Kennametal gear hob: Surmounted all expectant tests

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-- the history that Kennametal gear hob uses plant of   Pritzwalk gear in the success of Pritzwalk gear plant is OK the story of GDR of restrospect to introducer. VEB Zahnradwerk (gear plant) hold water at 1969, the factory was changed demesne in September 1993, the company is in now Heinervande Loo, maximilianvande Loo and Dr.

Below the management of Carsten Binder. In the past, the company pays close attention to the production of clutch morely, now criterion the focusing production at gear and axis, gear diameter can arrive most 1500 millimeter, axial diameter can arrive most 500 millimeter, install gear all right with Yu Ping. The last few years, the investment of euro of about 6 ten million produced an effect to such manufacturing structure, pritzwalk factory built workshop of another heat treatment, the staff member's amount turned over 3 times. "The new generation skilled worker of compensatory qualified attestation is current first job " Maximilianvande Loo says. "Accordingly we are lasting the ground is outspread. In 400 our employee, 30 are machining and the abecedarian that electric spark machines, this makes must want to introduce after the 2nd year of study external the foundation grooms. "   serves about gear plant at which the problem of the industry, the answer that comes from Pritzwalk employee is very unanimous: "Divide automobile industry beyond, we serve the place at any need gear. " the manufacturer of wind- driven turbine is main client, contributed the sale that exceeds 1/3, but railroad construction and shipbuilding are likewise special and important. From district sex for, core business is in Germany morely, only the spare parts of about 30% is used at exit, basically export Scandinavia.

Production order amount uprights at 1 ~ 5000. Every spare parts is the special solution that is aimed at a client; Deposit without the product for inventory standard items. From the point of the development of company the last few years, this strategy is successful. Heinz Wiechert, the production of gear plant plans a manager to describe the self concept of the company to be as follows: "We think we are a supplier that provides a service. The client is taking part drawing paper and information of tooth form system to look for us, next we undertake production according to these pertinent information. Cong Mou is planted for degree, we and client optimize gear together. " the ideal condition that   comes from the gear hob that at Kennametal the employee of advanced engineering department discovered the test is new accordingly. "In milling and turning respect, we and Kennametal are having mix for long successful collaboration, " Heinz Wiechert says. "Treat develop jointly and optimize, we always are adopting open attitude. Accordingly we have the test of hob very gladly. We also experimented the competitive product of other, but still be convinced by so powerful manufacturing efficiency place. " of hob of   use Kennametal first milling test is to be at the beginning of 2009, gear modulus 7-70 ages - facewidth 145mm.

This can see a result instantly almost. The hob that uses formerly needs 40 minutes to complete treatment; Same manufacturing process can be finished with 24 minutes now. Meanwhile, kennametal hob added the life of every cutting tool 70 go to 80, former cutting tool is most under photograph comparing machine 25 only possibly. The another advantage of this hob depends on can be outside the machine tool apace changes bit. "Need to change only from now on bit, to us character cutter hub can use nearly always, was not used at repairing to grind or the nonproductive time of coating. " Heinz Wiechert says. In addition, reinhold Gesell, director of district of Europe of department of engineering of Kennametal custom-built solution complements: "The diameter of gear is bigger, facewidth is wider, the economy of use hob is taller. And, the client saved a separate production measure, arrive from rough machining for example finish machining - need to produce move together only till the whole process before heat treatment, and average rate is being shown rise. "     " the requirement that whether can satisfy top production efficiency from the hob that begins us to pay close attention to us, simple installation and the friendly sex of use structure " Rene Schumann, kennametal is not manager of project of mark cutting tool to say. "Consequently we are in the design of razor blade of machine clip type, always hold to a center to cut the accord of bits ply, obtain thereby very quiet, efficient machine with safety, and longer cutting tool life. Cutting material is processing rolled steel normally (18CrNiMo7-6) and, be a kind extremely the hard alloy of fine grained adds novel PVD coating. Material of this kind of cutting had been proved for many times in other application its economy, meanwhile its shortened odd a cycle time of treatment, achieved higher average rate thereby. "   and Kennametal undertake very smoothly in the cooperation in this project. "Above all, we believe the expert's support, agile and fast delivery capacity. " Maximilianvande Loo says. Heinz Wiechert discovered the latent capacity that can increase here, "Hob can convey better without promotion aperture over there. " but the desire that the cutting tool expert of F ü Rth satisfied a client. "To us character, after cutting tool delivers the goods, support and did not end at this point, we will continue to improve technology. Say simply, this is the our whole goal that serves supplier concept. " Michael Grimm, chief inspector of area of Europe of advanced engineering department is summed up. Later will a lot of collaboration plan - the leadership position of technology and innovation photograph union is us the direction of indefatigable effort, our acceptance will have more new, interesting research and development comes out. CNC Milling CNC Machining