Digitlization measures a technology to assemble medium application in the plane

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Aircraft manufacturing industry is hi-tech strategy industry of the country, basically reflect the development in high-powered battleplan and large airlines to go up, it has extensive, lasting drawing effect to progress of science and technology. The rapid development that digitlizes a technology and wide application make the development process of traditional plane product occurred essential sex change, raised aircraft design and production technical level substantially, accelerated the process that modern plane develops. Digitlize design and the development of production technology as the plane, overall the large size of product and component is measured to measuring a technology, measured equipment to raise taller requirement. Accordingly, traditional measurement the technology already satisfied aircraft component hard fast, efficient, high accuracy detects requirement. The digitlization that is based on the blame contact such as principle of laser, CCD to measure currently detects technical application, already in the plane complex part and digitlization of large size component are designed, make, assemble with detect very significant position is in in unifinication flow. The current situation that in the light of the plane complex external form and digitlization of large size component create mixes the article gauge demand, and the research current situation that contemporary digitlization measures a technology, measure vision of machine of technology, CCD to measure scanning of technology, lidar to measure technology, IGPS to be not a contact to measure the laser that to advocate peace the graph changes to dog with laser exact location measures a technology to wait had summary and research, have fair referenced value to the development of aircraft manufacturing industry. Manufacturing industry of 1 overview aircraft is different from the development existing state of affairs of plane digitlization manufacturing industry general machining industry, because its product is complex difficulty of degree of tall, technology is great, already was to reflect a country to have strategical hi-tech industry, it is the child with compositive height of modern science and technology, also be to measure one of important signs of standard of science and technology of a country, industry and comprehensive national power. Especially air bus product is extremely complex, not only pneumatic appearance asks strict, design changes data of compose of frequent, product numerous, hardware and form each different, and have internal composition compact, of all kinds system decorates complex, space concentrated, and 0 component amount is huge wait for a characteristic. The Boeing that is like the United States 747 air bus, amount of every spare parts amounts to 6 million, join among them it is 3 million, 274km of cable overall length. Additional, its development is periodic and longer, businessman of form a complete set is much. Development of a large airlines needs component supplier to amount to thousands of, if the supplier of A380 plane amounts to many 10 thousand, cause development process data to manage difficulty. More important is all sorts of equipment that make sure flight place wants plane security, like communication, navigation, show with the soft hardware such as flight control equipment needs to use new and high technology [1] . In addition, still have firm environmental protection demand, if pollution is discharged,want little, noise low and fuel utilization rate wants tall. So from the whole development of the plane the process looks, put forward to ask to begin to the user of the plane from the client, till the plane is designed, make, consign leaves factory, and the servive routine after devoted course, the development process of the plane is a huge systematic project. Accordingly, must develop digitlization design, make with detect technology, in order to get used to this kind of huge system project. Current, this project already filled fission to reveal the core competition ability that digitlization technology is an enterprise, fashioned the most powerful tool of product innovation development. Accordingly, digitlize technical application, no matter be on deepness and range,had tremendous progress. The digitlization of component of 2 aircrafts manufacturing industry measures a technology to digitlize the flying development of manufacturing industry as science and technology and plane, the plane digitlization that suits with its measures a technology, with its the advantage such as high accuracy, efficient, tall automation is in application of plane production domain is wider and wider. Appearance of shape of a few optical and three-dimensional large size detects the technology is increasingly mature, the instrument equipment related its, a lot of domains that if laser dogs,vision of appearance, machine measures scanning of system, IGPS, lidar to measure a system to wait to already applied in domestic and international plane to make industry [1] . The plane with high demand of big to a few dimension, precision or special type aircraft, the measurement of our country tradition the method already cannot satisfy his to ask, digitlization measures a technology is first selection. Use much digitlization to measure the pattern that the system sets especially, can overcome not only measure range big with measure the contradiction with low precision, still can obtain more accurate measurement result, and can satisfy muti_function requirement, become a plane to digitlize one of crucial technologies propping up in making, improved a system greatly but