The car presses the innovation of leather belt annulus to develop development with Leng Xuan of high accuracy of air conditioning compressor

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The article elaborated construction of system of car air conditioning and design casing; Air conditioning skin the requirement of belt annulus; The characteristic that much wedge brings; Main structure characteristic; More comprehensive on this foundation ground introduced to come back the craft characteristic that presses leather belt annulus and working principle, crucial technology and main innovation dot, looked into air conditioning of leather belt annulus will develop way henceforth. This Article Outlines The Structure And Design Framework Of An Automotive Air-conditioning System, the Requirements Of Air-conditioner Belt Pulleys, the Characteristics And Key Structural Features Of Ribbed Belts.

Based On This, this Article Gives A Comprehensive Introduction To The Technical Features And Working Principles Of Spinning Pulleys, as Well As Its Critical Technology And Key Innovation Points.

In Addition, it Forecasts The Future Development Of Air Conditioner Belt Pulleys.

Graph photograph of leather belt annulus compares the cast that air conditioning of appearance of assembly of system of 1 car air conditioning uses leather belt annulus to be the same as a tradition, have weight light (but 30-50% of managing raw material) , balance function good, precision tall, cost is low advantage, be a kind energy-saving (because weight light roll is inertial quadrature little waste time can be small in machine and be being used) the new product that the section expects, air conditioning uses leather belt annulus to be able to be used at car air conditioning to wait. This kind of leather belt annulus expanded cold working leather belt annulus applied domain, improved the use precision of equipment of machinery of of all kinds application and service life further. Construction of system of car air conditioning and system of air conditioning of design casing car are main system of structural car air conditioning by compressor, electronic-controlled desiccator of fluid of clutch, condenser, lay aside, expand a powerful person, evaporator, conduit, fan, come back press leather belt annulus and control system composition. Come back pressing leather belt annulus is the key that transfers car power to compressor, compressor the implementation of all sorts of requirements and come back the good performance that controls leather belt annulus is improved ceaselessly inseparable. Its join the structure is as follows: If pursue,2 are shown. Leather belt of air conditioning compressor annulus with driving pulley and dynamo leather belt annulus is in same and fore-and-aft plane to go up, 3 leather belt annulus show a triangle to arrange, 3 leather belt annulus take packet of wind by much wedge, take in much wedge one outside side sets leather belt Zhang Jin annulus; Take in much wedge another outside side sets leather belt idler. Design casing (function technology parameter) graph because its characteristic decided,air conditioning of graph of effect of application of system of 2 air conditioning uses leather belt annulus with other and general leather belt annulus have different demand, its function and bulk got restrict, present design casing. Slot pitch is 3.

56 ± 0.

05mm; Groovy horn 40 ° ± 0.

5 ° ; Surface roughness of the surface before plating Ra ≦ 1.

6 μ M; Static balancing ≦ 5g? Mm; Each chamfer is effective ± of diametical public errand 0.

15mm; Annulus groovy radial is round jumpy ≦ 0.

22; Annulus groovy axial circle is jumpy ≦ 0.

22; Radial of the axial between two class is jumpy error ≦ 0.

