5 number of axle accuse polisher CAM technology

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Technology of CAM of polisher of 5 axes numerical control sums up technology of CNC Machining of 5 axes linkage to representing the development level of a rigid production business not only, more the development level that representing machinery of a nation to make industry [1] . In domain of advanced and mechanical production technology, technology of CNC Machining of 5 axes linkage is among them main component, also be one of main fundamental techniques, also be the difficulty in processing technique is the greatest at the same time. tall to performance demand, complex geometry external form, use machine tool of numerical control of 5 axes linkage to be able to assure the quality of treatment not only, still can improve manufacturing efficiency [2] . Carry research, in using technology of CAM of 5 axes numerical control polish of hub of car aluminium alloy to machine craft, and design of research and development, make a 5 number of axle that machine in the light of polish of hub of car aluminium alloy charge a machine tool. Current, the business of hub of domestic production car is more, but still do not have equipment of advanced and reliable polish of hub numerical control, manufacturer of each old boss production must introduce the much number of axle with high price to accuse polisher bed and polish of special numerical control to machine software. Will tell from technique of figuration of aluminium alloy hub, crucial working procedure includes to cast or forging figuration, come back press polish of figuration, machining, surface to wait. The research and development of this technology can satisfy the need of processing technique of polish of hub of domestic aluminium alloy, to realizing digitlization, intelligence to change hub polish treatment has important sense. As the development of technology of domestic numerical control, CNC Machining equipment also is in much axis to be perfected ceaselessly. Two axes half, the processing technique of 3 axes had developed more advanced standard, home also can make a such treatment equipment, and wide application receives in machining domain, and technology of much axis CNC Machining still is in raise level, the content that studies mainly includes to machine technique and machine tool postposition to handle a technology, need diversity application to equipment of much axis numerical control. Be based on technology of 5 axes numerical control to realize polish of hub much axis to machine is a kind of innovation that goes up with application on the technology, expanded 5 number of axle accuse the applied limits of the machine tool. Will tell to looking polish of front-wheel drive hub processes this technique, rely on artificial hand completely still to move polishing, artificial use a machine semi-automatic change polishing to machine, this needs much labor power, material resources not only, reduced manufacturing efficiency at the same time, polishing machines quality to assure hard, much person still needs to cooperate to finish older to over all dimension boss, accordingly, it is very necessary that treatment of polish of aluminium alloy hub uses machine tool of polish of 5 axes numerical control to come true. The process is designed in machine tool of polish of 5 axes numerical control in, the content that studies mainly includes the configuration of the machine tool and athletic character. Configuration basically includes design of design of structure of polisher bed whole, polishing cutting tool, outfit to place workbench design to wait; The athletic character of polisher bed is the 3 linkage reference axis in the tradition cutting tool increased to circle Y axis to rotate to circle an axis to rotate with workbench on the foundation of X, Y, Z. In machining a process, 5 reference axis do machine tool main shaft and workbench at the same time linear interpolation, make cutting tool moves by the dimensional contrail of the requirement, can maintain first-rate to machine condition and avert cutting tool interference effectively. The polishing processing technique of hub surface is different from treatment of common numerical control milling, basically be the change produces on cutting tool design, if be on choice of cutting tool of machine tool of polish of 5 axes numerical control,use cloth annulus. The appearance structure of cloth annulus can be changed, if rotate through the high speed of main shaft,drive cloth annulus to also make high speed whirligig. Become the outline outside cloth annulus and hub surface are conterminous when touching, with respect to meeting generation high speed chafes, make hub surface undertakes burnish continuously, plus the action of polishing fluid, can make hub surface has very good burnish effect. Whole exercise process needs NC programme controll. Using machine tool of polish of 5 axes numerical control to complete treatment is a new-style treatment method, compare with photograph of traditional polishing processing technique, it has manufacturing efficiency tall, economic energy resources, drop work intensity and increase the good point such as economic benefits. As a result of polishing cloth annulus has plasticity, contractility is had when the contact, the security when treatment is higher, easy implementation high speed rotates polishing, can acquire higher exterior quality. Implement technology of CAM of polish of 5 axes numerical control, and get need of accurate machine tool machine program solves the following crucial