Machine tool of Jiangsu new luck (group) lathe of numerical control of complete function of limited company CK7815

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Lathe of CK7815 numerical control reachs its component industry in our country car is what have force quite is medium lathe of numerical control of high-grade inclined lathe bed. Because was used modular design, after lathe of complete function numerical control is rolled out, succeed again research and development lathe of numerical control of turning center, double main shaft, in be updated ceaselessly and be improved, used main shaft of slideway of linear, scroll, report and double-faced tool carrier to wait for a variety of function components, used the informatization technology such as three-dimensional CAD, CAE and PDM. Dependability is the important quality index of numerical control machine tool, the MTBF of lathe of CK7815 numerical control (mean time between failure) all previous that organizes in mechanical ministry and union of Chinese machinist trade all is in domestic banner level in assessment, and approach foreign level most. CNC Milling CNC Machining