Make what mode issues product medium and small businesses cooperate with adroitly technology design

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Summary: ? J of  of  of warm up of garden of Qia of  Ba Cao relatively on the foundation that? of an ancient small-mouthed wine vessel of grandma of archives of large bamboo hat of ∑ of travel of Tuo of captive  boil is analysing computer of product medium and small businesses to assist craft to design a characteristic, put forward to cooperate with the crucial technology propping up that craft designs, architecture and implementation method, for our country product medium and small businesses implementation cooperates with technology design provided good means. Keyword: ? ; of product of? of Cao Qia garden medium and small businesses cooperates with the feature with the manufacturing the mainest pattern that 1 foreword creates architecture of technology design; adroitly is the many new opportunity that turn an enterprise to appear in answer to the market adroitly and form a fictitious organization (VE) , cooperate each other, take risk in all, share an interest, its connotation is distributed network is made or globalization is made [3] . Make in distributed network in, be based on a network cooperate with technology design technology is one of its key technologies. The characteristic of system of CAPP of the product below 2 nimble production mode medium and small businesses (1) industry pattern should be be expert at a certain number of home products inside course of study medium and small businesses forms business alliance, business of election some mainstay is enterprise of the leader of an alliance, other company becomes its leaguer company, form " one advocate much from " industry pattern. Undertake through the network craft is designed cooperating with, shorten effectively the design is periodic, in order to get used to the requirement of nimble production environment. (The information of technology natural resources between 2) enterprise wants height compositive and timely share, have pair of markets to answer a gender quickly. Information of natural resources of requirement CAPP system gets a method to should be had relatively the adaptability of Gao Rou sex and domain limits, should provide a variety of information description and get a measure, can suit different change enterprise and treatment target adroitly, the trends that supports production resource recombines and optimize configuration. (3) CAPP system can " flexible " the ground gets used to dynamic production environment and treatment object, namely library of equipment resource library, treatment technology knowledge base, tool should have the capacity that gets used to dynamic change. Through craft production resource builds a model, those who come true to leave resource to different production environment is fast and custom-built, make CAPP system gets used to the dynamic change of production resource. (4) has distributed network or globalization creates a structure. The system should have the CAPP below nimble production mode to run paralell and distributing decision-making ability, can support long-range technology design, the much home company that backs different district is operated at the same time and information is shared. (5) is right small and medium sized business, CAPP system should be a foundation with becoming set technology, applied standardization, modular, tool is changed and can reframe sexual thought, decompose the system the craft that creates an environment to be mixed in the light of type of different spare parts to design subsystem, or differentiate for the subsystem with a certain number of finite functions, be stationed in the work that stay at network server or opens to stand, namely CAPP construction of system should have trends variational, those who implement a system is modular differentiate and manage. (Decision-making inference mechanism has technology of 6) CAPP system extensive adaptability. Should notice to draw the reasonable part of traditional CAPP system in each medium and small businesses adequately, use all sorts of effective inference mechanisms integratedly, emphasize the automation with decision-making craft not overly, give priority to with practical principle. 3 build in coordination the crucial technology propping up that craft designs cooperates with technology design uses a network to design a principle in coordination essentially, sum up the general character of CAPP system and feature, compose is built a few general design applied component part in coordination, build in coordination craft designs a system. Create an environment adroitly to suit, realize those who be based on a network to cooperate with technology design, CAPP system must satisfy the following crucial technologies to ask. (1) enterprise builds what modular technology medium and small businesses falls to can realize nimble production mode to cooperate with technology design, must build the business alliance inside the industry above all, enterprise of choose the leader of an alliance, form " one advocate much from " industry pattern, it is to build those who face an industry to cooperate with the foundation of platform of technology design application. (Technology of news report of 2) distributed network, implementation uses technology of network of t of e of n of r of e of I n t namely to the visit of network database, pass TCP / agreement of IP network communication, use browser server (B / S) mode, join business end and server are carried, the craft that finish is designed. The ASP that uses the IIS of r of e of v of r of NTS e of s of w of o of d of W i n to offer (s of e of g of a of P of r of e of v of r of e of S of e of v of i of A c t ) with ADO (b of O of a of t of a of XD of e of v of i of A c t . (3) introduces the product of STEP standard and the product that the technology building a model of production resource introduces STEP standard to build and production resource model, it is to cooperate with system of technology design implementation reframes quickly, increase the base of nimble sex. Basis STEP standard establishs modular method, use language of s of s of e of r of E x p to depict CAPP model, use object-oriented design method, decompose CAPP system the subsystem that has independent function into each, these subsystem that have independent function press its correlation memory to be carried in the server, make a system the subsystem of different function, the enterprise inside alliance visits server end to choose