP/CAM/CAE system wants severally from the extraction in PDM (wait like information of data of organization, product, process) , also can go to design result memory in PDM. The information block of the dredge of information bridge action of PDM of ERP have the aid of and 4C. The EBOM that PDM produces the design (design content spreads detailed list) , PBOM (production content spreads detailed list) , Routing (craft course) wait for information to transfer ERP system; And the information such as service of the concerns with the product production plan that makes in ERP system, material, maintenance, also can be managed by PDM, use, deliver. Next, compose builds to face muti_function design a group work in coordination environment. Consistency of confidential technology, data checks the communication mechanism that PDM uses environment of platform of compose of 3D visible technology, long-range different to fall, data to wait for a technology with conflict clear up, implementation crosses region, cross the branch, user that crosses platform to undertake those who be based on 3D product model cooperate with in the development process of the product product development, with respect to products plan problem real time is communicated, remove the communication obstacle of products plan information, check and evaluate product information, discuss an issue jointly and find out the method that solves a problem. The 3rd, offer collateral the management that changes design course. The dynamic product that comprises by much discipline personnel is established to develop a group in the project management of PDM; The improvement that has company course and reframe, traditional serial product change of development technological process is compositive, collateral product develops technological process; Use PDM compositive, develop an environment in coordination, make downstream process personnel is developed in the product inchoate participate in come in, improve information flow and going from place to place efficiency, achieve raise products plan, made successful rate. 3, the comprehensive solution that faces group company the development as global economy, the enterprise recombines, formed the large company that crosses an area to cross a state. Additional, as a result of the need that the whole world competes, business alliance already was inevitable development trend, formed " broad sense enterprise " . Accordingly, the integration solution that needs the lifecycle management that is used at product whole process, expand the function of PDM software to the information of broad sense enterprise, process and the height that manage compositive platform, offer the comprehensive solution that faces group company. Fore-and-aft go up, make to the product from design of demand, concept, initial design, detailed design to the product, the product information natural resources in the complete lifecycle that till the product exits the market,safeguards and process undertake administrative. The horizontal stroke makes full use of up Internet technology, choose products plan, project, raw material (include to make and be purchased) , sale, sale (reach other function section) , field service and client are contacted cheek by jowl together, go to promotion of product knowledge fortune besides engineering department, new commercial opportunity is sought in synergic process. In the comprehensive solution that faces group company, what PDM emphasizes enterprise interior information, function and process not merely is compositive, pay attention to an enterprise more compositive, compositive means and content are more agile also. If supply the supplier on catenary and compositive business place,use the compositive, different CAD between different PDM between compositive etc. RAYTHEON of industry of aviation of American national defence used the compositive technology that is based on STEP standard to come true its are whole the data switch between the different PDM system that supplies catenary to go up, obtain enormous economic benefits. The collect of PDM opening eye and Windchill became company of group of large military project to offer complete solution. 4, support what wholesale custom-built market competes to grow in intensity, the diversification of stimulative client demand. To satisfy the market of client demand and occupational fractionize, the enterprise must be produced custom-built change, personalized product provides corresponding service. Large-scale custom-built try organic ground combines the advantage that a mass production and custom-built production produce pattern two kinds rise, satisfying client individuation requirement while satisfy again appear on the market the requirement of fast, low cost and high quality. Large-scale custom-built the standardization through raising component, generalization mixes the PDM below modular, with as far as possible little component breed is comprised as far as possible much product breed, implementation product is bit more custom-built hind move. PDM uses completely object-oriented technology to build component information model, make every component is an independent object, between convenient component use, common; Use group technique to undertake the spare parts is classified, the generalization that is a spare parts provides reference; The use frequency of component of statistic of tool of use statistic collect, build general part, standard component warehouse, remove needless component. Large-scale custom-built the PDM below with product a group of things with common features has data government to manage core, implementation arrives from user demand product delivery is whole the information of product process is compositive with the process compositive, raise order to answer ability. In PDM with product a group of things with common features organizes unit to develop a process, face development of product a group of things with common features, to product structure build, of the choice of component, feature affirmatory and the choice of the supplier set out from the angle of series product, build model of product a group of things with common features. Model of product a group of things with common features is the current structure model of a dynamic change, among them a certain number of node and factor are not certain. It is on the foundation of the current structure of model of product a group of things with common features, define variable, parameter and configuration regulation. Configuring regulation is parameter, variable takes value and product structure variable element takes the map concern between the value. When answering client order, through choosing all sorts of configurations variable extraction is worth and time and serial number get the different configuration of same product, realize fast product to configure a design. 5, standardization, standardization is abounded of connotation of development, PDM ceaselessly as computer technology, the constant change of business demand, different software firm undertakes on foundation of PDM basic function augment is mixed differring rich, form the PDM platform of functional diversification, implementation technology diversification. In addition, PDM is carried out also is a complex systematic project, it involves a technology not only, and involve business management business, organization and action. Accordingly, for more effective implementation business information is compositive, and for PDM software service of evaluation, type selecting, solid bestow provides guidance and referenced basis, each old software firm, society, organization is active on international drive PDM to develop to the direction of standardization, standardization. L997 year in July, the organization such as organization and the IBM such as OMG, Digital Equipment Corporation, EDS, Matrix One announced standard of the first PDM jointly - PDM Enabler draft. PDM Enabler is based on CORBA technology, the logistic model of the systematic function with respect to PDM, PDM and the each other operation between many PDM systems raised a level. After this, numerous PDM software firm get on its PDM system to this standard lean. Firm of software of our country PDM is in organization of 863 technologies committee and guidance leave the country, began PDM technology actively also to reach its the research of compositive standard is discussed. The executive experience with rich basis opening eye and with the user discuss extensively, consider and put forward the axiology that a PDM carries out, methodology, use guidance and standardization software to carry out behavior, shorten executive cycle, reduce executive cost. Pass the practice that is in much home company, show its can make PDM software system rapid play benefit and promotion. CNC Milling CNC Machining