Chun Baosen pulls climate to resist the development process that corrupts material to pledge

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In the market, everybody finds the hard alloy of all sorts of brands very easily, quality standard does not return one. Inchoate, the manufacturer is met only commonly consider from the price, the alloy that employs cheap of a few price in order to save cost, but this act often brings bigger cost. What should know is, the treatment cost of material often is material itself price is decuple to centuple above, it is the crucial seat that uses life more, accordingly, mould whether play gives high sexual price to compare, be decided by the quality at alloy material. Of the place with hard alloy and the most different character of common rolled steel is alloy itself be pass pulverous pressurization agglomeration and become. Burden of alloyed powder end, brand and make, it is a manufacturer alone one technology. After adding alloy to cannot pass, add processing adjusts quality (for instance: Temper, heat treatment, the) such as anneal, the stand or fall of imply alloy quality, be decided by is mixed at the manufacturing experience of the manufacturer production stability. Very multi-purpose the home is not clear how Zuo goes distinguishing the alloy quality with soil. Our company are shared in this and everybody. Good hard alloy must the character that all has: The uniformity of fear of cent of 1) alloy composition (inhomogenous consequence is alloy hardness cent is differ, the influence machines stability, can bring about alloy to produce stress moreover, bring the alloy when sending a line to cut to produce crackle. ) 2) alloy interior does not have air hole (the smooth knot of the surface after stomatic meeting affects alloy to machine greatly is spent) 3) alloy has fight corrode a function (this meeting prevents to alloy is being machined or use the generation in the process rusty circumstance) besides above at 3 o'clock, the manufacturing experience of alloy supplier and the investment to product research and development also can affect alloy quality to rise long-termly directly. Go up to Wu Yi fought at 3 o'clock corrode a topic, our company are in did not roll out the brand that fight corrupt previously, a lot of manufacturers include to be in Euramerican, defy this plan yearns for corrupt very much all the time. The reason is hard alloy it is the metal with the highest hardness on the world, can be machined so only with discharge technology, when by Wu Fang electric treatment is needed, and treatment is to use pure water to pledge as agency commonly, so this process often can be brought send workpiece to be corroded phenomenon. And, when be being machined as intermediary medium, the change of electrolyte, the dry of water is spent reduce, corrode speed also is added fast. The treatment risk that this increased a manufacturer greatly and filter cost. Corrode a problem to solve material, the electrochemistry that line cut had in Europe before Chun Baosen pulls climate 10 years corrodes a test, be in a kind very workpiece of the treatment in the intermediary medium of extreme difference, (We use water here, electrolyte PH<5) , shed voltage relative to Wu Dian close reading comes down according to was being recorded. Corrode a test relative to what what know at everybody (according to DIN50905, measurement corrodes) of body losing weight, this kind of new test method shows hard alloy gets cankerous case. In this test, hard alloy measures test piece to be put in intermediary medium, like that after increases tension. Increase intermediary medium tension through lasting, voltaic change is come down by the record. The electric current that is measured is the gross that a kind of very good index shows to cobalt is decomposed, so fast corrupt a process, and corrode speed. The possibility that current density and material corrode and tendentiousness are. (1 metrical current density is showing graph of 1) seeing a picture standard hard alloy and the comparison of the hard alloy that fight corrupt, corrode time to be deferred 80 times in this chart, corrode speed (UA/cm2) and voltage (MV) is given by scale. Before because be in,cobalt is decomposed, fight the covering layer that corrodes material to pledge ego comes into being to be formed continuously, corrode speed to be able to be reduced 80 multiple. We can see the covering layer that forms by oxidation chromium and cobalt below clairvoyant electron microscope. Additional, cobaltic binder is changed into periodic element to express the 7th with the 8th group of elements, resemble rhenium, germanium, palladium and copper. Reduced corrode the tendency. The cost that because corrode brings anti-revisionist cost to often be compared,chooses good stuff and time are high, choosing good stuff so also is to amount to to raise those who develop second life most postulate, paid fee also can reduce. Fight corrode a brand case analysis: Corrode to let understand more with the home discharging the influence that in machining each line to cut, brings to workpiece, chun Baosen pulls climate and famous Swiss line to cut a machine tool to produce business A strange Xia Mier (AGIECHARMILLE) cooperates, had the following test. With last cases it is to use did not fight corroded material and Chun Baosen to pull day to fight corrode CF-H40S material to undertake contrast character. Be in bright and clean degree 0.

2u, water electric conduction is worth the line cut circumstance of 15-20uS to fall, machine 23 hours of after respectively, stay in water jar 63 hours, meeting discovery was not fought corrode material to corrode a deepness to have 35um, equal at abrade quantities. When if hard alloy fittings is machined,this proves, once with the liquid osculatory time grows, very easy generation is corroded, the circumstance follows iron material same. And cut in waterline in, of water dirty degree taller, corrode a circumstance fiercer. But if use CF and NF series to have,fight corrode material to pledge, the circumstance can avoid greatly. Filter cost also but greatly bring down. The advantage with CF and NF qualitative material is: When cut of line of material of 1) opposite bring down, agency is qualitative (water) filter cost. 2) bring down affects workpiece quality to avoid to corrode and additional those who pay the conditional 5) after working procedure and cost 3) save exterior luminosity 4) to save treatment reduces calorie of makings circumstance 6) to add mould life last word: Fight the introduction that corrodes material series through pulling climate to Chun Baosen, the hope is opposite after everybody cost budget, craft raises a respect to have better assurance. Most after is, want to raise mould life and sexual price to compare, must not pay about a hundred 10 thousand investment, make improvement from the basiccest material, will surely help everybody achieve the beneficial result of get twice the result with half the effort. If each go up character to mould material,have other difficult problem, might as well look for our company group to offer program. CNC Milling CNC Machining