technologies. (1) geometry builds a model. Use the software that build a model to finish three-dimensional aluminium alloy hub to found, the software that build a model includes CATIA, UG, Pro/Engineer commonly usedly to wait. (2) make treatment craft plan. In CNC Machining technology, treatment craft is having crucial effect, sound treatment technology can improve the treatment quality of workpiece, still can improve manufacturing efficiency [3] . The choice of craft of treatment of polish of aluminium alloy hub basically includes to machine rotate speed of means of cutter shaft of cutting tool of course, choice, control, main shaft and feed speed to wait. (3) cutting tool contrail is generated. Machine orbit according to machining craft to ask to make reasonable cutting tool, experience of contented have nothing to do with, without the run time of collision, economic cutting tool, requirement that improves treatment efficiency. To model of curved surface of aluminium alloy hub, need uses software of CAM process designing to realize cutting tool contrail to generate, and get knife digit seizes a file. (4) treatment contrail is emulated. After cutting tool is being generated to machine orbit in software of CAM process designing, want to undertake in the light of entity contrail of cutting tool treatment affirms, the CNC Machining course that digit of knife of test and verify changes according to be being handled to passing postposition is very necessary, it is especially in process designing of much axis treatment, its effect is more apparent. Avoid machine program effectively to be able to have appeared likely in machining a process to cut wait for a problem with collision [3-5] . (5) postposition processing. Program of processing of polisher bed postposition is the configuration according to the machine tool and athletic commutation characteristic, the postposition that gets through computation handles coordinate to change formula, the CNC Machining program that occupies the knife digit that builds generation of the place in the process in cutting tool contrail the file to be changed into polisher bed. Accurate postposition processing can assure the accuracy of machine program, improve treatment efficiency, assure to machine quality, the reliable function in still can raising a machine tool to run a course [6] . Postposition of machine tool of polish of 5 axes numerical control handles a program to have uniqueness. (6) NC program is emulated. To assure to machine the stability of the process, security actually, the G code directive that needs to handle changeover to get to postposition undertakes test and verify, effective treatment environment is built in emulation software of Vericut numerical control, imitate machines a process actually. The polishing processing technique of surface of aluminium alloy hub is mainer and mainer in hub production, use CNC Machining to replace artificial hand to move what the operation just transforms to begin, want to build the polishing product line that digitlization, intelligence turns in the future, build digitlization online detect technology, build intelligence to change machine hand to carry even between different machine tool. Accordingly, 5 axes CNC Machining theory application arrives in treatment of polish of aluminium alloy hub, to realizing numerical control polish treatment has important sense. Machine tool of polish of numerical control of 5 axes linkage realized machine tool of polish of 5 axes numerical control reasonably the concept that much axis machines, cutting tool increased to swing to rotate with workbench on traditional 3 axes foundation, namely cutting tool is circling an axis to swing, workbench is circling Y axis to rotate. (1) polisher bed coordinate is. To machine tool of numerical control polish, want to decide Z axis first, decide X axis and Y axis again next, decide other runner shaft coming back finally. The athletic square of axis of machine tool some to, it is the direction that shows the span that increases workpiece and cutting tool leaves. Axis of X, Y, Z gets stuck according to flute of right hand right angle coordinate is judgement, b, C rotates the square of reference axis to judge according to law of right hand helix. If the graph is shown 1 times,department of coordinate of machine tool of numerical control polish defines way. Graph coordinate of 1 polish machine tool is fastened (2) cutting tool coordinate is. The coordinate department that with cutting tool solid joins is department of cutting tool coordinate, definition of origin of cutting tool coordinate is on dot of point of a knife, the way that the way that cutting tool coordinate ties should tie with machine tool coordinate keeps consistent. To numerical control polisher, definition of department of cutting tool coordinate is in the center of cloth annulus end panel the position, direction and direction of coordinate of polisher machine tool are consistent, if pursue,2 are shown. Graph coordinate of 2 cutting tool is fastened 3) information of machine tool structure. Through polisher bed structure sketch map can understand the whole of the machine tool, include hub to install clip workbench, clamp device, mobile reference axis of X, Y, Z, rotate reference axis, still have servo electric machinery, roller guide screw, linear slideway. The machine tool is main information sees a table 1. Express information of 1 machine tool and photograph of common machine tool of 5 axes numerical control to compare, polisher bed is rotating workbench is designed and the change produced