The tall smooth Injection Mold Tooling that do not have mark is designed

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One, the principle that notes model high without mark solely 1, the mould shapes to ask to temperature taller (it is 80 ℃ commonly - 130 ℃ control) , noting model to turn to protect after pressing, convert cooling water, make mould thermal drop comes 60-70 ℃ . Next higher standard is lukewarm protecting pressure shape be helpful for eliminating the flaw such as internal stress of frit wiring, flow mark, product. Because this mould needs to undertake heating handling when the job, to avoid loss of quantity of heat, can be in normally fixed die side increases thermal insulation board. 2, modular antrum surface is exceeding and shining (it is lens face commonly 2 class or taller) . The product that production of tall smooth mould gives can be used at outfit machine directly (assemble) , need not do any finishing. Its demand to mould rolled steel and plastic material is very accordingly high. 3, the hot nozzle of system of hot flow path is more, every hot nozzle must take an injection and the spirit way that has independence, wait through electromagnetism a powerful person and time relay have alone control, implementation time-sharing enters glue, achieve control to eliminate the goal of frit lapping defect even thereby, control pattern is mixed. 4, the means that the mould heats has vapor normally (hot water) heat and electric heat club (canal) heat two kinds. Vapor (hot water) heat means is to pass specific lukewarm accuse machine steam is inputted to the mould in the process that note model (hot water) , make the mould warms up quickly thereby; uses pattern of cold water refrigeration after noting model to be over, make the mould drops in temperature quickly. The means that report heats and water heat lukewarm accuse machine, be same on the principle, it is heat source different, report heats is the sources of energy 2, water heats is the sources of energy 3, by report heats for the principle loss of the sources of energy is little, utilization rate is tall, energy-saving benefit is good. Use convenient, say so: If be flat (face) the product still uses report to heat means is true intelligent. 2, the mould material of average demand can use face of mould material 1, product NK80(Japan Great Harmony) ;2, Gao Guang asks material chooses S136H(Sweden) , CEANA1(Japan) ;3, NK80 can need not quench processing;S136H should be after rough machining quench have to itself of 52 degrees of;CEANA1, because influence follow-up is machined or do not alter) Geli of;4, Germany also has pretty good choice;CPM40/GEST80 in at present brand 3, mould aqueduct is designed 1, the tooth that the mouth of water of bore diameter; that aqueduct uses 5-6mm measurement uses 1/8 or 3/8 (mould side) , another side uses 3/4 imperial whorl (vintage receive a standard) material of; pipe fitting is in charge of; with stainless steel we change to enter now, billabong mouth had better be to do inside the mould, interface is used can diameter is received with ** of horn of DN25(inside and outside) join, such heat energy loss are little, ** interface is convenient, convenient. 2, aqueduct a side chooses 5-6mm; to choose commonly from product range big influential to mould heating up time, choose small influential to the intensity of the mould. Range of aqueduct parallel product must want average divide evenly to discharge cloth (equidistance of hypostasis center 15mm distributings) thermocouple should be designed it is among two aqueduct, deepness is in 50mm above, the biggest do not exceed past 100mm, inspect a mould to decide a structure and master neatly. Every mould PT100 is to match of one, maintain its accuracy, must insert it to mould antrum inside modular benevolence, try to secure. Connect the side outside the mould with down-lead, receive repeatedly again lukewarm accuse machine electrical outlet to go up. 3, mould aqueduct connect must be designed on the mould underside is carried or hind side carries; to handle side (station person a side) not imports and exports of aqueduct of be patient of or conduit platoon cloth, avoid pipe rupture soup to hinder manufacturing staff. Be sure to keep in mind! 4, place of mouth of water of mould pass in and out uses billabong board design, hydro-thermal mould is lukewarm accuse engine system to enter a port only, in order to had reduced much hose connection, reduce the loss; with needless heat energy and achieve ** and energy-saving goal. And moire canal appearance is twined with adiabatic adhesive plaster, have the effect of heat preservation and ** . 5, the construction hole of the mould (the hole) that does not want, want to use a head to jam, ensure not flat and slack, the method is to use copper to block up first, next tooth of reoccupy taper larynx is added high temperature resistant the platoon cloth that sealed; Gao Guangmo provides glue to to cooling water is more exquisite (hydro-thermal mould aqueduct is common) , good aqueduct discharges cloth to be able to improve the efficiency that note model greatly not only, and in improvement product quality respect also has main effect. The aqueduct of tall smooth mould wants not only even and must want sufficient (should have enough quantitative) . Warm up to the mould so very fast; at the same time, use lengthen conduit to carry modular core directly water is derivative and do not use sealing ring, can prevent a mould to work for a long time below high temperature so, cause sealing ring ageing, also can reduce the maintenance cost of a lot of moulds. Of the value what carry is, the carry conduit of tall smooth mould must be used high temperature resistant material (250 ℃ ) moire canal. High pressure 1.

