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Optimize to producing the abidance of flow appear more and more important in plank treatment. Because this policymakers discuss MDE, BDE and ERP not just, still pay close attention to MES system very much. Compare with BDE system photograph, MES makes executive system can the moving data of enterprise of description of in more detail, undertake be assessmented effectively. Use MES system, does successfully compose build business of treatment of a when come from Sauerland medium-sized plank a: of flow of a comprehensive information? System of RP of Jian of barium of extensive of Wan of  of colour of leap up  . MES (make executive system) first time of this one concept is involved previously BDE (industry data is collected) the theme that systematic place did not expand. So far, the downstage task of all systems is to collect industry data. Modern systematic method is located in surely between the following component: The is based on industry economy respect system of such as ERP, machine tool, tooling and manufacturing site; But the data that present system surmounted a tradition however collects a category. The job that such method and most employee pursue daily runs in the opposite direction. Want to pay close attention to such as cost, date of delivery not just to producing a process to undertake controlling meaning nowadays or the influencing factor of the respect such as quality, still need to know the real time position that produces equipment. Although message and its diaphaneity are two very fundamental premise conditions, but relevant staff member still needs ability of cutting tool of have the aid of to be opposite directly quite manufacturing process brings to bear on influence. System of a MES always is dedicated the demand at departmental door, this to assuring cost, date of delivery or quality target crucial. Here basically has two application way: 1, the resource that horizontal way included all production process to be involved (program of machine tool, cutting tool, numerical control, detect standard, material, personnel and tool clamping apparatus) ; 2, perpendicular direction basically collects such as to produce a standard, detect normative basic data, collect all sorts of resource action to shed the feedback data of Cheng to convey to ERP, TQM at production next (Total Quality Management, overall quality runs a system) , inventory management and system of personnel business accounting. MES system makes the same score direction in water compositive 3 functions with manufacturing management very traditional field: Production, personnel and quality. "Produce " functional group included BDE (industry data collects a system) , MDE (system of workshop of machine tool data) , control room, plan looks board, system of source control of cutting tool endowment, DNC (direct figure controls a technology) and MPL (material and manufacturing other people flow, "Quality " functional group included SPC (statistical flow adjusts) , REK (blame management) and PDV (flow data is machined) wait for module, "Personnel " functional group included PZE (staff time is collected) , LLE (arrange with the fundamental data that examines at performance pay) , PEP (personnel uses a plan) with ZKS (entrance guard controls a system) wait for module. A function with very main MES is ESK (patulous managing) system, basically use at monitoring to have the real time data of each function group and module, seasonable announcement is relevant after checking with target data user. The capacity that the guidance that offers goods period and quality respect has system of principal port MES to go up in horizontal way to the user character is very useful. Above all, these functions make an user OK in all resource consider inside little plan scope as far as possible. Accordingly, the staff that makes a plan can arrange certain machine tool easily to nod full load to run in sometime, program of the cutting tool that still can affirm whether these machine tools had deployed place to need, numerical control, detect standard, raw material and already accepted relevant whether can groomed personnel begin level to be able to throw the job in production. Next, still can happen in the mistake for a short while inside the user inside announcement storehouse, make the problem that they can discover technical level quickly not only, still can understand the bottleneck problem that logistics, stock shedding, personnel and quality field place encounter in time. Additional, this system still can simplify working flow. E.g. , this system allows jockey to perhaps login on the PC or be ascended in a terminal, call the working job that assigns him, download relevant numerical control program, get what concern with quality to examine plan data, direct perhaps show on screen working standard is mixed detect standard. This system still can reduce have the aid of preparation and job suspend time, those who reduce IT system purchase cost. The charge MES system that reduces data to collect significantly provided a variety of interface and machine tool, gradienter and link of industrial bus line on perpendicular direction, can get the data that produces equipment directly, reduce the cost that data collects thereby. MES system can online and seasonable evaluate these data, and be relevant manufacturing section provide strong support. In addition, MES system can support phyletic and various data agreement, can press need to process data, the detailed level that requires by place compresses data, transmit such as ERP or the ranking system of inventory management. Even if the demand of company level, for example material business accounting, audit, cost accounting perhaps manages can get reliable, detailed data in time. The MES system function that above paragraphs place narrates can make the diaphaneity that manufacturing company maintains very expensive. Depend on an archives to undertake administrative form differs with the tradition, MES system accelerated the response rate of the enterprise greatly. The data that collects passes further analysis and save for long, can use at be being compared in real time, formed the benign loop that improves continuously. the competition ability to strengthening a business, MES system is a kind of indispensable main tool. Plank machines business to use MES to be able to improve the Markes that comes from Luedenscheid&Co.