different technology to design subsystem through the browser, make CAPP construction of system has trends variational, get used to the demand that creates adroitly. (Of 4) CAPP system reframe of technical CAPP system reframe the technology is the characteristic that shows the basis is made adroitly, reframe to making what resource and craft devise a method. Want those who realize pair of CAPP to reframe, should make full use of ASP / ADO technology and technology of X of e of v of i of A c t . In coordination the nucleus of technology design process is mixed according to type of different spare parts production environment decomposes CAPP system to have the subsystem with a certain number of finite functions. Mix through t of p of i of r of language of a of J a v , VBS c language of t of p of i of r of J s c each subsystem the ASP program with the formal corresponding make it with module is put in the server to carry, the enterprise inside alliance visits a server to carry the module with corresponding to load through the browser, implement pair of CAPP systems reframe. (5) craft is decision-making the applicable technology of inferential mechanism is alleged and applicable technology, it is the characteristic of oneself of the medium and small businesses inside basis industry, much nevertheless ground emphasizes the automation with CAPP system decision-making craft, with applicable use quite to spend. CAPP system is a kind of tool that the disengagement in designing technology personnel to be evaluated from technology design and craft comes out, although already had more than 30 years to the research of CAPP system, but the CAPP system that can replace skilled technologist completely at present still comes true hard. In small and medium sized business cooperate with in technology design, use the technology that is based on example decision-making method is to make sure craft devises integrality, inheritance and chronic very effective method. To in order to rotate kind of spare parts those who give priority to is medium or small allied enterprise, using those who start type to be based on the craft of incident inference to make way is better technology decision-making method. 4 in coordination the architecture that craft designs is aimed at afore-mentioned analysises, use a network to design a principle in coordination, it is a foundation with system of CAPP of enterprise of the leader of an alliance, sum up the general character of system of leaguer enterprise CAPP and feature, build those who be based on a network to cooperate with craft designs architecture. This structure cent is 3 administrative levels, following plan institute are shown. Below nimble production mode, each users in CAPP system are to be based on t of e of n of r of e of I n t / browser of t of e of n of a of r of I n t undertakes cooperating with working, it is the applied system of an open mode construction that faces much user. Pursue on the 1st of architecture is the user layer that forms by process of allied enterprise and cooperative control. Each leaguer can be entered after accredit be based on TCP / the network of IP designs platform in coordination, the allocation of the equipment resource such as the use of the duty that it decided each leaguer, attributive, tool, process and the type that devise the flow direction of data and data, origin. The 2nd is expressive layer and data processing layer () of server layer of W e b . Its since the receiver of each leaguer data-in, the output that also is data of design model, design implement. It uses object-oriented technology, enclose craft module in target management frame, each leaguer inputs production resources environment and type of treatment spare parts according to the characteristic of oneself, the server carries ASP program to be activationed, the system describes the functional module with library corresponding to load through searching total construction, undertake craft module recombine, make new craft subsystem, of system of the CAPP that finish reframe, submit the CAPP system after reframing the user with the form of ASP homepage. According to the characteristic of medium and small businesses, its craft subsystem uses the derive that is based on example type starts posture system with what be based on incident inference. The 3rd is database service layer. Implementation can fall to cooperate with in network environment to make make resource database wait technology design, wait for production resource database concentration to be carried in database server. Send a request to database server through the technology such as ODBC, receive relevant data, after via W e b server application process moves, return the result the user. 5 in coordination the implementation method that craft devises cooperates with the implementation method that craft devises is each member company matrix of spare parts a group of things with common features, will typical craft, example craft and all sorts of production resource if knowledge of equipment, cutting tool, measure, clamping apparatus, technology and cutting parameter deposit in database server, and system of moving CAPP of server of W e b uses a program. After the user uses off-the-peg browser to issue a request to server of W e b , server of W e b is received and handle a request, inquire a database, executive application process, make new craft subsystem, return result information each member company with the form of ASP page. In this system, the browser can use IE, server of W e b can use IIS of t of f of o of s of o of r of M i c , and database server is optional r of e of v of SQLS e r , database development chooses V b or i of h of p of D e l . Of 6 epilogue product medium and small businesses cooperate with technology design faces particular industry, not be the general platform that crosses a trade. Cooperate with the development of technology design system, the technical characteristic that should consider medium and small businesses and the professional knowledge of this industry, be developed jointly through company of enterprise of guild, the leader of an alliance, software and popularize. Through cooperating with craft is designed, medium and small businesses can contact enterprise and its client, leaguer and supplier cheek by jowl, make the medium and small businesses with many course of study of one's own profession joins in, obtain resource to share, accelerate new product to put in the speed of the market, enhance the core competition ability of the enterprise. CNC Milling CNC Machining