The ripple of 6Mpa is in charge of, in order to prevent blowout of the conduit below high temperature high pressure. Use; of annular carry water to use water route of simultaneous use water to strip form product to circle product. Old to high fall product uses well form; to use the means of three-dimensional carry water that comes with product exterior to abnormity product. 4, system of mould heat insolation 1, the mould is fixed die set core or movable mould sets core all sides to want to accomplish draw out casing of model of empty processing; and the clearance with set core to want to have certain (the hot coefficient of expansion that inspects mould data, bosseyed 1mm) . Prevent modular casing to expand, in order to reduce modular core the interface at modular casing, accomplish make heat energy loss the smallest the lock that changes; model core and modular casing uses inclined contract pattern or other surely similar pattern, front uses the dust colophony with adiabatic apparent effect or other data (be like asbestine board) . 2, modular casing and the detailed structure that set core, the cooling water of modular casing is very important, to prevent modular benevolence medium heat energy is passed to modular casing, want to standing by guide pillar position, discharge water of cloth circuit carry up and down. ? ? 3, position of guide-post bushing movement uses graphite material to perhaps avoid guide pillar front as far as possible empty processing, cooperate to be in should make sure 25mm length is enough only; 5, design of runner of mould of mould runner design should reduce frit lapping defect as far as possible, be helpful for exhaust reaching decrease cut. Lukewarm to using water to heat charge the pattern of machine, runner dimension should leave a few more greatly and use big runner to enter glue as far as possible, affecting product function to reach shape below efficiency, runner should shorten as far as possible its length, deepness, width. If runner is too small, cause easily fill up insufficient (short shoot) , systole caves, the apparent blemish such as frit wiring, and shape contractive meeting increases. If runner is too big, good leftover stress has arisen all round runner, bring about produce a mouth to be out of shape or burst, and the purify treatment difficulty of runner. Had better choose a runner, unless comparing of going from place to place exceeds actual limit. Graph of resinous flow length, will offer what decide in some to shape the length of going from place to place of the material below the condition. Many runner often produce frit wiring and frit lapping defect. Besides long, narrow product, use odd runner to will ensure more consistent material, temperature, protect pressure distributing, so that better assorted effect. 6, mould exhaust; as far as possible in be apart 10mm is a paragraph all round the product, distributing equably air discharge duct, deepness is 0.

The face is stuck to also need exhaust to design; among 15mm; product 7, the temperature discretion that because Gao Guangmo is provided,the cent of the mould face cooperates; has very big drop, stick a face to cooperate a requirement so taller, want to reduce the area that sticks a face at the same time, cent face all around 10mm cooperates enough. 8, heat club (canal) Gao Guangmo provides a design 1, in runner place fluctuation side wants to have electric heat club (tubal) , cooling water aperture is 6mm(commonly can big better) two Shui Kongzhong hearts are apart from; to heat for 15-20mm; marvellous wall leaves product surface distance to be 5mm, two heat the central distance between the club is 20mm; cooling water at heating marvellous wall space is 6-8mm, conditional word had better alternate with electric heat club a cloth. 2, inside water of modular antrum carry can be used high temperature resistant sealing ring is sealed perhaps use;3 of hard sealed way, heat marvellous diameter is 4.

92mm, 5mm is when the mould is designed, assemble heat the thimble that 5mm uses first before the club grinds point heat marvellous burr take out. 4, mouth place uses water of mould pass in and out to heat with water vapour the billabong like the mould board design (cooling water) , because electric heat mould controls a system,enter canalage pipeline only. 9, glad that to the requirement of the product Gao Guangmo has pair of product structures the requirement is very strict, more shining product is right smooth refractive effect is more sensitive, the surface has blemish to be able to be discovered very quickly a bit, because how this solves shrink problem,be the first issue of expensive smooth product. General product muscle ply does not exceed main body glue 0 of ply.