30mm; Grow 125mm of × of 125mm of × of 200mm of scope of broad expensive measure. The requirement car air conditioning of belt annulus and building air conditioning, family uses skin of car air conditioning photograph of air conditioning, stationary air conditioning is compared, raised a few special requirements to the function of compressor and structure, main body is the following now respect: (1) should have good low speed performance, leather belt of air conditioning compressor annulus match with driving pulley proper. (2) the power input when travel of car high speed is low, save oily cost not only, and the power that can reduce engine to be used at air conditioning respect is used up. (3) compressor wants small-sized light quantify, space of so OK and economic car (control is inside 200mm of × of 125mm × 125mm) , installation position is convenient, and of economic data and fuel use up. (4) the test that wants to be able to experience abominable moving condition, have high dependability and wear. In idle fast when, requirement compressor can bear high temperature and high pressure and finite overload. Also ask compressor has good aseismatic performance at the same time, reduce the leak of refrigeration agent to lowermost rate. Graph 3 air conditioning are used come back press leather belt annulus (5) do not produce adverse effect to the car. Requirement compressor movement is smooth, vibration is little, noise is low, open the influence that stops pair of engine rotate speed small, the moment of force that start is small. The characteristic much wedge that much wedge takes is taken mix by line of fiber carrying a layer on the head, tension 3 parts comprise rock-bottom balata. Fiber carrying a layer on the head is become by canvas and balata agglutinate, its action is protection tensional line, lateral seat supports, bear the attrition of Zhang Jin annulus; Tensional line gets together by synthesis fat fiber is made, its action is the main pulling force that assumes much wedge belt; Rock-bottom balata by transverse the sizing material that constitutes with radial fiber is formed, action is to transfer attrition power, bear transverse pressure. The structure that much wedge takes and material form a characteristic to make its have ply low, drive compares thin, percentage elongation tall, wear-resisting, life grows big, belt speed, movement is smooth, oscillatory the characteristic with small, low noise and special appropriate at air conditioning the application of leather belt annulus. Main structure characteristic and working principle air conditioning use leather belt annulus to basically chamfer of form of aperture of hub predestined relationship, spoke, hub, axis, waist waits for composition. Its are main structural characteristic is hub of form of symmetrical type dish, those who be helpful for press coming back come back press treatment. Nextpage air conditioning uses principle of job of leather belt annulus is: Use its to be made with thin stencil steel, mechanical intensity figure of tall, face is smooth, make its are when the contact of leather belt coefficient of friction is tall, can produce mighty attrition power, those who add leather belt annulus to go up tighten force beforehand, and seasonable, all ground transfers the power car engine air conditioning compressor, make compressor (maintain linear velocity to agree with engine) rotate, generation refrigeration. Leather belt annulus comes back to press and be become with the mould, the width that assures round of chamfer thereby and center are apart from consistent, when making run smooth, noise is low. When the job leather belt annulus can bear to contact pressure tremendously, acuteness attrition and constant working temperature, have the stronger capacity that gets used to working environment. When the job leather belt annulus can bear to contact pressure tremendously, acuteness attrition and constant working temperature, have the stronger capacity that gets used to working environment. Come back the craft characteristic that presses leather belt annulus comes back pressing figuration craft is one kind makes successive and local plasticity accumulates semifinished product become turn together hollowly advanced figuration technique. Come back pressing figuration craft is to pass spinning roller (or roll bar) wait for a tool to do feed exercise, on the board base that pressurization rotates along same axes at following core pattern or tubal base, make its produce figuration of successive and local plasticity, become place to want hollow turn advanced figuration method. It forgings integratedly, extruding, pull make friends of deep, annulus, horizontal make friends and roller to press wait for craft characteristic, also be one kind applies to much breed of production little, machine craft without cutting. Coming back in controlling a process, spinning roller and semifinished product chase point contact, have save labour, energy-saving, make a dimension precision quality of tall, surface good, overall material utilization factor cost of tall, production range of low, product is wide wait for a characteristic, had been in the domain such as hardware of electric equipment of mechanical, petro-chemical, electron, daily expense, food, war industry and aerospace received wide application. 1, cut board 2, fall expect 3, come back press Ⅰ 4, come back press Ⅱ 5, punching 6, car A face 7, car B face 8, electrophoresis (black) pursue 4 air conditioning are used come back press leather belt annulus to machine technological process air conditioning. Come back the good point that approachs belt annulus and casting iron sheet to take round of photograph to compare is to use come back press craft to be made, without the treatment that cut bits, structure material of light, province, moment of inertia is consequently small, it is makings of a kind of section, energy-saving new product. Manufacturing efficiency is tall, balance performance is good, need not balance processing commonly. Because material streamline is not cut off, exterior production is cold make sclerosis, constituent density rises, make the intensity of round of groove surface and hardness rise, and dimension precision is tall, v-belt and annulus slippery difference of groove is little, leather belt life is long. Have an appearance beautiful, speed degree of fast, automation tall, operation is simple quality of convenient, product is good, managing specific power consumption, noise is low characteristic. Crucial technology and main innovation nod crucial technology is press coming back to transform, come back the design that presses craft. The main innovation dot of this product has the following at 4 o'clock: One of innovation dots: Craft innovation uses board leather belt annulus is caused by casting model instead in appropriative clamping apparatus of tool of the classics on bed of press of leather belt annulus coming back, tool set coming back is provided, make armor plate semifinished product arises to arrive by the dot predestined relationship of the line, hub that be out of shape to the plasticity of the face by the line and makes voidance call leather belt annulus, spoke, hub (come back namely pressure shape) . Innovation nods: Innovation was designed come back press hub of leather belt annulus to make belt annulus in Chinese past pressing plate coming back, the form Chengdu of hub is to use face of steel bar positive and negative to solder to go up in spoke. Pressing plate coming back makes belt annulus hub solder can produce internal stress, belt annulus can be out of shape, affect the spoke of belt annulus, flange precision. Meeting burn thin plate is returned when soldering, reduce annulus intensity, serious when can cause spoke to rupture even. Our innovation was designed come back press new structure of hub of leather belt annulus, discharged solder hub or drawing hub working procedure, raised the intensity of leather belt annulus, stiffness, strengthened bear the weight of force, decreased to machine working procedure not only, managing mould charge. Innovation nods: Innovation design comes back control construction of leather belt annulus, because target of implementation temperature control uses taller than cast data strength thin board, capacity of chamfer of form of hub outer shroud (between hub and hub predestined relationship space) than cast-iron cutting figuration size of leather belt annulus is large, so that place is called for nothing at be in there is a space to be able to install controller of air conditioning temperature inside leather belt annulus, be helpful for the control of pair of car temperature. Innovation nods: Managing material amounts to 70% above board the casting iron sheet that makes air conditioning use leather belt annulus and convention takes round of photograph to compare, because material organized close together tensile strength to rise one times much (for example with HT20-40, σ B=16-32kg/mm2; Q235A, σ B=38-44kg/mm2 is exemple) , via calculating but managing raw material 70% above, came true to be in mechanical product already managing raw material improves product quality again, reduce product weight to be able to prolong service life again already, the production cost that reduces a product and the sources of energy are used up can reduce the goal with treatment inconceivable man-hour again (be people attention all the time) . Air conditioning uses product of project of leather belt annulus to be in digest absorb abroad advanced come back press technical base to go up, use integral sheet metal puissant Leng Xuan presses craft, the product has treatment precision is tall, dynamic balancing performance is good, without solder, the characteristic such as managing material, treatment craft has innovation sex. The development of this project is in get product positive result while, also got equipment transforms gain coming back pressing, the structure designs reasonable, conception clever the outfit clip that realized air conditioning to use leather belt annulus comes back twice the craft demand that control. Machine program simplified after this equipment is transformed, reduced labor intensity of the worker, raised utilization rate of equipment and installations, enlarged the choice limits of mould material, equipment uses a sex on the safe side, the operation is convenient, it is at the same time multilayer cleavage annulus, line glue amortize is taken annulus development development and production laid a foundation. CNC Milling CNC Machining