Small pine is produced machine appear on the market the AC servo punch that introduces drive of 2 axes independence

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Small pine produces machine (headquarters: Tokyo) rolled out new model of AC servo punch " H2W of AC servo punch " (graph) . This new development actuating device, use means of drive of 2 axes independence. Additional, deploy but the function that high accuracy maintains slide block parallelism, basically face nicety to arrange send treatment and move treatment to wait. Or so standard is deployed detect the linear sensor of slide block position, have height of self-correcting slide block and the function of parallelism. Serve as at the same time anthology match a function, can increase the change that processes negative charge through detecting to amend the function of slide block height. Such, can rise already shape precision, still can reduce defective goods, improve mould life. Outside dividing common run mode, through shortening stroke length still can support high speed movement. With former model " E2W " photograph comparing, rate can rise 40 % most. In addition, use AC servo motor direct drive, but the athletic way of aleatoric set slide block. Shape through the basis object content comes set movement way, can rise shape precision of gender, treatment and versatility. The product includes process capability to be 2000kN " H2W200 " with 3000kN " H2W300 " . All include a level " S " model knead dough is arranged to high speed send " H " model. Price respect, h2W200-S is 44.5 million yen. CNC Milling CNC Machining