expansibility and applied limits, raising a plane to make, assembled quality and efficiency respect to produce main effect. The last few years, abroad is based on a model to define a technique in Boeing the success application on 787 type makes technology of design production unifinication gets great progress. Boeing, empty guest and company of blessing special grade use the product that is based on digitlization to measure equipment already generally to undertake three-dimensional measure control with quality, built more complete digitlization to survey technical system, developed corresponding computer auxiliary and three-dimensional detect program and measure data to analyse a system, made corresponding three-dimensional detect technical standard, rose to detect significantly efficiency and quality. In the meantime, foreign aviation makes a branch detect increasingly with quick, efficient production spot digitlization the technology is prop up, development is new, efficient production flow and craft, if pass spot check to measure,simplify ship-fitter outfit, the production data feedback that is used at spot of control of plane product quality, treatment and suit oneself compensation, flexible automation assembles fixed position to wait, urged relevant technology and craft standard directly promote considerably, raised big airlines to manufacture quality and manufacturing efficiency greatly. 3 digitlization measure a technology to be in those who assemble medium applied plane to rig a process also is a complex systematic project, the whole process that involves general assembly of production of plan of aircraft design, craft, spare parts, subassembly and complete machine butt joint. Contemporary and advanced aircraft assembles a technology to assemble a technology already completely unlike traditional plane, what use a convention no longer namely is complex model frame will locate with clamp component undertakes ship-fitter is made. Be absorbed adequately however and used contemporary and new and high science and technology, if the computer, software, laser dogs,fixed position, automation is controlled wait for a technology, development is not had into the plane model wear fixed position digitlization to assemble a technology, they basically are used in aircraft assembly line measure and locate all sorts of tooling, or be assembled what use fixed position aircraft directly component part, it is the main component that plane digitlization assembles a system. No matter be contemporary and large civil transport or battleplan of for military use, to big subassembly from large part the butt joint with airframe rigs a process, use digitlization to get riveting system automatically in great quantities. Ship-fitter is installed and getting riveting equipment to go up from structure and function is unifinication, and automation rate is higher and higher, form large-scale plane part digitlization to get riveting assembly line automatically. The digitlization of the plane assembles the standard tool that reduced a plane to assemble place to need considerably and manufacturing tool, be like Boeing plane of 737 new generation, standard tooling decreases 80% , the Falcon of small-sized and official machine that France amounts to search firm newest development (went up 2005 big) , its traditional tool is decreased 0. This new to reducing machine develops cost, shorten the effect that development cycle had to be estimated hard. The blame contact digitlization that is based on lidar principle measures a technology from 20 centuries range finding of laser of spaceflight of universe of 70 time United States, to the world that German Professor Ackerm presented as leading role to develop 1990 section of the first laser surveys a system, in recent years, lidar got swift and violent development on this foundation. The lidar system that at present devoted commerce runs basically has: Metris Laser Radar, TopScan, OPtech and Topsys. As lidar technology increasingly mature, the applied limits of lidar is extended gradually. The company of technology of a few high-tech of the country such as the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, England had begun many lidar the research of three-dimensional scanning technology, personal classics formed the high-tech industry that has certain dimensions. Mixed 1994 1997, bureau of American country spaceflight (NASA) ever got on installation of spaceflight laser altitude meter twice in space shuttle, in order to builds the database of global reference point of based SLA; Put forward geoscience laser to survey expensive system again subsequently (GLAs) plan, carry receiver of system of laser range finding, GPS and star to dog at blasting off on December 19, 2002 attitude determines systematic satellite, systematic precision can reach rice level. Next plans of NASA are to want what make before 2015 the star holds lidar system to measure high accuracy to achieve decimetre is mixed centimeter of class [2] . In home, the hardware research of lidar still is in start level, existing technology still cannot be satisfied gauge limits and precision demand, because do not have the INS system of high accuracy and function (power of laser intensity, laser, arteries and veins precision of wide, range finding) device of reliable laser range finding, up to now home still appears without mature lidar system. A lot of units of home and company use the lidar that buys abroad to have directly to measure equipment, satisfy production and metrical requirement. Current, home is engaged in three-dimensional basically have into the unit that studies like lidar: College of industry of grain of university of Harbin Institute of Technology, Hua Zhongke ability, Zhejiang university, Tianjin