6mm times not shrink, perhaps say shrink is lesser and not easy by discovery, can ignor. But to expensive smooth product character, such demand is far insufficient, still need product muscle ply is reduced do not exceed main body glue 1 times of ply, to screw column still must make structure of crater type inclined top. 10, Gao Guangmo is current to the choice of plastic material commonly used expensive smooth plastic stuff is HIPS and ABS+PC. Regard two kinds of commonly used housing as material, although the annals of ABS+PC is met originally a few bigger, but shape it is good that the product that give compares HIPS in glossiness of impact resistance, surface and hardness respect, when producing expensive smooth product so, what choose normally is material of Gao Guang ABS. ABS belongs to amorphous polymer, without obvious melting point. Because its brand grade is various, the craft parameter with the different appropriate formulate of grade should be pressed in noting plastic procedure, be in commonly 160 ℃ above, 270 ℃ can shape below. In shape process thermal stability of medium, ABS is good, optional range is bigger, appear not easily degradation or decompose. And the fuse-element viscosity moderate of ABS, its fluidity is compared get together this Xi (PC) , polycarbonate be close friends, and the cooling solidify rate of fuse-element is rapidder than caw, it is commonly inside 5-15 second can Leng Gu. The fluidity of ABS and inject temperature and inject pressure are relative, inject among them pressure is a bit some subtler. For this, in shape the likelihood in the process from inject pressure proceed with, in order to reduce its fuse-element viscosity, improve performance full a pattern. ABS because of constituent different, bibulous the function that reachs conglutinate water each different, water of its surface conglutinate and bibulous rate are in 0.


5% , can amount to sometimes 0.


8% between, to get relatively good product, dry processing is made before shape, make water content falls to 0.

1% the following. Make a surface will appear otherwise the flaw such as bleb, silver-colored silk thread is tasted. Can constant plastic material needs 1% metals pink to improve Gao Guang result. 11, the polish of the mould and maintain the exterior polish that asks in the polish that says in plastic mould treatment and other industry has very big different, strictly speaking: The polish of the mould should call lens face treatment. It has very high demand to polishing itself not only and flatness, smooth to the surface degree and geometrical accuracy also has very high level. The surface that exterior polish asks to obtain brightness only commonly can. The standard cent that lens face machines is 4 class: AO=Ra0.

008um, a1=Ra0.

016um, a3=Ra0.

032um, a4=Ra0.