on design of cutting tool structure. Rotate workbench is to bear the weight of the main component of hub, because want to consider hub over all dimension and weight, workbench is a circle in the design on the structure, the position is installed in what clamping apparatus distributings symmetrically on workbench. To get used to the outfit clip of larger size hub, position of clamping apparatus around should adjustable. In the meantime, satisfying bear the weight of the weight that workbench should reduce appropriately below the premise of force. Cutting tool motion is controlled by two servo electric machinery, cutting tool is symmetrical form in the design on the structure, the size of cloth annulus can be changed. If structure of polisher bed cutting tool pursues 3 are shown. Graph 3 polish cutting tool (4) hub model and outfit clip use the software that build a model to establish model of three-dimensional aluminium alloy hub, the model of aluminium alloy hub of the choice is shown 4 times like the graph. Graph hub of 4 hub model installs the principle on workbench is: Want to assure axes of workbench center aperture and hub axes coincide above all, the treatment coordinate position of the set in the position that should make sure hub is in next and software of numerical control process designing is consistent. Hub makes up in workbench clip is shown 5 times like the graph. Graph 5 hub outfit places a figure (5) before buy processing and postposition processing. Use CNC Machining software to generate polishing to machine orbit to hub model surface, the buy before this one process is called is handled. Be in whole before in buy processing process, got cutting tool look the athletic contrail to hub surface, and produce Dao Weiwen (CLFS) , it described the coordinate position when cutting tool moves and way of cutter shaft vector. The knife that buy processing produces before athletic contrail data is original order, it is fictitious workpiece fall asleep, the motion of cutting tool photograph to workpiece data parameter, the structure that did not consider a machine tool is characteristic. Accordingly, the knife digit of the generation in processing of the buy before need general is changed into polisher bed to be able to know program of other NC numerical control according to parameter, this one process calls postposition processing. It is with position of the flange in hub model exemple undertake polishing is machined, if the treatment contrail that buy processing produces before pursues 6 are shown. The graph is worn since the changeover of technology of processing of postposition of 6 treatment contrail to numerical control program very crucial action, also be the important segment that realizes treatment of numerical control polish, its are main the function is cutting tool the coordinate of machine tool of translate into of athletic contrail data in workpiece coordinate ties medium cost. Accordingly, the configuration that should analyse polisher bed above all and motion are characteristic, department of certain work coordinate and the correspondence that machine tool coordinate fastens concern, beg solution to give postposition to handle coordinate to change formula through dimensional matrix algorithm next [6-8] , the postposition processing that gets finally can be executived changes an interface. If the graph is shown 7 times,postposition of treatment of polish of the flange in hub model handles changeover. Graph 7 aftertreatments interface (6) the NC order that receives postposition processing changeover guides in polisher bed, the groovy preparation before completing effective treatment begins to execute numerical control order later. If the graph is shown 8 times,polish of position of the flange in hub model machines a process. Graph 8 centuries machine classics research, 5 axes numerical control theory application arrives in hub polish machine tool, to realizing polish of numerical control of aluminium alloy hub treatment has important sense, also be a kind of innovation to changing hub polish to process technique. In the meantime, polisher of 5 axes numerical control bed application arrives in actual hub production, can expand 5 number of axle accuse the applied limits of equipment, the development that also can be an enterprise brings a change. The heart in October 10, 2014 signed the last word " in compendium of heart collaboration action " , at the same time our country joins German industry 4.

0, American industry is made revive plan also formulate " China is made 2025 " program, faster ground promotes both confluence in the strategy that this means our country to want to develop in industrialization and informatization synchronism, realize intelligence finally to change at an early date make. Accordingly, using technology of 5 axes numerical control to undertake to hub surface polishing is machined is a kind of new technique change, also be a kind of change that changes production requirement according to intelligence. In the meantime, numerical control polish treatment application arrives in hub production, changed the manufacturing pattern of existing enterprise, reduced labor intensity, reduced cost to use up, increased labor safety index. Try to discuss through accusing the actual application of polisher bed to 5 number of axle, to realizing digitlization, intelligence to change hub polish treatment has certain direct sense. Author: Bibliographical reference of Wang Xu of group of Harbin aircraft industry [1] complete flourish.

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