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De) example shows plank machines an enterprise to be able to use MES system to improve manufacturing efficiency. Carl Markes established this company 1904, major servicing is plate material is strong cut treatment into parts. Nowadays, this company has become the ball bearing inside whole Europe limits to machine the leader of the domain without bits. The following of successful profit from of this company: The first, used large quantities of modern machine tools, included mechanical dragon door among them punch, strong cut into parts - assemble automatic machine bed and Die Casting machine tool; The 2nd, the quality system of high level of one a complete set of was built on foundation of standard of quality of DIN EN ISO 9001; The 3rd, have active up employee. This company used the IBB Berles firm that comes from Grefrath (Www.


De) the system of company level ERP of development. The worker worker that is used at budget, settle accounts inside working plan system to obtain such as - pitch time is expressed (Te) with preparative schedule (Tr) wait for detailed database, and have theory - real value is compared right, this company begins to explore MES system. In addition, markes company still hopes system of MES of have the aid of raises the diaphaneity that produces a course, with period optimize pull current Cheng and machine tool utilization rate. Markes company still put forward modular structural requirement, the functional group that the purpose depends on all needing making a system OK and compositive; And can undertake the function expands straightwayly. Be in then 1998, markes company decides to introduce by the MPDV small laboratory that is located in Mosbach (Www.


De) of development " Hydra " MES system. MES system can identify in time and at present Markes company used analytic breakdown the ADE module in Hydra system collects order data, use MDE module to collect machine tool data, use PZE module to collect staff time data, use ZKS module to gather entrance guard information. Hydra system can be based on Oracle database to move on Windows-NT server. Operation personnel can obtain the real time information that produces a course. ERP system allots order information to Hydra system, hydra system is in charge of arranging detailed manufacturing plan. Heel footprint logins to produce flow in the terminal of BDE system when the user, hydra system can rely on ADE module to dog order information. This system is returned can of monitoring order make progress and the working hours that statistic accumulates of each order and workload. Detailed time stopping a line can be generated by MDE module with reason stopping a line. The detailed blame that Markes company pays attention to every equipment very much working hours, the breakdown of what type can weigh recrudesce to be born, and the account that production breaks. Support Hydra system can in time identify the weakness of breakdown and system now, make countermeasure. It is OK to use IBM system statistic the machine tool of 50 above is detailed, use at order final accounting of revenue and expenditure (actual time) . Markes company can evaluate these data in detail, optimize what gotten experience uses at machine tool craft, shorten time stopping a line, raise utilization rate of equipment and installations, improve final accounting of revenue and expenditure and cost accounting. Markes company has more than 25 automation to assemble a machine tool. Because the machine tool is very complex, often produce breakdown stopping a line so. MES system can be found out and eliminate to stop the main reason of the line. Because this Markes company is in a year of less than will every the utilization rate of equipment and installations of the machine tool rose 5% to 90% (rose on the whole among them 43% ) . Before introducing Hydra system, twice the run time between breakdown has 30 minutes only, but arrived to had lengthened 45 minutes 2000. Arrive from 2000 2002, twice the run time between breakdown rose 35% to 321% (promoted on average 100% ) . The scale that uses total working hours and breakdown time can get a numerical value. Need not consider fault at present form and distributinging circumstance. The run time of the machine tool plans to rise formerly 5% , and had risen actually 16% . The PZE module in balance Hydra system is searched between working hours and bonus basically is used at collecting the time of be out on duty of employee, transmit its the system of salary settle accounts of IBM. Next Markes company is used especially the bonus system of oneself research and development, need not complex formula and variable. The contract time calculation that the time of be out on duty that provides through comparative PZE module and ADE module offer gives stake. If the machine tool malfunctions, can use equipment aircraft to perhaps shift to an earlier date so end activity. If these two plan all impracticability, so cannot plan enter working hours, because this is deducted,bonus also is met. Before introducing bonus system, the average rate between equipment man-hour and personnel man-hour is 0.

97; After introducing bonus system, the rate between equipment man-hour and personnel man-hour rose 40% , achieved 1.

36. The experience that in the metal treatment domain gains can apply assemble a machine tool automatically to go up, gets result is: Manufacturing efficiency rose 37% . The one big advantage of Hydra system is OK continue to arrange inside breathing space move (the breathing space of jackknife) , employee also is able to continue to work. Bonus system can make full use of not only manpower resource and equipment resource, still can make its produce bigger effect. Accordingly, below the premise of same employee amount, markes company can be obtained bigger yield. The other good point of MES system still can make Markes company continues to be benefited, be in especially phase of final accounting of revenue and expenditure. After the order that finish, all flow will undertake assessment afresh, conclude. In addition, the system safeguards calendar to still can support function of examine and verify (DIN EN ISO 9000) . Because machine tool responsibility is less, defend time shorter, makres company also benefits a lot accordingly. CNC Milling CNC Machining