063um, because electroanalysis,the method such as polishing, fluid polish controls the geometrical precision of the spare parts accurately very hard, and chemical polish, ultrasonic polish, magnetism is abrade polishing when exterior quality of the method short of requirement, so the lens face of exact pattern is machined or give priority to with mechanical polish. 1, mechanical polish is basic program, want to achieve the polishing result of high quality, the most important is the oilstone that should have high quality, sand paper and abrade cream etc polishing tool and auxiliary article. The most important work environment that still has polishing, the requirement is the workshop that do not have dirt. And the choice of polishing program depends on the exterior state that early days machines, if machining, electric spark is machined, grind treatment to wait a moment. 2, the common procedure of mechanical polish is as follows: One, thick cast, it is mill of essence of life, electric spark, OK to wear the face after waiting for craft the whirl of choice rotate speed in 35000-40000rpm exterior polisher or ultrasonic muller undertake polishing. Commonly used method has the electric spark of wheel purify white that uses diametical 3mm, WA#400 layer. It is manual oilstone next abrade, oil of strip oilstone coal serves as lubricant or refrigerant. Average use order is #180-#240-#400-#600-#1000. A lot of die manufacturer choose for spare time to begin from #400. 3, half essence casts main use sand paper and kerosene. The name number of sand paper is ordinal for: #400-#600-#800-#1000-#1200-#1500. Actually #1500 sand paper is used only comfortable provide steel at die of temper by dipping in water (52HRC above) , and do not apply to beforehand hard steel, because may be brought about so beforehand hard steel exterior burn. 4, essence of life is cast basically make diamond abrade cream. If normally abrade order is 9um(#1800)-6um(#3000)-um(8000) . The diamond of 9um is abrade the hair shape that creams with polishing cloth annulus can use purify #1200 and #1500 size sand paper to stay grinds mark. Use then stick felt and diamond abrade cream undertake polishing, it is 1um(#14000)-1/2um(60000)-1/4um(#100000) orderly. Precision asks to be in 1um above (the polishing technology that incorporates date 1um) is in the polish of the mould criterion must an absolutely and clean space. Dirt, aerosol, dander and buccal foam discard as useless likely the face of high accuracy polish that after several hours work, gets. 2, 1, the issue that the attention wants in mechanical polish, should notice the following;1 with sand paper polish, need to use soft wood with sand paper polish club or bamboo club. In polishing circle face or spherical when, use cork club but better cooperate round face and spherical radian. And harder batten resembles cherry wood, criterion more the polish that applies to level off surface. The extreme that repairs batten makes its can with steel exterior figure maintains be identical, the acute angle that can avoid batten so contacts steel the surface and cause deeper nick. 2, when should trading the sand paper that uses different type, polishing direction meet an emergency changes 45 ° - 90 ° , the stripe shadow that leaves after polish of sand paper of before one kind of model can divide separate out to come. Before trading different type sand paper, the clean fluid that must touch alcohol and so on with 100% pure cotton undertakes be wipinged carefully to polishing surface, because a very small grit stays in the surface,can destroy accept the whole polish job that go down. Change diamond from sand paper polish abrade cream when polishing, it is likewise important that this Qing Dynasty fights a process. Before polishing proceed, all grain and kerosene must be cleaned completely clean. 3, to avoid abrade and burn workpiece appearance, when undertaking polishing with #1200 and #1500 sand paper must special caution. A small room is be necessary to load a light load and use law of two paces polish to undertake polishing to the surface. Direction should differ to undertake double-dealing along two when the sand paper that uses model of avery kind of undertakes polishing second polish, double-dealing turn every time between direction 45 ° - 90 ° . 3, abrade polish should notice diamond this kind of below hair a few;1, polish must be as far as possible below lighter pressure undertake especially polishing beforehand hard steel and fine abrade cream when polishing. Using #8000 abrade when creaming, commonly used load is 100-200g/cm² , but the precision that should carry this load is accomplished very hard. To accomplish this more easily, one can be done on batten thin and narrow handle, add; of one sheet copper to perhaps be in for instance bamboo go up one part and make its softer. Can help control polish pressure so, in order to ensure mould surface pressure won't be exorbitant. 2, should use diamond when abrade polish, it is working surface not only the requirement is clean, the both hands of worker also must be cleaned carefully clean. 3, every time polishing time should not grow too, time is shorter, the effect is better. If polishing process has undertaken,long meeting causes bit of corrode. 4, the polishing effect to acquire high quality, the polishing method that gives out heat easily and tool should avoid. For instance polish of; rag wheel, the quantity of heat that rag wheel produces can cause orange skin very easily. 5, when polishing process stops, make sure workpiece surface is clean with careful purify all abrasive are mixed lubricant is very important, should drench in exterior gush subsequently a mould is antirust coating. 4, the factor that affects mould polish quality still basically relies on to be finished artificially as a result of mechanical polish, so polishing technology still affects the main reason of polishing quality at present. Besides, still wait with craft of the exterior state before mould material, polish, heat treatment about. High grade rolled steel is the premise condition that obtains good polish quality, if hardness of rolled steel surface not all or there is difference on character, often can produce polishing difficulty. The sort in rolled steel is sundry and amiable Kong Dou goes against polishing. One, the different hardness influence to polishing craft 2, hardness heighten makes abrade difficulty increases, but the surface roughness after polishing is reduced. As a result of the heighten of hardness, the polishing time that should achieve inferior surface roughness place to need grows accordingly. At the same time hardness heighten, polishing exceeding possibility decreases. 3, workpiece surface state is to the influence rolled steel of polishing craft in the broken process of cutting machining, the surface can damage because of quantity of heat, internal stress or other element, undeserved meeting affects cutting parameter polishing effect, so the requirement uses precision work of high speed CNC, control of treatment cutting capacity is in 0.



The surface after the surface after JN electric spark is machined compares common machining or heat treatment is more difficult abrade, use energy plan to allow electric spark nap because of before this electric spark machines an end, answering, otherwise the surface can form sclerosis broading layer. If electric spark essence writes plan accurate option undeserved, the deepness of hot influence layer can be amounted to most 0.

4mm. The hardness of sclerotic layer is taller than basic hardness, must purify. Because this had better increase a kibble treatment, thoroughly cleared attaint expresses facing, make an average and coarse metal range, for polishing treatment provides a good basis. 12, Gao Guangmo provides maintain 1, the antirust that mould workpiece surface must have advanced class at ordinary times or with last film is sealed stick, in order to avoid as direct as air contact, bring about rusty;2, prevent any sundry or the hand is direct with model antrum surface contact;3, clean lens face job, the agent is cleaned on the paper towel spray that should use high density by on to fall to be swabbed gently, and cannot swab; back and forth not usable and medical absorbent cotton and list; cannot use ** to be blown on workpiece directly, because tracheal inside sundry hydrosphere can guide to the job the surface damages. 4, every time the mould is unripe postpartum or after trying a model, must use ** the aspiration inside mould aqueduct, prevent a mould modular benevolence is rusty, CNC Milling CNC Machining