BLIS Germany Bulisi ball guide screw

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Burden guide screw is used in large Long Menxi, can omit support system, machine tool design simplifies below the situation that affecting machine tool precision thereby, reduce the cost of the machine tool, at the same time more environmental protection. Germany Bulisi is dominant direction with the research and development of guide screw of large burden ball, for the whole world equipment of large burden machine tool supplies the functional part with quantity custom-built body -- ball guide screw. Bulisi returns Germany to be given priority to in order to sell guide screw of standard type date merely before 2005, now its core business criterion with the special guide screw that be not mark, especially the guide screw is not mark that domain of heavy-duty machine tool uses is given priority to. 2006 Bulisisi thick stick is the biggest moving load is 450kN, can make 2011 dynamic 5600kN (make an appointment with 560t) ball guide screw. Guide screw overall length also grows present 20m from the 6m in the past. Guide screw of the ball 10 years ago is to regard drive of machine tool pilot as component merely, and it already transmitted a domain with the motivation at burden domain gradually now. At this late hour, everybody can assemble the domain such as workshop of workshop, lorry car v and clough operation to discover Bulisi in the plane ball guide screw. Germany Bulisi the 200mm of diameter of current and newest guide screw of ball guide screw, ball diameter 30mm, nut abide ring is counted 18 rounds, odd root is the biggest dynamic amount to 560t. The technical parameter of this kind of guide screw can be satisfied henceforth the main demand of mainstream machine tool of two years. Be opposite especially through persistent investment the investment of processing technique of ball orbital nicety, the load of guide screw still is met get further rising. Also have mainer and mainer effect to the experiment of new material and exploration additionally. Germany Bulisi these year of obtained success, the use domain that is ball guide screw opened new market. Germany Bulisi is the main partner of manufacturer of large and heavy-duty machine tool on the world, for development of machine tool manufacturer new product and new applied technology offerred possibility, for example the classical application of ball guide screw in machine tool industry -- milling machine of boring of large dragon door. The span of large Long Menxi amounts to 15m longer even, crossbeam weight exceeds 100t. Pass W axis normally (upend guide screw) by installation balances put oneself in another's position or hydraulic pressure system will have auxiliary effect. And if use burden guide screw, can omit support system this structure, machine tool design simplifies below the situation that affecting machine tool precision, reduce the cost of the machine tool, at the same time more environmental protection. Be in considering load ability, after the element such as precision and environmental protection, guide screw also can be used replace fluid casting die to be used in servo compressor above. In the Asia, the hot press use in auto industry is very extensive. Hot press passes guide screw of ball of a much perhaps root to provide pressure commonly. Depend on workmanship of newest ball guide screw, can make life exceed the compressor of 560t of the the journey, greatest pressure 10 million times now. Pressure intensity of electric machinery adjustment and rate of the motion that press a platoon can be carried in the process that the advantage of guide screw compressor is in this kind of ball to be pressed at applying. What this kind of compressor produces manufacturing product precision to compare hydraulic press and prejudicial type compressor is taller. Compare hydraulic pressure crock apparently because of the traversal speed of ball guide screw additionally fast, work efficiency will rise apparently, in addition compressor of ball guide screw also compares hydraulic press more environmental protection. Besides, also can use ball guide screw to replace hydraulic pressure crock. In a lot of domains crock of use hydraulic pressure brings a lot of issues, its are very big also to environmental harm. Under photograph comparing ball guide screw very environmental protection, ball guide screw can use lifetime and lubricant means, nonexistent did not close the risk of lubricant system, won't have lubricating oil or the circumstance that hydraulic pressure oil divulges happens. In addition ball guide screw moves to compare hydraulic pressure crock apparently fast and nicety, speed of the motion that press a platoon can achieve 100m/min more even. This actor potential energy pledges in the product the body in quantity and process quality comes out now. Ball guide screw already was transmitted with the motivation at burden domain gradually. CNC Milling CNC Machining