Coating can raise cutting parameter

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Coating treatment processing basically suits to be engaged in cutting tool (like milling cutter, lathe tool, bit, broach) , plastic mould, punch, cupping shapes, horological crust mould and accurate fittings use. Service limits includes nitrogen of STiN of superior grade to change nitrogen of titanium, TiCN to change nitrogen of carbolic titanium, TiAlN to change aluminous titanium, TiAlCN nitrogen to change nitrogen of aluminous carbon titanium, CrN to change chromium and DLC kind the technology such as coating of Jin Gang stone. The hardness that coating raises cutting tool and high temperature resistant quality, it is the development base of craft of high speed treatment, the development that machines because of this high speed will drive the development of advanced coating. High speed machines a method before treatment change, include a mould to make. The corner that for example machines not easily before and complex model face, can use high speed to machine milling to finish now. The action of advanced coating can regard tool, mould as exterior protection, if be when the project that note glue is plastic, coating increased exterior hardness, make a mould more durable; Reduce coefficient of friction, the nicety that for example uses at machining chip of electric machinery iron develops tool set to provide, coating coating can prolong mould life; The cutting tool that high speed machines passes coating, can increase hear resistance; Raise cutting tool anti-wear properties; Raise dry type to get cut productivity. PLATIT hard coating can be in wet, dry reach high speed to machine the anti-wear properties that cutting tool enhances below the environment, fight agglutinant. What makes hard coating? Hard coating is the contented enamel coating that makes in vacuum atmosphere through different method. The method that basically uses in accurate cutting tool has CVD (deposit of chemical gas phase) with PVD (deposit of physical gas phase) ; Our hard coating is to use physical method deposit (of PVD) . In this kind of method, mix in coating by Tu Fu's object chemical reaction does not produce between matrix namely. Coating spends the Tu Fu inside the housing that is as high as 10-5 millibar to take plasma to support put oneself in another's position in a vacuum. Among them, particle is quickened from plasma place and pound matrix with very high kinetic energy. Because very tall electromotive force exists to differ between particle and matrix, because this particle is attracted. The result is to produce very hard " skin " , controallable ply is in 7 micron of 1 ~ limits, general we are done most is 2.

5 micron. To high-speed steel, pass processing of this kind of coating, exterior hardness can raise 3 times at least. To carbonization tungsten (hard alloy) this kind of material is in matrix nowadays use increasingly in metallic cutting, hardness should break up at least time. The actor defect advantage of these coating to cutting tool, this kind of coating can make cutting tool wearability rises, accordingly their service life or cutting function rise. Coefficient of friction drops, this is meant it is OK to cut bits better eduction. In addition, still have segregation effect, because hard coating can prevent be mixed in cutting tool,be machined chemical reaction produces between material, for example the cobaltic dip analyse of hard metal. Can raise cutting parameter greatly, the place in increasing productivity and production thereby uses the utilization rate of establishment. Cost of this kind of coating compares defect really tall. Mix to having make - have the cutting tool that takes coat already namely, also have the cutting tool that does not take coat - the factory, they need to use different machine tool setting, this can regard a kind of defect as. Machine tool operator needs taller flexibility. To amounting to the coating temperature of 400 ℃ higher about relatively, certain matrix does not suit to use this kind of Tu Fu to handle. Very natural, achieving this kind of temperature to produce the steel that the structure coverts cannot undertake handling with means of standard hard coating. They can undertake through a kind of special microtherm process coating handles 200 ℃ . In addition, matrix must can electric. Pure pottery and porcelain is improper - the optional kind that although also exist,undertakes to this kind of material coating is handled. When undertaking to aluminium of weak data such as coating is handled, must use special method and coating. In high speed cutting, be in certain circumstance knife handle is the make it that use aluminium, had used technology of this kind of coating below this kind of circumstance. Afore-mentioned can be being regarded at each o'clock is defect, but, basically, to hard coating I have not discover existence what is restricted. About 10 years ago, PLATIT AG begins to be dug afresh and reform further " electric arc method " , this is one kind has come out long technology, among them particle is through electric arc deposit on so called target. PLATIT AG spent a lot of time and money to make this kind of method achieves very tall economic benefits and technical efficiency. 1994, this kind of innovation technology that has epoch-making sense almost " dynamic magnetism accuses electric arc " appear on the market. On this kind of technology, we go in front of competitor. Of course, our success makes competitor and market also use this kind of technology afresh. The product that PLATIT AG develops him ceaselessly in order to maintain oneself lead position, for example is newest development, produce at throwing business 2003 " the whole world the first industrial equipment of coating of accept rice structure " . CNC Milling CNC Machining