university, Changchun, among them, harbin Institute of Technology put forward a few be aimed at the algorithm that resembles lidar data processing, but these algorithm are the processing that makes in the light of place of image of 2 dimension graph, gray scale. In three-dimensional research a field into what resemble lidar, the accurate test technology that Tianjin university Professor Xie Shenghua is in and instrument state key laboratory did thorough research to lidar, obtained remarkable positive result. The level that Changchun manage is versed in the university already measured lidar the system to apply successfully at a variety of model planes is measured, engine thrust line is measured, appearance of overall and three-dimensional form is measured, combine application with IGPS, what had some model plane successfully is auxiliary assemble fixed position and measure. If lidar system parameter and precision express 1 to show, lidar measures a system to if the graph is shown 1 times,be comprised. Nextpage is measured to plane level reach three-dimensional form appearance to measure need for many times to turn to stand or use illuminator assistance to measure, its lidar turns station sketch map sees a picture 2. Use lidar scanning to survey a system, can obtain a large number of measuring to measure data, through the function powerful software undertakes data processing, can win quite direct chromatic error figure, facilitating analysis and amend. Those who be based on IGPS is auxiliary assemble fixed position to measure a technology to be in 20 centuries 90 time, GPS showed the powerful strength of fixed position equipment to the world, measure for three-dimensional form appearance established new standard. Nowadays, application of system of location of GPS whole world is wide, already by the whole world regards as current location system inside the bound. The advantage of GPS depends on its advanced technique not only, more the systematic concept that depends on it [3] . Measure a principle according to GPS, it is at the beginning of 21 centuries, what people put forward to be based on area GPS technology is three-dimensional measure a concept, developed a kind to have high accuracy, high reliability and efficient indoor GPS then (IGPS) , basically use at solving large size space to measure with fixed position problem. IGPS job principle is: Emitter produces 2 laser plane to rotate in work area, every emitter has specific whirl frequency, rotate speed is 3000r/min about. According to the laser that receiver can receive, it can undertake metrical to horizontal horn and perpendicular horn. Pass the combination of a few different emitter, can calculate the XYZ coordinate dot of measurement point. The least emitter amount that measures a need that choose place is 2. Emitter is more, measure more accurate. Measure precision to rise, suggest a measurement point can receive the signal of 4 emitter at least. IGPS system can build the dimensional coordinate department of a large size, all measurement the task is measured like coordinate, dog measure, collimation fixed position, surveillance is assembled wait to be able to be finished. Production company of American Boeing aircraft begins to study IGPS measures a technology from 1998, this system already applied at from 747 in the assembly line with F/A18 overall plane, in order to solve the measurement of pair of large size component part problem, special agree with the application of the assembly in large size component, examination and collimation respect. The system is surveyed in this kind in, 4 emitter installation is in optical on, perhaps secure what measuring extent on each horn. The effective limits of emitter is 49m, receiver is the sphere that forms diametical 38mm with photoelectricity detector. The user can use a PDA or notebook computer collects data. The occurrence of IGPS is measured for the nicety of large size truly offerred a kind of new measurement technique. Graph 3 pursue for IGPS system layout. Nextpage digitlizes systematic combined-type to assist the demand that assembles fixed position to measure a technology to be assembled according to plane high accuracy more, use combined-type of much digitlization system to assist assemble fixed position to detect the high accuracy fixed position that the technology can settle all sorts of different type planes and assemble. Be being combined with lidar and IGPS among them is the commonnest auxiliary assemble a form. According to measuring the allocation of area principle and plane measure target position position, its survey a system overall block diagram is shown 4 times like the graph. Assemble with the plane of 4m of × of 35m × 20m for exemple introduction cloth station devises plan. Emitter of station of 1 IGPS cloth surrounds the plane is placed, horizontal way is far from plane 2m, cloth sets height optional 1.

5~2m discretion is strewn at random place, specific if pursue,5 are shown. 2 lidar cloth stands lidar adopts plan of station of 3 cloth that measure a station, program of specific cloth station is shown 6 times like the graph. Manufacturing industry of last word aircraft matters to the development of career of national defence aerospace not only, also be the principal property that matters to national economy construction. In the meantime, because digitlization measures a technology to make the wide application of course of study in flying mechanism, already made its make the important mark of discretion of science and technology of a country and industrial development level. Accordingly, digitlization measures a technology already was the necessary climate that urges aircraft manufacturing industry to develop ahead. CNC Milling CNC Machining