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Inject machine + the very close to each other of the robot cooperates

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Normal > is in plastic treatment industry, exhibit meeting site greatly in each especially, "Inject machine robot " had become the commonnest combination form, no matter be for the automation of treatment, or to show systematic conformity ability. On the K 2013 that begins Yudusaierduofu namely, the machine that note model and robot will show cooperation of its very close to each other adequately. Normal >Plastics Processing Units Involving Both The Injection Molding Machines And Robot Arms Frequently Appear In Different Exhibitions.

The Combo, whether For Improving Automation Of The Machine Or Demonstrating The Integration Ability Of The Supplier, will Be In Abundance At K 2013.

Head hair: The case of A Bo of 6 axes manipulator on axis of pensile and online sex (the date that exhibit a stage: 13A13) roll out the whole world to be tasted newly jointly with partner Fpt Robotik -- Agilus6 axis manipulator. This manipulator blocks a company to manufacture by the library, deserve to Selogica carries out operation interface. This manipulator is in by suspension transverse on the linear axis that installs at the machine. The union of 6 axes manipulator and linear axis realized dynamic shift, can more apace enters Injection Mold Tooling. Can shorten from this cycle time improves manufacturing efficiency. The another advantage of solution of this kind of shift application was to add working space, because cabinet manipulator can be on the axis,move back and forth, the floor space of such its lower part is being used on won't get any limitation. Accordingly, agilus manipulator but around note model production finishs sundry job. From the point of dimension and productivity, this manipulator has 6 kilograms to reach 10 kilograms bear the weight of force, satisfy the requirement of plastic treatment faultlessly, offerred the operation program of economic material benefit. "Our target wants to bring shock sex to pound for global person of the same trade namely. We also made more effort in this respect this year. " executive partner of firm of A rich pattern alsoes look after Michael Hehl of manage layer spokesman to emphasize saying. New those who roll out is Aboge the automata solution that uses on equipment of Allrounder 470 S of double group share, still can reveal data of bubble setting out through it compound note model (PVSG) further progress trend. This craft is developed jointly by Ruch Novaplast, Krallmann and company of A rich pattern, although time is still short, it is light-duty structure open however brand-new good luck. On this facility that enters K to exhibit, the first situation that has is will plastic hub notes model to arrive on already built-in epispastic material tire. In will with note model after move arrives in another mould, undertake to tire with TPE model covers noting. 6 axes manipulator can be finished from put epispastic tire to arrive to convey to the equipment that pack finished product all operation task; Be opposite in lieutenant general of follow-up working procedure finished product bag undertakes pressworking. The 3 constituent drop that one footwork production brings filter is noted implement exhibit meeting visiting personnel to still can expect to visit Engeer (Engel, extend stage date: 15B42 and 15C58) the whole world of medical treatment industry exhibits first -- compositive the blood transfusion drop that has filter is noted implement the ENGEL E-victory 310H/80W/50V 160 Combi that using Ecodrive and clean room design 3 constituent fix the production on model machine. Every antrum injects ABS and TPE constituent, in join through overlaping with polypropylene moulding is secured filter. This kind all-time tall compositive degree of much constituent that rose to take insert considerably is hollow the production efficiency of the product, can make the production technology of medical engineering industry produces revolutionary change not only, and also can make the production of car oil purifier produces tremendous change. Traditional method is component of two hollow main body notes model to make alone, install insert in the working procedure later again, undertake agglutinate. F 270 CUBE of machine of completely dynamoelectric cubic model. All motion that a crucial precondition that implements this one compositive technology is mould of index plate type use servo dynamoelectric drive technology; This is helpful for synchro control many independence move. Mould partner is the Hack Formenbau company of German Kirchheim. The parallelism of accurate pattern plate that noting the setting on model machine without pull rod can protect a mould to the greastest extent. In ascendant process of force combining a model, pattern plate parallelism matchs automatically with mould parallelism. As a result of the stress that Flexlink system adds patent beforehand, and the action propping up of solid C form frame, although be in,the mould also can assure pattern plate parallelism below very serious case. In producing unit, return compositive manipulator of much axis of an ENGEL Easix and one has system of overall quality pilot. Finishing after noting model, direct examination drop is noted implement sealing. Series of F of Nextpage module type shows company of cubic technology Ferromatik Milacron (the date that exhibit a stage: 15C06) the norms of series