The compound processing technique of structural member of thin wall of train in excess specified length

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Make flying progress of the technology as aviation, in modern plane design, the application that integral machine adds part of aluminium alloy thin a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center is wider and wider, use integral machine to add texture of thin a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center in great quantities to wainscot from casing, bridge, floor. Integral machine adds spare parts of thin a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center to have a lot of advantages, it can reduce structural weight already, increase the effective carring capacity of the plane, also can enhance structural strength at the same time, reduce join amount, improve the fatigue life of the plane, raise a plane bear the weight of weight, satisfy the requirement that modern plane designs greatly. But structural member of thin wall of train in excess specified length because its structure stiffness is low, treatment craft sex is poor, treatment is used to be out of shape in the cutting force, heat in metal cutting, master piece that hold clip, cutting brace up quiver wait for a phenomenon, assure very hard to machine the requirement of precision and exterior quality, it is the exists generally difficult problem in plane development. The structural member of craft characteristic thin wall of structural member of thin wall of train in excess specified length is on the plane one kind of typical structural member (graph 1) , its are main the feature is to show the dimension of major construction ply of the spare parts is opposite at integral structure dimension very small, for example, boeing 737-700 hangs down end costal region kind spare parts, large size of major construction wall is between 1~3mm, its length and wall are large it is 1000 ∶ than making an appointment with 1, for typical thin wall structural member. And structural member of thin wall of train in excess specified length, besides the feature that has thin wall structural member, still have length to be head and shoulders above the characteristic of groovy dimension, also bring new treatment difficult problem from this. For example large plane ala bridge, floor roof beam kind spare parts, length goes to ten meters from a few meters. Graph thin wall of facilities of treatment of wainscot of wing of train in excess specified length of A380 of 1 empty guest kind the typical feature of the spare parts basically is reflected on the spare parts predestined relationship board, establish the position such as muscle, abdomen board. Bao Bi kind the main engine that the spare parts is a plane adds structural member, most spare parts employs taller than intensity aluminium alloy, be like 7050 or 7075 series aluminium alloy beforehand drawing plank. Structural member of thin wall of train in excess specified length has characteristic of the following craft: (1) major construction is the spare parts structure of weak rigid Bao Bi, in the lack in the process of cutting the enough strength that prop up resists the influence of cutting force, local be out of shape, let a knife, brace up quiver the happening that waits for a phenomenon, affected dimension precision and exterior quality. (2) material purify amount is very large, the structure is complex, have a few go against treatment shut corner structure and do not open open structure, restricted treatment efficiency. (3) spare parts whole is fought be out of shape ability loses, installing the whole with the larger generation below action of clip force, internal stress easily to be out of shape. (4) the spare parts suffers the element effect such as environmental temperature, heat in metal cutting easily, those who create bigger dimension change and structural measure is not harmonious. Graph 1 in machine equipment for wainscot of wing of A380 train in excess specified length. Compound processing technique machines the medium concept that applies compound treatment in structural member of thin wall of train in excess specified length main body mixes a variety of working procedure now a variety of technique are centered in to install mix condition to come down to finish as far as possible, so the spare parts installs clip hind to be able to be finished basically through all or majority treatment, the outfit that reduced a hardware not only so places frequency and auxiliary time, improved manufacturing efficiency, also reduced the error that causes artificially at the same time, raised the treatment precision of the spare parts. Nextpage because the integration trend that in recent years aircraft spare parts designs, incline to of spare parts structure at complicationing, the simple part that needs a variety of type equipment, tool, technique so is compositive to an organic whole, this posed bigger challenge to the treatment of the spare parts, this basically reflects a few special structures, have the structure that assembles relation requirement strictly, the hole that if close partly,condition leaves, chamfer, model antrum, coaxial aperture group. The adoption of compound treatment concept in treatment of aircraft spare parts basically is based on the consideration of 3 respects: (1) the requirement that is based on precision. Especially for structural member of thin to train in excess specified length wall, as a result of element of spare parts metabolic, for many times the switch that hold clip is very adverse to the assurance of precision, because this needs,shorten as far as possible of working procedure be on the move. (2) the requirement that is based on treatment efficiency. Structural member of thin wall of train in excess specified length is machined commonly relatively complex, periodic and longer, often can restrict the development process of plane project, because this wants,had avoided the uncertainty that much more complex process brings as far as possible. (3) be based on socioeconomic consideration. The development phase of aircraft spare parts has investment the characteristic with tall, small batch, use as far as possible already having resource, managing cost is basic principle, this also decided the applied value of compound processing technique. The application of compound treatment in treatment of aircraft spare parts basically comes true through the concentration of technique, the key is processing very special structure, the structure that assembles relation requirement strictly machines strategy. It is the design of technique above all, in finish machining phase, these crucial structures are as far as possible below the position with spare parts better tigidity preferential treatment; In the meantime, according to the design of these precision structures fiducial and first choice machines fixed position fiducial. Next, the ability of the compound and indispensible mature equipment of much type working procedure and precision. For example, the boring treatment group of aperture of high accuracy coaxial and structural milling treatment are compositive to same work next treatment are indispensible the low speed performance that considers equipment and the precision level that move in linear axis or place horny movement condition to fall. The 3 application that are special tool and equipment extended the range of compound treatment. For example, graph 2 be machine tool of a kind of fictitious axis can exchange head of angle main shaft, it extended equipment greatly can machine angle limits, make a few very complex structures can be versed in in next finishing. In addition, the special design of cutting tool also is to realize compound treatment to use basic method. For example, special model milling cutter, compound cutting tool, modular the form that cutting tool is aimed at a few complex structures namely or uses more. Graph of a kind of 2 fictitious machine tool can exchange head of angle main shaft of course, the application of compound treatment is more than the concentration that is technique, be in however ensure treatment quality and socioeconomic premise fall, realize efficient treatment process. Face a plane kind the new trend that the spare parts changes, the application of compound treatment has vaster space necessarily. Treatment of structural member of thin wall of last word train in excess specified length is the global difficult problem that the plane faces in development of large structural member, after the structural dimension that causes as a result of weak tigidity especially coordinates gender, treatment be out of shape, the problem such as exterior quality, affect a spare parts badly to develop, matter to whole plane project to whether can be advanced smoothly, must cause high attention. The application of compound processing technique can reduce process effectively be on the move and the adverse effect that the switch that hold clip causes to machining precision and efficiency, accordingly, ought to change according to what plane structure designs, explore the most effective process instrumentation ceaselessly. CNC Milling CNC Machining