Lash-up of ball guide screw repairs a method

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Content summary: Article analysis introduced the maintenance example of guide screw of ball of milling machine of vertical lathe, horizontal, through improving rigid structure, make repairs and supply replacements shows some parts, obtained facility of fast rehabilitate thread, assure to produce the favorable result of metre. Limited company of Chinese lug group (abbreviation: Lug company) it is a country " 15 " period builds one of projects 156 times mainly, the Chinese oversize machine that having nearly 60 years of histories as creates a company, facility amount numerous, type is multifarious. Drop ceaselessly as what spend coefficient newly, maintenance and equipment fittings purchase difficulty to increase ceaselessly, and the demand of production and quality rises ceaselessly. If where,spare parts " 0 inventory " below phasic requirement, adopt quickly replace effectively transforming program is the key that gains a success. Knot syncretic pulls metre of the production inside the company to ask rounds of big tall maintenance that pulls bottleneck to produce equipment works below example undertakes narrative. 1.

Of guide screw of ball of tool carrier of vertical lathe C5110A transform maintenance big rounds to procrastinate transfer 5 foreword introduced housing treatment line equipment of C5110A of two vertical lathe and line technology production, the guide screw of a ball that drives shift of vertical tool carrier when use damages, if pursue,1 is shown. This guide screw is more special, inquiry 5 400 yuan, order goods cycle is controlled 15 days. Rounds big pull daily output 200 get offline, manufacturing no time to delay, if because the reason of guide screw spare parts is caused,transfer,equipment of housing treatment line stops a line to will cause inestimable manufacturing loss entirely, resume production for fast rehabilitate equipment, pass analysis, contrast, choose procurement cycle short, the orgnaization of guide screw of cupreous nut echelon that arrives for 2 days only transforms maintenance program. After guide screw of echelon of nut of copper of appearance of pedestal of a mother arrives, the graph discovers connection dimension to not agree with, anticipate formerly with us do not deserve badly to cover. Diameter of former pedestal bottom outlet is 60mm, thrust bearing 51112, the external diameter of nut showing copper is 55mm, both cannot assemble directly, and short 30mm of its axial length. Make formerly transform plan to be overthrown, put forward new improvement the method is to enlarge bottom outlet to set set, get used to nut axial dimension to change the thrust bearing that is other standards 51111 reach locknut. Undertake mapping to guide screw pedestal first, if press treatment of 55mm of connection dimension φ directly, the pedestal that will naturally cause treatment is covered (unilateral ply has 2 only.

5mm) too thin. Considering the difficulty of spare parts intensity and spare parts machining, final make choice of sets Kong Kuo again to φ 65mm greatly set, increase unilateral wall thick to 5mm. Go up to assure guide screw at the same time, the coaxial of aperture of pedestal of Kong Yusi's mother spends next pedestal, machine first not short at guide screw length examine club, install filar mother pedestal beforehand, will examine next the club inserts guide screw to go up, next pedestal aperture (examine marvellous diameter is less than aperture of guide screw pedestal slightly 0.

02mm) , examining dial gauge sucks to be hit in filar mother pedestal on the club inside Kong Zhong, slow rotate examine club, will adjust position of the discretion of filar mother pedestal, left and right sides according to detected numerical value, measure allocate an appropriate adjustment spacer, make the coaxial of 3 pedestal is spent achieve 0.

03mm less than. To assure to assemble the dimensional position of bevel gear, before boring hole, the high dimension H that measures an aperture of center of former pedestal aperture should go up in 3 coordinate measuring instrument, reference is with this dimension when boring hole fiducial undertake machining, precision is contented (H ± 0.

05) Mm. Bevel gear can pass a group of different ply in the clearance on 90 ° direction adjust spacer to experiment. Osculatory clearance uses dozen of watch to measure, the method is secure a gear, the watch is touched on the tooth flank of mating gear, rotational mating gear numerates watch difference closes clearance cost to draft namely, indication is contented 0.

03mm less than, if pursue,2 are shown. Assembling condition to leave mobile tool carrier, feel does not have dead center of sluggish be bored with neatly, come the assembly of bevel gear of test and verify clearance condition. Through this method one-time achieved guide screw to assemble precision requirement, through undertaking detecting to the spare parts, machine quality qualification, shortened greatly equipment malfunction stops machine create the time that stays a line even. Graph 2 guide screw install sketch map 2.

Of guide screw of fore-and-aft ball of XA 6132A/3 of milling machine of all-purpose lifting platform transform maintenance big rounds to delay promotion implement housing treatment on-line is all-purpose XA6132A/3 of lifting platform milling machine. Factory of the first machine tool is in Beijing to was produced 1987 this machine tool, special when the design used the transmission of structure of ball guide screw with transmission taller precision, although can obtain taller treatment precision, but after attaint, because cannot purchase spare parts of former guide screw, can transform offspring to replace with other guide screw only. The shape structure of former ball guide screw is shown 3 times like the graph, involve 3 length measurement. Graph the XA6132 guide screw that 3 ball guide screw writtens guarantee composition of a picture chooses similar model, each paragraphs of the length structure that discovers the part such as pedestal of guide screw and nut of its medium-sized copper, nut after undertaking comparing is opposite, diameter differs completely unexpectedly. If the graph is shown 4 times,have guide screw structure. Graph after 4 common guide screw written guarantee composition of a picture is analysed through the spot, can use the maintenance method of special rule only, program is transformed to receiving those who be an organic whole after putting forward to cut off two guide screw. Be about to the front installation of guide screw of former XA6132A/3 ball stays partly, assure to assemble partial 90mm length, with substitute the section of job of echelon whorl 130mm of guide screw of spare parts XA6132 photograph connection, restore to transfer athletic function thereby. When be cut off actually to XA6132 guide screw need stays appropriately a few longer, at the same time diameter of butt joint mouth presses 20mm to machine, assure with axial center line homocentric spend ≤ 0.

05mm, butt joint from time to tome 0.

The interference of 02mm, made fixed position is reliable. The structural effect after the butt joint is shown 4 times like the graph. Outer lane undertakes soldering cooling corrective, measure finally whole the radial and jumpy ≤ that builds a replacement 0.

05mm. When assembly, be cupreous nut pedestal on lathe bed install beforehand, do to examine for nominal dimension with pedestal aperture club, will examine the club inserts aperture inside, next suction dial gauge rotates the opposite deviation that measures aperture of bearing of fixed position of guide screw Zun Duan, will adjust the position of pedestal of make repairs and supply replacements according to the numerical value that reach, made satisfaction 0.

03mm. Load filar mother pedestal to cover Kong Zhonggu to had been decided next, assemble guide screw, bearing and gear wheel all ready hind, the hand is moved undertake locomotive experimenting, when feel does not have dead center of sluggish be bored with, deserve to hit two fixed position to sell finally fixed, if pursue,5 are shown. Actual test-drive equipment moves smooth, the spare parts machines quality qualification, satisfy crop and craft requirement completely. Graph graph of butt joint of 5 guide screw is passed above two practice that maintain example explain, in the actual maintenance work of equipment system, bottleneck equipment can suffer be confined to to spare parts anything but, differ, do not lean, active enlarge wide train of thought is begun improve the work, ability achieves the goal that assures produce metre and treatment quality. Bibliographical reference: [1] Cheng Daxian.

Mechanical design manual [M] .

4 edition.

Beijing: Chemical industry press, 2002.

Author of limited company of Chinese lug group: Li Di poors CNC Milling CNC Machining