of module type F uprights between 500 - 6500 KN, inspect the production requirement of the user, can configure help sb to fulfill his wishes dynamoelectric, hydraulic pressure or oily report mix a machine. Robot of series of IR 300 -IR has extremely tall flexibility, and but complete conformity controls a system into MC6 in. Ferromatik Milacron company is exhibited on exhibiting F set machine includes machine of cubic model of a completely dynamoelectric 2700 KN, namely F 270 CUBE. Chief inspector of research and development Dr. Thorsten Thmen says: "Put the market on to reveal us to be in machine of the first completely dynamoelectric cubic model muti_function fold a layer to rotate the leadership position of technical domain, in the past we are developing this technology all the time in 15 years. " the pull rod span that the machine has wide 750 X 750 Mm. Stock distributes inside the machine dynamoelectric turning mechanism and mould of cube of all sides of a pair of 8 8, two device are made by German Foboha company. This machine configures norms of a dynamoelectric General Performance (GPe) of 50 advocate the unit that note model and a dynamoelectric GPe 45 are transverse the unit that note model (installation is combining modular unit upper part move pattern plate to go up) . The accrete on every cent of cubic mould face produces 8 pairs of parts (the top that whorl of an accurate double constituent builds and bottom) . Cubic mould rotates 90 hind, whorl uses two parts automatically to be secured together in machine operator a side and blame operator a side, later by Trio-technik (Germany) the Air-Move-System system that the company makes is taken out. Kelaosimafei is easy used manipulator overcomes Laosimafei (KraussMaffei, extend stage date: 15C24) the agile automation platform that shows the emphasis simple manipulator process designing and OK and fast installation. Core technology includes to take the linear unit that puts a circumstance simply, and the faces an user complex production that deploy manipulator or sets manipulator is unit. MC6 control system is the distinctive product on the market, with manipulator Control Panel (hold pensile work station) also can be note model machine process designing and drive records model machine. This one special advantage of MC6 is to pass the user interface manipulator compositive control the implementation in the system to manipulator. From each control ark can is opposite machine and manipulator have process designing and operation. This kind of characteristic that can undertake controlling operating in many places went to the lavatory to operate personnel to be in the job on complex large-scale production unit, need to operate a person to ambulate round the machine together no longer. Machine of MicroPower double color. To Kelaosimafei the company uses MC6 to control linear manipulator of the system, besides the tool of process designing leaving a line via actual test and verify, still have " WizardX " , (assistant of a kind of new-style and online process designing) . KraussMaffei company sells explanation of Frank Peters of assistant inspector general to say: "If this passes simply,the process designing job of manipulator is done not have. Function of intuitionistic operation personnel navigation can help an user effectively in process designing process, simple, fast, require 4 steps only. " main program can be established below the graphical interface help in structural clarity, still can be below the circumstance that does not have any process designing knowledge learn inside cutty time. Establish code of the process designing that do not have a fault for manipulator first, the occasion can be used according to answering accordingly later simple one by one undertakes modulatory. Of LRX series new-style hold construction of overhead suspension work station compact, have admirable property. Function of Cheng of its ripsnorter mechanic and small amount design went to the lavatory to handle the work of personnel. Double lubricious small injection, " the lab on chip " demonstrate to be exhibited in K 2013 on the meeting, power fierce Badufeier (Wittmann Battenfeld, extend stage date: 16D22) the application that will demonstrate domain of medical treatment technology with two MicroPower 15/10, will demonstrate to be used at blood to analyse in the combination below clean room environment " the lab on chip " make. In mould of a two antrum, the first machine produces two carrier part above all, in move after going out, use W8VS2 Scara robot to be opposite above all make undertake online take a picture detect, be in subsequently change trains room will be both assemble. Servo is dynamoelectric and linear the axis makes those who finish send the 2nd machine, manipulator of another W8VS2 Scara will be made in putting another pattern, make jackknife moulding is finished with TPE in this mould. Finally, hand of W8VS2 Scara machine will be final " the lab on chip " in the clean room environment that be taken out automatically and sets machine interior. Pass this one application, power the flexibility that fierce Badufeier showed MicroPower again, and the reappearance of the extremely tall precision that is used at making small appearance and height. Products plan and mould technology are finished by British Microsystems company. Microsystems is to develop medical treatment, optics and fluid to use miniature inject to shape a global market leader that reachs its to machine. CNC Milling CNC Machining